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  1. The next two months are going to be critical because trump is a person that may face criminal charges once out of office due to his taxes and whatever else that may come up. He won't have the White House protect him and a man with power and nothing to lose is dangerous. He will stir up his terrorist extremists to start violence and terrorize America tying to create a civil war before Jan 20th. Let's see what other republicans stand with trump to the end. Let's see if fox news falls in line to call for violence. Think that it would be a good idea if BLM stays off the streets till Jan 20th so as to not give right wing terrorism a chance to create a 'fight'. Let the far right extremists get taken down by the law. That would be good to watch. How will the police react then? No BLM protestors to abuse. They will have a real threat on their hands with far right militias. Let's see which police fall in line with terrorism and which protect and serve.
  2. Democracy continues. After everything the republicans tried to do to suppress our votes, we pulled through. 244 years of democracy almost washed away by republicans. More importantly than this win is to reach out to 70 million republicans that voted for trump. We will have a president for all and not for half the country. We will reach out to you even though you displayed traitorism. We won't forget. But we will try to help your anger and fear. Even with a compromised senate again, we will still reach out to those that didn't vote for a democracy. That's what is important. Moving forward.
  3. Your days of sexism and racism are over. We will try to work with your kind. Are you American? If so we will work together and unite. Your failures as a person can be helped. No more need for cultism. If you don't believe in all rights then join the orange tent. We will help clowns
  5. Please exclude me from any votes. I do not want to participate in this vote or any future votes anyone might put me up for. I don't feel comfortable this month or last month. It makes me cautious and I don't like it. I respect the reason why I might be part of the poll and any that put me up for it; but I feel it takes away from my freedom of expression because I think I have to be a certain way. I will no longer be a part of the member of the month participants. I don't want anyone to ever put me up for it anymore. Please respect that. And thank you
  6. I think that's supposed to stimulate energy and homeostasis properties on the cellular level. It's like slapping a mushroom log or soak in water to stimulate growth of edible mushrooms. Damn those old folks look tasty. Got some crispy kale after a frost!!!
  7. I've taken my own meaning from this song. A point in life where I realized all my friends are gone and remembering a time when I was in a better place. Maybe that's part of what the song means. I don't know. One of my favorites since I first heard it 25 years ago. It's a long song. What is 8 minutes of life anyways.
  8. After a certain checkpoint before going into something big or finishing something big I like to stop and just enjoy the experience. Same with reading a couple chapters in a book. Same with watching a show (I usually record many episodes before watching one). Or moving into a new territory in a map. If I don't stop and think about my experience, then later I easily forget what I just went through. How did I get to this point? Oh yeah...Everything becomes a jumble. To immerse is good, but to stomp through the pits, soar on a dragon in the sky, fall into an alien planet, die into heaven, kill the beast, and save the princess all in one sitting is mentally challenging. Maybe I have short term memory loss. During the day, no excuse to stop and do something outside. At night, don't just think about running through a game to finish it. Enjoy it, and stop at a good checkpoint. Think about it. Or maybe you don't have a challenging game where you have to make choices.
  9. Get him drunk on football game night, afterwards plug in your system and pop in a non thinking game. I did that as a teen with my step dad. He drank on football sundays and at the time I had sega genesis with John Madden Football. Next thing I know he is laying on the ground with pillows playing my Sega when nobody is around. MF Was a fun football game.
  10. I love apocalypse environments with cities or towns destroyed. I can't get enough of it. And when my mood changes, I enjoy ancient civilization type settings. RDR2 has that unique western environment which I think is a stand alone in the gaming world. I played Gun on ps2, which was ok (Native American controversies). A good space and planets type environment is also good. I've recently been giving Mass Effect 2 another try. Don't know why I stopped first time around. Top 2 would be apocalypse and ancient civilization.
