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  1. Ah, my bad. I completely missed the ‘if you already have a PC’ part. You’re right, if you already have a PC, it really isn’t worth getting the Xbox Series X. It’s almost as if Microsoft have set up the Xbox Series X to be the inferior console in the next console war.
  2. I'm not overly interested in Virtual Reality either. Don't get me wrong, it's an incredible feature that shows just how far technology has come but I'm a traditional gamer and I prefer seeing the game on a screen.
  3. I often use the reminders app that comes by default with every Apple device. For someone as forgetful as me, it is very useful and has saved my ass on multiple occasions, such as reminding me to submit an assignment before the deadline.
  4. I guess that's one of the major downsides of a gaming laptop. Its portability is great, but laptops were never really designed for gaming. But technology is evolving all the time, so I won't be surprised when a perfect gaming laptop is created.
  5. Rocket League was the first game that I purchased on my PC. We also had the game on our PS4 so I played a lot with my brother and it was really fun, but eventually the game gets boring. It's also a very difficult game to master.
  6. That was long overdue, the game depended too much on people going out to play, which as unique as it is, is not everyone's cup of tea. But it's good to see that they have finally adapted the game, courtesy of covid.
  7. 4K or 8K - anything past 4K just looks the same as 4K to me. That being said, the Ks will keep multiplying over the years as technology evolves so eventually 4K will look old, but for now I am happy with 4K.
  8. I disagree. A PC which is as powerful as the Xbox Series X will cost you way more than the Xbox Series X - we're talking atleast a thousand £ or $. The Xbox Series X is a much cheaper and viable option for someone looking to buy a console.
  9. I just played Spider-Man. I finally managed to complete more than just the first few missions, and I am completely hooked.
  10. Spider-Man hooked my attention straight away. The cinematics, gameplay and everything about it is exceptional. I'm really looking forward to the next Spider-Man on PS5, if it's anything as good as the first one, it will be a great game!
  11. I've been playing FIFA every year for more than a decade. It's not just FIFA 20 that I'm very good at, but FIFA in general. When you play a game so much, you eventually master it and that's the stage that I have reached with FIFA.
  12. All genres have, in a way, evolved over a time. Compare GTA San Andreas graphics and gameplay to GTA V or FIFA 01 graphics and gameplay to FIFA 20, you will notice the difference very clearly. Gaming, as a whole, has evolved.
  13. It really depends on the game. If it's a story game with a slow start, it will obviously take me longer to get hooked, but if it's a story that grabs my attention straight away, then I will feel invested into the game.
  14. I've played the mobile version of Angry Birds, a PC/console version? No thanks. I never liked it that much in the first place, and I think that sort of game suits mobiles rather than being developed into a PC/console game.
  15. ARx182

    Best ending?

    I chose Deathwish. I don't betray a brother haha. I don't know why anyone would choose to kill Michael or Trevor, you just lose a character. If you're intrigued to find out what happens, just watch a YouTube video. It's not rocket science. I guess if you don't plan on playing the open-world story, then it makes sense.
  16. Of course, but then the game will release an even cooler skin, and before you know it, the one-time purchase becomes excessive spending. Buying skins is an addiction, my advice: don't fall for it the first time.
  17. I dream about games all night every night. Last night I was dreaming about the last minute equaliser I conceded on FIFA 20 yesterday. Jokes aside, of course not, I don't take games personally. I play games for entertainment.
  18. The last game I completed was GTA V. Completed it for the second time, since I bought it on PC. It wasn't hard to complete, it's, generally speaking, a very easy game to play for anyone. I completed the game in a few weeks, can't be exact.
  19. ARx182

    PS3 worth.

    I understand where you're coming from, but that is how technology and life generally work. If I have a toy that I played a lot with, but then a better and more advanced version of the same toy comes along, more likely than not, I am going to play with the newer toy, disregard and eventually forget all about the first toy, unless you're someone that holds on to nostalgia.
  20. I really appreciate that! 🙂 I'm going to nominate @The Blackangel. A regular member who has been at VGR for a long time, and deserves recognition for her intellectual view on gaming.
  21. This has really surprised me - wasn't the platform on the rise? From gaining Ninja's exclusivity to shutting down, it's a real shame. Twitch really said "if you come at the best, you best not miss" to Mixer. 😂
  22. I've been thinking about the Xbox Series X and have mentioned this somewhere else on the forum as well, but I think Xbox have lost the war before it even began. First impression is everything and my first impression of the Xbox Series X is that it looks like a box.
  23. Finally a console that I have actually heard of. The Nintendo 2DS was very popular back in the day, and it's crazy how far Nintendo have came since the 2DS until the Switch. What's scary is that technology advancement is not stopping any time soon. So much more to come.
  24. So, basically a pixelated equivalent of Fortnite for yesterday's kids.
  25. I can vouch for CeX. The concept is dubious but their second hand products are in great condition. I bought a second hand Nintendo DS for my younger brother a while ago and it was in excellent condition.
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