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  1. Some games can really stand out and immerse yourself without a good story. If the environment is beautiful and have as much time as I want to explore and pretty much go at my own pace and do what I want, then I can get pretty immersed. Just today I bought a flash drive and saved all my photos I've taken in game. And I'll tell you, later on I'll look back on those photos and have new nostalgia when I'm an old raisin.
  2. All the money they spend on hype, they could have made the game even better. Or else it's all jibberin blabber. Hype better come with a money back guarantee. I've got consumer rights damnit! You lie, I smash. I'll youtube it holding the disc under flames. You got a $million on hype, you better have another $million for lawyers after the people claim falsehood.
  3. The show is still kickin, or twitchin. The Walking Dead World Beyond and The Walking Dead 10th season just started. Fear The Walking Dead starts again next week. New game just came out The Walking Dead Onslaught. Think you can play VR. For me, the show lost itself after Negan when the different communities started building and the main group separated. I got confused and forgot who was still alive after not seeing them most of the season. Still one of my favorite shows.
  4. Wow, that looks like a good series. I just bought book 1 Gardens of The Moon!
  5. I like to stop and savor what I just experienced after reaching a certain point/quest/fight/discovered location/ etc. If not, then for me those experiences will be blanketed over while I have moved on to something else in the game. It's like reading a chapter in a book. But if I'm roaming in an open world, I could play longer.
  6. There are a few ps2 games I want to play, but by the time I set up my ps2 and pick a game, the world would have already ended. Note to self: pick a day to play nothing but classics.
  7. Once I get a taste of the graphics, it's hard for me to go back. I love the realism in exploration. Classics will always have a special place though. I used to drink a lot, don't know why I bring it up, but to make the point that once I reach a certain point, all those newer complicated and technical games just become a buzz kill. Then I pop in a classic like Contra or Golden Axe and go crazy. I've been giving RDR2 another chance and have actually been enjoying it. Still some getting used to. I last played it last night and got frustrated just switching hats. I got the legendary bear hat, and was switching hats, but kept dropping the Civil War hat on the ground and I have to get off the horse to get it like 15 times I did that while bounty hunters show up and I have to take off w/o the hat. Then just restart it again so I wouldn't lose my hat! I caught a mustang and was riding it to a stable when a pack of wolves killed me and all that work I lost the horse even after reloading my last save when I had the horse. All that was last night. But I'm all over the place. One minute I want a space game, then a horror, then a relaxing game, then something with story, then something easy, then exploration, then zombie, then dragons, then tanks, then aliens, then mafia, then AI, then I don't know. I'm playing quite a few very long open world games and I know I won't be finishing them any time soon. So to sprinkle flavor I start other games that are more linear. Just recently started Resident Evil 7 and I plan on finishing around Halloween if I can.
  8. Holy smokes!!! Do your games play well for the NES w/o having to blow on the games a 100 times? Looking at the list brought back all kinds of memories. I have around 150 games for the NES, PS2, PS3, and PS4. I have the old NES that works and the new NES classic edition that has games on it. I have the Sega PS2 game with a bunch of my favorite Sega games, but I count as one game. Mostly play the ps3 and ps4 though which together is around 60 games. Since you like the classics and have a bunch, I would be a crack head running through a pharmacy! Sometimes I think about just writing games on a piece of paper, draw it from a bowl, and play it.
  9. I often stare at my games trying to decide which to play. How do you decide? Do you play whatever you feel or are you more hell bent on sticking to one game and finishing it. I'm all over the place just like in life. Am I indecisive, got ADD or something? I literally have a game in mind, go to get it, and say hmmm.
  10. Legend of Drizzt series by Salvatore is gonna hit on something big one day. Game, tv series, or movies. The book series has been going for 30 years now. Here is my 5 dollar bet it's gonna be big. Hope Salvatore is alive when they finally take on the task.
  11. For sure. That first season is a hall of famer. Drama at its finest. You got tear constipation? Play that first season.
  12. They say bad seed never dies. Every now and then, one falls through the cracks. There's a lot of abusive fuckers out there that need to fall through those cracks.
  13. More realistic maps that you can zoom in pretty close. You can do that on google maps, why not video games? And show details in terrain and weather. At least in AC you can call an eagle to soar over everything, so I guess you wouldn't need detailed maps there. So maybe games should start including birds you can call to fly over the land. And characterize the bird, or dragon, or flying monkey, or even a drone.
  14. Mr X in Resident Evil 2 remake was memorable for me. I didn't like it very much. In Resident Evil 7 I just started playing, has someone chase you, but it just works to scare the living S##T out of me!!! As far as creative, there are a number in Witcher 3. Leshens are pretty cool. Part tree, with antlers, skull face, and uses forest animals to attack you. Volatiles in Dying Light will make you run for your life at night. Or find a hiding spot till morning if you can't make it to a safe zone. They got my blood pumping a number of times.
  15. Are the newer Batman and Superman games good? I'm not a fan, but if the game is good why not? They have good reviews.
