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Played a session with a friend. Actually, it was three sessions. Something went horribly wrong pretty early on the first two times that cut us short. First time, he got curbstomped by a Determined Exterminator that had just moments ago tore me a new one. Second run, he got curbstomped by a Fanatical Purifier that spawned next to him.

We're on our third attempt. Actually, it's our fourth technically, but the very first attempt started over a week ago and went south after I dramatically underestimated the Great Khan's reaction to my rebelling against them after originally surrendering to them. The first three times, I was playing the Blorg Commonality, one of the game's preset empires, and swapped to one of my custom empires for the fourth run. My friend had been running his favorite custom empire all four playthroughs.

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Hunted Brachydios. I think I made the right call going from HR Lunastra armor to MR Dodogama armor. The armor skills of that set makes his slime mostly harmless to me. I mean, I'll still take a good chunk of damage if it explodes, but at least I'm not getting blastblight. I really like the armor set; I think I'm gonna farm Brachydios to get it and a few of its weapons, and hold on to them until I have MR Lunastra gear.

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