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The Blackangel

Zelda BOTW

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Ok so I started giving it another chance the other day. It's going good I guess so far, but trying to get to the shrines is a bitch. I've only searched the Oman Au Shrine. The dickhead with the glider now has me looking for the others, and from what I'm seeing there's no way to get to them. And to top it off, my sword broke, so I'm left with clubs dropped by the damn Bokoblins.

So any advice from those that are further in would be great. I have it up on Zelda Dungeon which is a great help, but I would like to hear from other players as well, to get some personal impressions.

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I was disappointed with it.  Throughout my experience I felt like I wasn't being pushed to do anything except find more shrines and towers for fast travel.  This is made so much worse by just how frustrating traveling is, especially in the early game.  The map is ridiculously huge with canyons and cliffs always getting in your way.


I don't like having my hand held in to much in open world games but this was the opposite extreme.  It just throws you in with no clue as to where to go or what you should be doing.  There's other annoyances to like the breakable weapons and the terrible inventory.


There are good points like the visual design, the combat is a lot of fun and the dungeon section are as enjoyable and innovative as always.  It's a shame that for everything that's fun about BOTW there's something else that makes you want to pull your hair out.

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Ive played it for a while now, my wife has actually played it for whole 2years straight. The game is very difficult and overwhelming at start, but by mid game the game gets better, at this point you can have swords for different occasions and you can have more than one sword, I rarely run out of swords, even if they break its not a big deal. 

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On 9/4/2021 at 11:36 AM, Empire said:

I never played this game myself, Seen reviews and videos but I just never had the full interst in going into the game before 😛 

You should try to see if that's that is the type of game that can keep you hooked on for a while. What do you think about that?

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