  16. There is the Witcher tv series from the game. But I don't know if there was a book out even before the game. I can't think of a movie based on a game that didn't have a book first except for Resident Evil and I think Silent Hill. Games that came from movies are many. Producers think fans of the movie will automatically like the game, so they usually half ass it for the young crowd. Alien Isolation seems like a good game taken from a movie. I plan on playing it. The Warriors on ps2 I thought was pretty cool, taken from the classic movie The Warriors. "Warriors, come out to play!" Warriors, come out to playeeaay!!!
  17. That wasn't a debate. It was one rude baby that kept interrupting everybody because he is a narcissistic asshole. The moderator needs to have them agree that if a person interrupts, that time will be taken out of their 2 minute answers. If they interrupted for a minute, next question he would have 1 minute to answer. And if the big baby still can't keep is lying hole shut and let anyone else talk, then the moderator should stand up and walk over to trump and tell him to be quiet like you would a child on public live tv. Trump knows he is in trouble and his plan is to silence Biden the best he can. That's all he can do. Trump was given the opportunity to denounce white supremacy right then and there, and he couldn't. He just couldn't do it!!! I think Americans finally raised an eyebrow after that.
  18. Every game needs a female character to choose from. I'm sick of the same ol macho tuff man who is the biggest and baddest asshole or the perfect handsome white boy who is always the righteous. I choose female every time. Days of male pride are over and needs to be humbled.
  19. AC Odyssey, I had a lion who fought with me through everything. Major battles, skirmishes, skilled mercenaries, and went on travels with me. It was always there. All them pics I took. All the moments together. Then I was on some castle walls up in a mountain. I jumped off and the lion jumped after me and died. After all that, I wanted it to have a glorious death, but followed me off the edge. I was heartbroken. I don't know if I can ever love such a wonderful beast again.
  20. That kind of reminds me of the movie 'The Hunt' which is about liberals kidnapping conservative deplorables for sport. The movie had to be postponed from being released due to the political climate in the USA. BUT it was eventually released around a year later with the same political climate if not worse. And did anyone act on it and kidnap deplorable conservatives? No. I for one would love to watch it and I fantasize about torturing an American republican in every way if I ever catch one of those low lifes. Am I gonna do it? No. My point is that nobody acted on a controversial movie. So @Shagger point is correct. Then again, society as a whole fears the impact entertainment can have. Especially during some kind of crisis. Having anger and then influenced to act on it does not necessarily mean a person has a mental disorder though. To exploit that anger could lead to a societal breakdown, which was part of my point in my first post where I said any entertainment can be a tool to incite violence.
  21. Picture yourself in the mountains, in a forest, by an ocean or lake, in a valley. Picture the stars at night reflecting off of ancient golden or silver armor. Picture the sun setting with all the different hues playing tricks behind every leaf falling, every branch swaying in the breeze. Picture the sun shining bright while sailing through a Mediterranean Coast. Hop out into the water and swim to the beach. Call your horse and gallop into the waiting forest. Wonder aimlessly. Find a fishing village and see their catch of the day. Watch them work and immerse yourself in their culture. Hop on a smaller boat and cruise the coast line. It’s starting to rain. The lightening flashes in and out of clouds. Go back to your main boat and set sail to another island. Call your eagle to soar high above. See everything from high up or swoop low to check out an ancient temple or ruin. Just let yourself go while you soar up high again and let the landscapes open before your eyes. Let the music play. Take pictures. Lots of them. You can move your camera around any direction. Take off all the armor and show that skin in a small two piece if you desire a beautiful woman or ripped muscles if you like men. The sun is rising again. Where do you want to go next? Trek through an entire country on a beautiful steed. See where it takes you. Assassins Creed Odyssey
  22. I think I see what you are saying. A person has the ability to know right from wrong and not commit an act of violence even if some hidden agenda is being pushed through whatever entertainment source it is. And so the blame falls onto the entertainment source if something happens and not the real culprit pulling the strings. Well I'll be! Let me put this here straw hat on my face and stand in a corn field till the crows come lickin.
  23. Dying Light is the best zombie apocalypse game I ever played. Not sure if I call it a shooter game because you mostly acquire other weapons to smash and chop them with; burn, electrocute, explode, poison; and in the Following expansion, run them over in a buggy. The apocalyptic environment is beautiful in the middle of a city. There were so many things to do in that game. Tons of quests. Run for your life to a safe zone once night hits. Beat the game, and still have quests to finish. The Following expansion is in the country side. I can't say enough that if you like zombie games, this one is a must!!! I came across it on youtube. Looked pretty amazing then, and pleasant surprise it was. There is a prison quest in the game you can repeat as many times you want. It is total hell. You can even play as a zombie in the enhanced edition that includes The Following. Dying Light 2 is coming out soon. Probably going to be on the ps5.
  24. For those that play video games I might have confused: no, what I said is not happening. No, it is not a conspiracy. My only point to make is that all entertainment can be used as a tool to incite violence if fallen into the wrong hands. That’s it. Bada bing.
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