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  1. It worked I am so wet. So relaxed. So unashamed. So nice to have permission to wet myself. Happy to sit here warm and wet. I will Be back tomorrow
  2. I bough my dell laptop in 2013 and I just have the opportunity to buy a new one, I feel like I can keep working with the one but I like to know how it feels to have a new one. It feels nostalgic to me to change computers put I feel like it can be worthy to buy a new Dell. I was actually looking to buy a hp put I'm in love with Dell
  3. I just watched the leaked footage and it’s actually really good I’m finally glad to see that they are working on the game and they’re actually pretty far into development I’m excited
  4. a study app I use is Study Bunny. You can set timers for studying & it will feed your bunny. You can also save up coins to buy decor. , costumes, and accessories. There is also a feature where you can color code what classes you have studied for & see your monthly/weekly wrap-ups 🙂
  5. What do you know about india??
  6. Megaman X4 is my favorite game of all time. Being able to finally properly play as Zero was just so awesome.
  7. i keep gambling my csgo skins i spend alot of money on them and keep losing them i dont knwo how to stop it i need help
  8. Very concerned about this game. The visuals are an appaling downgrade from bayonetta 2. Everything is so dull and flat
  9. My pc build has a i5 11400f, 16gb ram and a gtx 1060 6G not bad for $900 including monitor!
  10. fast food can be highly crave-able and addicting. During the pandemic, I was ordering out twice as much as I use to, and even though I was still working out, I could feel it taking a toll on my body. Nowadays I only eat it on my chest days on the weekends; I eat pretty healthy during the week, making use of the air fryer to cook chicken breast and salmon with vegetables and rice
  11. welcome to forum hope you enjoy here 😁
  12. Greetings All, I was referred here by a friend. Here to learn and contribute to the forum 😛
  13. 3: Friday the 13 finial chapter it has great gore and good characters. 2: Scream Just great movie. 1: Halloween it made horror movies
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