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  1. For all you that think marijuana should be regulated, how so? You talk as if it can be easily abused more than alcohol. Hypocrites!!! Should alcohol be regulated? That is abused way more and is highly addictive. It is bad for liver, bones, kidneys, can cause cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, other mental issues. It causes violence, reckless driving, and destruction of family and social life. It drains money and ruins you if abused. Yet the only regulation is you must be 21. Marijuana is not nearly as bad. For those that think it's a gateway drug, wrong!!! Alcohol is. A drunk person is more likely to sample other drugs more than a person under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana is a political ploy to mass incarcerate certain demographics, while giving free reign to the demographics of alcohol abusers.
  2. "I can't dance" "I can't sing" "Only thing about me is the way I walk"
  3. A real man has the ability to admit faults and tries to fix them. A real man does not have homophobia. A real man does not think anyone or anything is below him. A real man will always stand up for and protect those that are weaker or oppressed. No matter what. A real man does not brag, show off, or underestimate anyone. A real man never asks anyone to do anything he can do himself.
  4. Well, when your government thrives in chaos, you get chaos. This is nothing new. In this country it is.
  5. That's pretty cool. What's it like having pet rats? I have 25 rabbits!!! I enjoy all of them. One is a a Continental giant. One species is too hard for me to pick. I really like cats, but as far as breed, I prob wouldn't care. Used to have an Akita dog. If I were gonna have dogs for life, I'm thinking Akitas. But then again that would be dangerous to others. So maybe a smaller, friendlier dog I can have run around all the time. Screw it, I'm all in for a pack of wolves.
  6. If I say I am happy today, something bad will happen tomorrow. I haven't reached my potential cause I fell into the trap of alcohol, and everyone demonizes you instead of saying you are sick and need help. Things are ok now. If I say I've made peace with it, something will come back and haunt me tomorrow from the past. Guess that is a loop. I have animals that are fun to hang out with. One day I have a great enjoyable time, next day one dies. Everything has balance. So am I content right now? Yep. Right now I am till I wake up tomorrow and find out what bad thing happened while I slept. Gonna make tea and play Witcher 3 for the night. Tomorrow I'm ready for war again. War of life that is.
  7. And trump appointing that crazy guy in charge of CDC now with russian ties. He claims shadows move around his ceiling, hit squads are after him and load up on ammo against liberals. The guy is now on leave of absence for 60 days from his craziness. Let's see: Presidency is compromised Attorney General is compromised 3rd supreme court appointee (he's gonna choose a crazy QANON) just watch FBI is politically pressured CDC is compromised EPA is compromised Post Office is compromised ICE is compromised Senate is compromised How many governors are compromised? Multiple people from this administration arrested and imprisoned Schools are gonna become Hitler Youth due to 1776 commission as the gateway The sciences are gonna be obliterated except for illegal experimentation as we now see in ICE forced sterilization And I do believe we are Fucked
  8. In today's climate with the fall of democracy and rise of the Nazis, our gaming will definitely change. Trump has attacked China based TikTok, and now attacking Fortnite. Corruption goes hand in hand with dictators, so that means tax dollars will be stolen and placed into hand picked companies just as we have already seen in bailout money. Fly by night cheese cracker companies will get government assistance to out compete the big gaming industry like Sony, Microsoft. It will be Nazi American made instead of Japanese. And since they want to control media, your future Nazi console will have limited variety of games. It will be tailored to suit the government approval of your entertainment. Sony and Microsoft will be forced to comply or get weeded out.
  9. I'm fairly new to Assassins Creed so I didn't play the Ezio sega which everyone loves. Guess I'm the new generation of that franchise so it's tailored to ME and I love it so bug off. They need to keep it coming.
  10. Witcher 3 Geralt and Yennifer on a freakin unicorn straddling...
  11. Warning: Spoilers Executing people on the spot that test positive for the virus is not a humane practice even during an apocalypse. Blood can catch on someone else etc. And I'm talking about many years later when Joel and Tess started off in the QZ, and opening scene as you walk out they lined up those people on the ground, scanned them, and executed one. Plus the 3 escaped the quarantine zone remember? So they failed. The fireflies turned into what they opposed by forcing Ellie to give her life for a cure.
  12. 1776 Commission should be called 1861 Admission since the orange nazi confederate has an obsession with civil war.
  13. Exactly, if it's open world and scenic, I just wonder around and take it all in. Like a mini vacation. Cool thing about AC Odyssey and Origins is the picture taking capability where you can move the camera all around and edit it. Or from above with the eagle view. I've taken a bunch of pics to save as memories for when I look back at my adventures years from now.
