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  1. I'm surprised physical discs are still around, but I think they're coming to an end. Sony are charging $100 extra for the physical disc PS5 and one of the reasons they will die out is the extra cost - digital is cheaper.
  2. Chutes & Ladders and Snakes & Ladders are the same thing haha.
  3. I have a GTX 1660. I just bought it yesterday, having upgraded from my GT 1030.
  4. Like has been said above, it will depend on the demand. If there is a lot of demand, I presume the price won't be too high.
  5. When you get offered so much money from the perspective of the makers, it's really hard to turn the offer down. I don't think it's bad for the makers either - they get paid and the game gets more recognition. Win win.
  6. ARx182

    PlayStation 5

    The Dualsense is not that much different to the Dualshock 4. Sure, it will take a little time to get used to but ultimately I think it will enhance our gaming experience - it is obviously a well-though improvement on the Dualshock 4.
  7. To be honest, I just miss the nostalgia, if that makes any sense. Even though games were very low quality compared to now, back in the day, the nostalgia that comes with the game is what I miss.
  8. I think fast travel in games can be useful, especially for lazy gamers such as myself. Sometimes travelling from point A to point B is just a waste of time, so fast travel in that instance would be perfect.
  9. I have the game on both PS4 and PC, but since my storage is very limited on my PS4, I only play on PC. I actually got the premium version of GTA V for free courtesy of Epic Games.
  10. Not exactly a game based off a movie, but in reference to games based off television (a tv show to be specific), The Walking Dead (the game) is really good, as is the tv show of The Walking Dead.
  11. I have never heard of Dragon Strike... Also, why is Monopoly not an option? It is my favourite board game, but since it's not an option, I'll go with Ludo. It's really fun to play with family. My least favourite is probably snakes and ladders - it's boring.
  12. I don't mind game lobbies if they speak the same language as me (English, fyi) however in games such as Fortnite, Europe lobbies are full of everyone but English speakers. I don't mind trolls/toxic people, just a bit of banter.
  13. Gaming phones, I didn't think they were a big thing. What kind of games are you looking to play on a gaming phone? Can an iPhone/a regular phone not run those games? Questions to consider.
  14. ARx182

    CPU over heating

    Give it a good clean, and if that doesn't work, consider getting and installing another CPU cooler. 100c does not sound good, to be honest with you.
  15. 8 GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 5 2600x Processor, B450M Gaming Motherboard and a GT 1030 (which I recently upgraded to a GTX 1660). That's my PC build and only cost me £400ish. I can run Fortnite and most games on medium quality (high-ultra with my new GTX 1660).
  16. I played 2 browser games a lot when I was a kid. One was a Facebook game called Mini Planet and another called Fight My Monster. Neither exist anymore sadly, but I spent so much time on them games. Just typing their names brings back a lot of memories.
  17. I prefer Steam. If not Steam, then Epic Games, which seems to be rising recently - they've released a few really good games for free (Rocket League and GTA V). Hard disks in 2020? No thanks.
  18. I don't watch streams or gaming videos in general unless it's a tutorial. I'd rather play the game myself rather than watching someone else play it. I've streamed before though, as hypocritical as I may sound, lol.
  19. If I am downloading/updating something, I lock my PC but leave it on. Otherwise, unless I am using my PC, I turn it off. I know a few leave their PC on all day and overnight but unless you're using it, surely it is a waste of electricity.
  20. I have 8 GB RAM and I've not faced any issues. It's definitely sufficient enough for now. For the future? Who knows, but like has been said above, the new consoles have 16 GB RAM so that probably means 8 GB won't be sufficient for the newer games.
  21. I have almost 400 GB spare storage so it is definitely not a problem for me yet. I also have quite a few games installed (such as GTA V, Fortnite, FIFA 21, Rocket League and 5-10 more games) and it hasn't been a problem.
  22. All my PC games are digital games on platforms like Steam and Epic Games, so it would be impossible for me to sell them, but theoretically speaking, if I could get some sort of credit for old PC games, I would.
  23. I have an ARx182 PC! 😄 Jokes aside, I built my PC myself. It's much cheaper and gives you a greater sense of control, atleast in my opinion.
  24. Always a PC for gaming, no doubt. I use my laptop for streaming or laid-back games, such as Football Manager or Cricket Captain, but I can't imagine playing a game like Rocket League on my laptop. Not my style.
  25. I already had a gaming desk, or just a regular desk to be honest, and I bought my gaming chair from Amazon. There's an incredible selection available, and you can get a pretty good chair for around £70.
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