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  1. I didn't buy a PC, I ordered parts from Amazon and built it by following YouTube tutorials. It seemed hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite easy and interesting. I was on a very tight budget so my PC parts only amounted to £400ish, but I am slowly upgrading it; I bought a £200 graphics card only yesterday.
  2. Maybe just build a regular budget PC and play old games on it. Unless you have your hands on old PC parts, they are either not available or expensive - usually the former. It's a cool idea though.
  3. I have a SSD and a HDD. My SSD has a capacity of 222 GB, with 59.5 GB still free. My HDD has a capacity of 465 GB, with 332 GB still free. I have a while before I have to think of buying more storage.
  4. I'd recommend Fortnite and Rocket League. Both are free, courtesy of Epic Games, and enjoyable games, unless you've overplayed them already. There's loads of games you can get to be honest - GTA V is pretty cheap nowadays aswell.
  5. Just the 1 monitor for me. I've thought about purchasing another one, but it is quite expensive and 2 monitors isn't a necessity for me at the moment, so I've decided to stick with 1 for the time being.
  6. Aren't PCs designed to have some sort of safety shut-down if they can't handle something, rather than blowing up. That's what I've heard anyway. I'd be very concerned if my PC had a risk of blowing up haha.
  7. I'll look back at this thread when the PS8 is released, lol. Jokes aside, I don't think the PS5 is the last PlayStation. Not everyone wants a PC.
  8. Sony will probably release a slim version of the PS5 like they did with the PS4. Personally, it does not affect me as my PS5 will simply sit on a stand, and portability is not something I need.
  9. That looks AMAZING! But unfortunately, there is no way I can afford that. If it was for the same price as the regular PS5, then sure but I can barely save enough for the regular PS5 never mind £8000+.
  10. I'm not fussed about pre-ordering but I considered it; every store I looked at was sold out by the time I got there. As for people selling for ridiculous prices, it's a shame, but you'd have to have a very low IQ to purchase one for a ridiculous price. Pre-ordering is not the end, lol.
  11. I think it's amazing that they are making PS4 games compatible with the PS5. There are quite a lot of games on my PS4 that I would like to continue playing on the PS5; also saves me money buying all those games again.
  12. Playstation have got their hands on some very exciting exclusive games. I'm personally really looking forward to playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales, as I loved the Spider-Man game on the PS4.
  13. I've not pre-ordered, I'm going to have a look at deals before I purchase a PS5. I will most likely get the digital version, since it is £100 cheaper, but if I can get a good bundle deal for the physical, I may go for it.
  14. I occasionally play Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, but not regularly. It's not quite as good as GTA V Online, but it is still a good game. GTA V Online is past its prime yet still much better, to put it that way.
  15. It's a difficult decision. If you stream a popular game such as Fortnite or Fall Guys, you have a lot of competitors, because quite frankly everyone is streaming them games. If you stream a small game, the issue lies in whether the game is popular enough to watch.
  16. If you're a sane person, violent games shouldn't be influencing you outside of the game itself. If it is, I believe, violence is an inner part of you and violent games, movies and toys are simply a trigger point.
  17. There was this computer game called Fight My Monster when I was a kid that I played with friends and we stole each other's monsters, so that obvious lead to a few fall outs but thankfully no permanent damage haha.
  18. Snow really adds a different element to a game compared to rain or normal weather. Especially if, for example, the snow makes your character slower. It adds the element of realness.
  19. I have a 40 inch TV in the living room, but I hate playing games on it. I prefer smaller screens (such as my monitor) for gaming as you feel closer to the game itself which enhances performance, atleast for me.
  20. Since I don't leave the house (because I'm too lazy to, haha), I just browse Twitter or watch a TV show or movie. Most of the time it's the latter. Watching TV shows/movies is more laid-back entertainment than gaming.
  21. The Walking Dead. Being a massive fan of The Walking Dead TV shows, I had to try the game, and so far it looks very fun albeit each game in the series is quite short. I've only just started though.
  22. PS5 every day of the week. It is so much ahead of the Xbox Series X - you just have to look at both consoles' designs to see which one is more innovative. Also, I didn't realise there was going to be a Nintendo Switch. Maybe it will be better than the Xbox Series X.
  23. I didn't know they existed until I saw this thread, lol. They could be useful but I can't see myself ever buying one. Just not my style of using speakers, I just use headphones haha.
  24. Fortnite keeps up with the times. Doing crossovers with what's trending at the time is a genius move and it is one of the key reason why Fortnite is still going so strong. Other games/companies could take a note from their book.
  25. I was at home for the entire lockdown so my isolation/lockdown involved a lot of gaming. For the first half, I played Rocket League with my brothers all day and for the second half I played Fortnite with my friends. I've overplayed those games so much now that now I find them incredibly boring.
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