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  1. I don't personally find it disturbing, but I still don't think it's right. I can understand the limited supply capabilities but to choose who buys your product based on "previous interests and activities" isn't fair for your new customers. Dedicated players will wait and buy the console anyway. They are also limiting orders to these invitations to only be shipped in the US - another punch.
  2. A game I can't seem to stop playing is 8 Ball Pool. I've been playing for a few years on-and-off, especially at work. It's such a fun, simple game with great online matchmaking.
  3. Definitely not. I think the Assassins Creed gameplay has significantly improved. I've been impressed with the graphics and features since the 1st release several years ago.
  4. Right on! There's a bunch of courses online for you to learn programming. Mobile development is really fun and I actually bought an App on Flippa a few years ago and managed it for a while but it was unsuccessful.
  5. Yeah I know and they were making a boatload of money and figured they probably didn't need to improve on anything.
  6. I can't say I'm pressured to ever buy any extra's but I can definitely tell there's more in-game advertising on Friday's (pay day!). Microtransactions in games like GTA bring in so much revenue it's unbelievable. I'm all-go for in-game DLC.
  7. Wolves

    PlayStation 5

    I think Sony should've kept the same controller. It took me a while to get used to the PS4 controller when the console first came out and now I really like it. PS5 controller's are also expected to cost 20% more.
  8. It was really popular several years ago. It was probably one of the largest online PC games of its time. I haven't played it since around 2013 - 2014 and these days I still wouldn't be interested. There's just a lot of variety out there that's more entertaining.
  9. The single-most entertaining thing to me about violent video games are that the majority of them are competitive. COD Black Ops 4 and GTA V are two of my favorite video-games and are super competitive online. I really appreciate the fast-paced gaming and adventure of teaming up with other players. Even though non-violent video games are also competitive, I just find these to be more fun.
  10. I can't say gaming has changed my life dramatically, but I will always be able to appreciate the Summer memories of playing with friends and staying up all night. Gaming, something some of our parents didn't have, are forever embodied in us to reminisce forever. So, the biggest impact gaming has had on me are all the memories. I'm believe that experiences and memories are what make me happy.
  11. Heck, yeah! Call of Duty has been continuing the Zombies mode for years. Actually since World at War 12 years ago! I'm thrilled the fanbase has grown and they've been able to keep up with Zombies. These days it's amazing. I've recently been playing again on BO4.
  12. Absolutely! That much money takes care of your priorities and can grow in an investment vehicle. It wouldn't even be a sad day.
  13. I really love the old mod menus for Modern Warfare 2! Even now you can join a lobby and witness hacking at its finest... lol. My favorite would be superjump or antigravity because lobbies would become ecstatic.
  14. There are some games that are just timeless. For me, they are almost any of the COD series and Minecraft. I've been playing both games for several years and can't get bored with all the updates or competitive gaming. Any other game I might play for a few weeks before it's no more fun.
  15. CSGO is massive compared to Valorant. But like usual, newer ideas replace old blockbusters. Only time will tell 🙂
  16. When did you buy it? You should be able to get a replacement with all those problems, right away. I don't like gaming on Laptops simply because you can't modify the components as easily. I use a CyberTron PC.
  17. I had the original Playstation released in 94'. Then years later bought the PS2 and nowadays I have a PS4. I've been a PlayStation fan my entire life.
  18. Wolves

    Best ending?

    My favorite game ending was in Modern Warfare II when you toss the dagger in the man's eye! My overall favorite storymode gameplay is from World at War.
  19. Madden is the only sports game I've ever enjoyed. Last time I played was back in 17' when Madden 2017 came out and I was playing all summer with my friends.
  20. This is an easy question! I'd easily pick Black Ops 4 for life, simply for the zombies gameplay.
  21. When I was younger I put a bunch of skateboarding stickers on my PS3. Literally covered it. I didn't get into modifying my controllers.
  22. Hey, Alex. I've owned a few different consoles. Original Xbox Gameboy + Gameboy Color PS1 / PS2 / PS3 / PS4 Wii System What system was your actual favorite?
  23. You can't exactly play properly in 2nd person. It's more of a mirror of yourself, so you're like watching yourself play while the character is looking at you. Usually only see 2nd person shots in gameplay editing.
  24. I use two monitors, but not for gaming. I use 1 monitor for gaming, and I use 2 when I'm trading stocks and securities.
  25. I have a PS4 and I just place it on my entertainment system laying down. It's odd being on it's side to me, but I can see how it would save space in smaller houses or apartments.
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