  14. Yes! I played the whole series and having to be the one to make the tough decisions was excruciating.
  15. That does look like a fun game. Unique! I'll give it a try. Price not bad either for GR 2
  16. That's a pretty good quote; I'm still laughing at your 666. That's like 2 intertwined snakes falling through your roof. And it's happened to me!!!
  17. Is collecting a big enough topic for itself? I collect mineral specimens and gi joes. Do you collect games? What is it you collect? Mineral specimens are natural crystals grown through its given environment. Gi Joes, well, just wish they were here today to fight Trump AKA Cobra Commander.
  18. I think there is a big correlation between baby boomers and trump's make america great again bell song for authoritarianism. The baby boomer population is very large in USA demographics. You would think they would be concerned by healthcare, which this administration gives a hoot about. And even if they come up with a half asses plan 1.5 months before election, shows their concern. Especially after a major botched pro death response to a pandemic. But most baby boomers are white. They lived through segregation, 60's era reform, and WERE fresh from the fight against fascism. But, yet, they clearly want authoritarianism and dictatorship. Their privilege leaves them nothing to protest about, except to not wear a face mask during a pandemic. So, they care nothing for the freedom of speech of protestors and would love the U.S. military to kill protestors. What do they care? Baby boomers have houses and have money passed down and made it through hard work privilege. Studies paid off. I live in klanville deep in the country behind enemy lines of the old white baby boomers that walk around with stink eye. They want dictatorship. I can see it. I have family in Florida that are straight military, baby boomer, confederate flag sons of bitches. I hear their language. I know them first hand. My grandpa is a deceased colonel from Vietnam and the Cold War. They collect guns. They don't seem to care about democracy unless its only for them. What next once baby boomers died off? Is that when we have to reform again as a country? And only then? Are baby boomers holding this country hostage through their last dying racist breaths?
  19. You have heard NF right? Mansion is a good album My genres today have dramatically changed the past few years. The reason why is cause I struggled with alcohol. I can't listen to angry music anymore. So that eliminates most metal, rock, and rap. I have taken a turn to 80's music, Indie type artists, new age, and here it is...latin rock? I'll tell you something. Latin rock I've been listening to, I don't even know what they are saying, but the music suits my soul in this present age. I flipped through the music channels on direct tv and came across some beautiful music. And no it isn't rippa rippa thlllllllllllllleba!!! Nope it's way better than todays rock. This song is an example Gente Peligrosa by Tunacola
  20. Definition of a parasite: an organism that lives on or in a host organism and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. Earth is our host. It provides everything we need to survive healthy and bountiful. Humans destroy entire ecosystems. We annihilate forests. We pollute water, air, and top soil. We drive animals to extinction. We dig deep for resources such as oil and metals. Instead of protecting our host we look for another planet sustainable for life that we can destroy. We are almost viral in a way because we change the DNA of crops, animals, and pretty much anything we can get away with without any remorse of the consequences. We don't give anything back. Only take take take like the parasites we are. I believe there are different strains of humans. Most are parasitic. Even those with a conscious still contribute to pollution and the poisoning left behind from industry due to consumerism. Unfortunately, the parasitic strains of humans will lead to the demise of us and our host. But yes, by all definition humans I believe are parasites. Do you know a parasitic strain of a human? Can you argue humans are not parasites?
  21. Ok geesh; From here I'll keep anything that sounds political in politics section. I'm sure everyone here is smart enough to know war is not a sport. But if we don't question things we become 'herd mentality'
  22. But don't countries compete on who owns resources? That in itself creates the conflict. That conflict being a move in the game. They compete in growing their arsenal, spy games, making their currency more powerful or less powerful, and influence of democracy, fascism, communism, socialism, or whatever it may be. To us it's conflict cause we carry the burden. To those at the top, it just may be considered a sport. Profit, resources, land, religion, politics; they don't exploit it without conflict as part of the strategy. So if we can debate chess being a sport, then why not actual war as a sport?
  23. I'm gonna take it a step further and say war is a sport. It's competitive, you need physical skill and endurance and training. You need tactical skill from the ranks. The fat cats watch it all snacking on grapes and wine placing bets and skillful plots to destabilize regions. Other countries can join in on the competition. There really isn't a known schedule for war, so there's no olympics for it. Lots of hype and cold wars though flexing military arsenals and holding war games. Today, we can watch it unfold on tv or iPhones till the country blacks out all communications.
  24. There is debate about chess being a sport. It seems to be recognized as one, and if so then that opens the door to anything to be a sport. So it all stops and starts with chess.
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