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  1. Every FIFA game prior to the release of FIFA 21. I usually throw away old FIFA games once the new one is released, it improves (even if it's minor) every year so why play the old ones again. 😝
  2. Well, you can break the law in violent games (for example, GTA). Americans probably won't relate but a gun in the UK is very rare to see. 😛 Jokes aside, the violence of a game is not what appeals to me.
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a very underrated game. It was one of the free PS Plus games a while ago and it's so enjoyable. Doesn't get enough recognition in comparison to games like RDR2, TLOU, etc.
  4. Yes yes yes! I play a lot of FIFA lol. I've played pretty much every edition since 2010 and even though it's the same script with transfers I will continue to buy it every year. What else is there to do?!
  5. At the moment the only game I'm playing is Fall Guys. It's a very fun way to time-pass. I'm just waiting for FIFA 21 to come out and looking around on Steam and other game stores for any juicy deals I can find.
  6. I watched my friends play this game when I was a kid but never actually played it for myself. I've considered buying it on PC, but it being 2020 and with me used to high-end graphics, I'm not sure I will enjoy it. Then again, it's less than £10, maybe I will.
  7. I quit Fortnite recently because I can't stand the new update. They tried to fix something that was never broken by removing tactical shotguns and that simple change has completely changed the feel of the game for me personally.
  8. I enjoyed it a lot. The first one was better in my opinion but the second one wasn't as bad as some people made it out to be. If I had to rate the game on a scale of 10, it's a solid 7/10 from me.
  9. Some really good games on sale there but still way out of my budget. I think I'm going to stick with the free PS Plus games for now - there's been some really good ones for recently.
  10. Just remaking your most successful game/series just seems lazy to me. Besides from Super Mario, there isn't much else unique to Nintendo and that's why, atleast for me, they are not on the same level as Microsoft('s Xbox) and Sony('s Playstation), especially the PS4.
  11. You're not going to get better at Rocket League by watching tutorials is something I learnt. It looks so easy when you watch a pro player float in the air compared to when you actually have to do it yourself haha.
  12. Epic Games have offered some good deals, some really good games for free such as GTA V but I don't see them challenging Steam in the near future. Steam run the online gaming store monopoly at the moment and it's just too difficult to knock them off their perch.
  13. I was hopeful not so long ago but GTA VI isn't happening for a long, long time. The sooner you accept it the better. They will just keep recycling GTA V until GTA VI comes out, if it ever does. On a side note, how do you improve GTA V besides from the story?
  14. Personally I find it incredibly boring to watch others play games. I'm a do-er not a watcher so that explains why. I have better things to watch than gameplay but I suppose it is down to choice.
  15. I heard Fall Guys is already the most streamed game in 2020 somewhere. It really took the gaming world by storm. The concept is great but over time games like this get boring. How do you stop a game from becoming boring? Regular updates - something Epic Games have mastered and I really hope Mediatonic have taken notes because this game has huge potential still and it would be a shame for it to die because of a lazy team.
  16. Epic Games are definitely in the wrong here. Apple's platform, their choice. Epic tried to be greedy and Apple hit right back at them. Fair play. In the wider scheme of things, it's 2 big rich companies tussling and I play on PC anyway, so I could care less! 😆
  17. It really depends on the game. I can invest more time in a competitive online game such as Fortnite and FIFA than I can in a story-based game like The Last Of Us. It also depends on how good the game is.
  18. Call of Duty. I don't even need to explain how popular COD is, but I personally never got into COD, or any first-person shooter games for that matter. I've had COD Modernwarfare 2, Black Ops 4 and World War 2 and haven't been able to get into it!
  19. GTA San Andreas. I've watched friends play it and heard great things about the game but I never had the game for myself and at the time it was popular I was really young so I couldn't get it for myself either. I might buy it one day but I'm used to really high graphics so I don't know if I will be able to enjoy a game with graphics much lower than my usual standard.
  20. GTA V for me. It's the most complete game, with so much to do! Shooting, racing, you name it - it's a massive game. It takes forever to complete the actual story mode without side missions and that's not even all there is to it, there's online missions too. That being said, as good as it is, I get very bored easily so if I could only play 1 video game for the rest of my life, I guess I wouldn't be a gamer for much longer. 😛
  21. At the moment it's Fall Guys, it's so addictive even though I am not even very good at the game. Genius concept! Seasonally (every autumn) I am addicted to the newest FIFA, which will most likely be the case again this year next month.
  22. It must have been GTA Liberty City or GTA Vice City for me, back when I played them on my PSP. I was definitely younger than 10, can't remember my exact age or the exact scene, but all GTA games have plenty of cussing.
  23. I would have said the GTA map when I was younger, but that is basically the States, particulary LA (based off GTA V). Somewhere on the Fortnite map is a shout, a trip to Tilted Towers with the boys would be a good laugh.
  24. I never listen to music whilst I'm gaming, unless it's a part of the game, but I do sometimes put on some background music whilst I'm waiting in a lobby for friends to come online/ready up. I listened to Oh My by Nines a few times recently to pump me up before the game starts.
  25. I know all about toxicity on online games, and to be completely truthful, I've been toxic on games myself - not that I'm proud of it but a bit of toxic banter hasn't ever hurt anyone haha. You'll find out all about toxicity if you play a couple of random Fortnite squads, especially if you pair with a group of 3 12-year-old friends. If you know you know.
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