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Just finished SpiderMan PS4, Its an amazing gaming, great gameplay and story, worthy of a movie. But its quite short, it took me about 5 days to finish the main story and most of the side quests and challenges with 86% percent of the game. Also is a very easy game, I played with the highest difficulty available and aside from a few encounters the game was mostly a piece of cake if you didnt let your guard down, I did unlock a higher difficulty mode after finishing the game. Oh and the best of the game it has to be costumes.Im going to skip the DLC , it doesnt seem to be worthy.

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Titanfall 2

A friend of mine wanted to play Frontier Defense with me. I myself was quite rusty at the game, although I was never particularly good at it to begin with. Anyway, we played two rounds and won both. As a Ronin main, I played Ronin in both rounds, while my friend played Tone. Ronin's role in Frontier Defense is "Roamer", so I had to go roam around the field and take care of various enemies, at times even going out of my way to hunt down Mortar Titans, since I was the fastest Titan in the field at that moment.

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