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37 minutes ago, Smith Zohn said:

is there any way to play the game Ps3 on mobile phone


First, I deleted your double post. No worries, just try and be careful of that.


Next, you can play Minecraft on mobile anyway, you don't need to emulate the PS3 version or anything. Just buy and download it from the Play Store or Apple App Store, whichever is applicable. 


Now though, I have to ask, why are you quoting posts form the very beginning of this thread? These post are over four years old so it's pretty absurd to expect a response now.

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Finally getting back into RDR2 after a short break. I'm trying to complete all of the challenges right now, taking a while. I want to try and complete the gambling one, but I don't want to play poker. I think there's an outfit you can buy that lets you cheat at poker, so I'll have to figure out if that's true or not. I know in RDR1 there was a suit I think that helped you cheat at Poker. 

But yeah, getting back into that since I can actually sit at my computer again. 😄 

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