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  1. @The Blackangel is totally ruining it. 😆
  2. Hi, Naiwen! We're so happy to have you here.
  3. Got 2 drives. The first one is for OS only. Has a capacity of 111 GB. SPCC Solid State Disk. Second one is for programs, photos, videos etc. Capacity of 931 GB. ST1000DM010-2EP102
  4. Haven't played this in so many years. The last one I played was the 4th one for the PS2. I was playing the game on summer nights, and get so fascinated by it.
  5. @Kane99 The L4D Franchise is virtually. Only the NFS and Gran Turismo, are real.
  6. I bought the game last summer, but I don't regret that I didn't wait until now. My friends can play RL with me after September 23rd. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/news/rocket-league-is-free-to-play-on-epic-games-store-starting-september-23
  7. I love to talk to people, but I always take care before getting with them on a call.
  8. Left 4 Dead Franchise Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) Need for Speed Underground, Most Wanted 2005
  9. Looks like some sort of "Anthem". The game from EA. Might try it.
  10. I cannot see the double-icon problem anymore and the loading circle is back. I like the design, but the bugs were horrible.
  11. Prepare a fort, get some resources and then, leave with a car.
  12. Almost in high school. Thank you!
  13. 1. McDonald's 2. Burger King 3. KFC
  14. Vodafone, but I want to switch after my contract ends.
  15. I've been thinking about Left 4 Dead actually. The game is still popular, and getting updates.
  16. I know this sounds funny, but I almost lost a friendship 3 years ago with someone because of Roblox. I had for the first time robux, and I showed my new avatar to him. He got so mad, because he thought I was bragging. He blocked me, and I was very sad because of it. After 4 days, he came to me and apologized to me because of his reaction and we lived happily ever after :))
  17. Not really. They seem to still have success.
  18. Decided to update you, because I didn't want you to think that I abandoned this. Thank you very much!
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