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Most heartbreaking moment in a video game?

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27 minutes ago, m76 said:

Funny thing is that the ending was exactly what I expected / had hoped for, but it still hurt.

The worst thing for me is seeing someone I care about destroyed, not dying, but dying inside. That's the hardest bit, and that's why I don't want to play it again.

Oh man. This is going to be painful 😞 I'm the same exact way you are. 

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When Samuels died in Alien Isolation. He was the most sensible one who thought that the only way to kill the aliens on board the vessel was to nuke it with everybody onboard protecting the universe from that Alien bastard. But no, your character (Amanda Ripley) has to play "hero" trying to save a bunch of degenerates that later got killed by the Aliens anyways or were killed by the main character or one of the working joes. The worse part is, you ended up having to nuke the whole vessel in the end...


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