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Did your parents let you play video games growing up?

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I didn't have a console growing up, and we weren't allowed to play many PC games. I feel like not playing as a kid changed my relationship with gaming—like, I'm more into puzzle games and RPGs than melee games or first-person shooters that tend to be more fast-paced. Wondering if other people feel the same way! 

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As long as I was NOT enjoying myself and it kept me quiet and out of sight, then yes I could play games. If I started to enjoy myself, made any noise, or they saw me, I got beat with whatever was handy. So eventually I got to a point where I play games on mute, and show no emotion when I'm playing. That has stuck with me my entire life. 30 years. I can't play games with the sound on, regardless of what the game is due to the beatings I got when the game was audible.

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On 2/12/2020 at 7:18 AM, skyfire said:

In some limited time slots, yes they did allowed me to play games. 

Initially, mine were strictly against playing video games but are open to getting involved in real life games playing before they later opened up to my playing for some limited time too. 

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