  11. Of course it is. Anything with design is an art, from characters, environment, story, and all the other details and objects that work together no matter if it's made to look real or not. Speaking of art, just want to share I used to draw a lot growing up using charcoal. I always drew scenes in nature cause that's just what I loved. Is that an art trying to copy something that is real? Photography is art. But people always asked me why draw something to make it look just like what is already there? Why not take a picture? I don't know. First of all cameras back then you had to go and get developed. Trying to make something look as real as I could was an art to me. That challenge is increasing in video games trying to make things look as real as possible.
  12. Just finished book 1. It's a very brilliant book. Every sentence has purpose and very complex story which was done really well; great characters. I've got book 2 already and gonna buy the whole series, plus all the side novels from other authors. Got some great reading for a long while. Thanks again!
  13. There was a recent update in RDR2, maybe they threw in some fun. I tried to play last night, but couldn't get on the network so I played the ps3 Undead Nightmare instead. I'll check again without network to see if I've got some weird shit. Maybe you got some laced Halloween candy???
  14. I like all sorts of flavors, but growing up we always had Halls cherry. Nothing like a candy that even clears up sinuses.
  15. I love seeing a strong female character in games. They tend to be sexualized which is awesome for me, cause I'd rather have a fine lady walking around rather than the same old, really really old and overdone macho tough guy male. But the idea to have different gear to switch out, which most games are doing, leaves it up to you how you would like her to look whether it be short shorts or fully covered. When the movie Wonder Woman came out, she was in a bikini outfit representing a strong female superhero. I don't think there were complaints about her sexualization because it was a sense of female strength and pride. Games should try and portray the same freedom, using the option for you to decide how she would look. As I mentioned, I'm deathly ill of the same male macho crap with little diversity. Minorities including women need their place and it is time for them to show pride, strength, righteousness, etc. in media. The alpha male ego nonsense needs to get thrown out the window. Bunch of peckers. Even in a fully geared military game, I would rather see a ponytail sticking out of the helmet. So I guess in a way, maybe I'm the one offended by the so called macho sexualization of male characters. It's been way over done. Real heroes come in all color, shapes, and sizes. So to eliminate all that, we need games to have customization of characters. Maybe a female wants a hunk with scars and ripped shirt showing pecks moving up and down. And maybe a male wants a woman that shows off curves and skin and pecks bouncing. To each their own. Just customize it.
  16. Halloween event! Man I've been missing out.
  17. Looks like two phones in one. Don't have to fit boobs on one screen anymore. They could make it as two separate phones with a stronger binder to hold it together, then just sync the two phones and screen share. Or else just stick to an iPad and invest in a cool purse to hold it. Just like they do with a laptop but smaller. All I can say is: cheeseburger, quarter pounder, double quarter pounder. Pounder.
  18. Imagine all the resources used if we didn't sleep. 7 billion people awake at all times? Your internet would always be slow, pollution, animals going haywire, energy consumption, and government will have the jobs make you work 12 hours a day to keep you busy and out of trouble. More taxes for them to be made off of you. So you think you would have more time, but your fellow greedy society will force long labor hours. And you wouldn't complain because the prices of everything will have gone up 400% so you would need to work those long hours and end up in the same boat you are in now. Kids will live in school half the day. Colleges will make you take 4 extra classes a semester and you are left studying longer hours. Get smarter and more skilled? Sure. Only the rich will benefit. If everything stayed the same and I didn't sleep, I would probably do the same thing I do now and entertain myself through games, books, shows, and play with my animals. If you don't work on your projects now, what makes you think you will with more time? Is time your motivation? It's not mine. If there is something you want to do, find what will motivate you and do it. Time will work its magic for you.
  19. Racing genre is something I don't know much about. What would be the best car racing game for a newer system like the ps4? Something with cool cars and scenic drives. Is there such a thing? Maybe even a game with a story? Or should I just get my kicks with grand theft auto? It's got a story.
  20. I remember that one, it was pretty good. Narc on ps2 was cool too.
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