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  1. 'Trump sucks' They will sit down with you in an instant or walk away really fast.
  2. Never barricade yourself or get stuck indoors anywhere!!! Humans always become the greatest threat and they will always find a way in if they think there are goods there. Take off to a fresh water area outdoors. Learn to sleep in trees.
  3. Just did the drunken quest with Lenny (RDR2). Beginning to really like this game.
  4. Today's climate is putting facebook and twitter to the test. They are the first line of defense against out right conspiracies that could lead to harm.
  5. You say the opinion of the president matters on China, but Hong Kong lost democracy and protested, where was trump? China cracked down on them in a manner of crimes against humanity. Where was Trump? Oh yeah he was sending unmarked agents in unmarked vehicles and kidnapped American protestors in a country of democracy. And Trump agrees China should detain ethnic minorities in concentration camps. What planet are you from? Fascist Moon Shine? All this talk on China and the real threat happening right now and happened in 2016 is Russia's interference in our elections which is our greatest backbone of democracy. Just today in the news Russia once again hacked the DNC. Russia's talking points on hate is the same Trump is making and other politicians in his administration. Multiple people around him have prison sentences. He is a criminal hiding behind the presidency and trying to tear down this country for his benefit of authoritarianism to get rich and powerful. I can go on and on while the liar snotzie is trying to destroy our postal service to prevent people from mail in voting during a pandemic. He just illegally told his people to go and vote twice. Wake the F up!
  6. A writer in the midst! You starting a series? That would be a great achievement if you did get them published. Have you read Mark Twain Damned Human Race?
  7. Looks from Spain by the statue uniform. That could be anywhere across Europe or the Americas south of USA. The sky indicates Europe. The street lights look French. Color of domes on cathedral would be more Eastern European. What's that yellow sign say?
  8. I don't see any topics in books or comics. My favorite series of books are the Drizzt Do'Urden by Salvatore. He has been writing this series for 30 years now. I found out about it a couple years ago and bought every book; around 40 books! Still about 10 books behind the latest one, but catching up. Highly recommended. I'm looking for more good reads in the Forgotten Realms setting, fantasy, or apocalypse. Arisen by Michael Stephen Fuchs is awesome! It's military/apocalypse/zombie Grimm Fairy Tales by Zenescope is a pretty good comic series. It's a horror take on all the classic fairy tales including Wonderland, Oz, Netherland, and everything in between. Do you recommend some good reading???
  9. Should our human rights to make decisions over rule it? Well if you know you got AIDS and still sleep around unprotected, in that logic you can say you have the right. During a world wide pandemic, have respect for others you can expose it to. If you don't wear a mask, it is a blatant violation of the laws of ethics. Pandemics should never be turned political. Once it turns political, and lives are at stake, it becomes used as a bioterrorism factor. Let it spread so this group of people die. Let it spread so that country gets sick. Let it spread in a city or state that opposes you. Let it spread to reduce the population. Let it spread to annihilate the poor or weak. Oh, but if you can genetically manipulate it, even better to get rid of certain demographics. Whatever though, right? And don't forget big pharma can profit off of it all the more widespread it is. Pretty much, everything evil exists in the realm of not wearing protection all in the name of selfish reasons that's being promoted by hidden agendas from the top. Herd immunity may/may not work after many have died. Following safety guidelines already have shown it works with fewer deaths in many countries. Don't let politics poison your fragile judgements. Just do what's right.
  10. AC Odyssey last night I've been giving RDR2 another try. Played it a few times this past week. I'm not doing quests, just exploring, robbing, and hunting. Trying to get a better feel of the game. It looks pretty amazing. I can get lost in it in a good way just exploring.
  11. I'm currently playing the latest God of War 2018. It's got pretty good challenging fights. It has shifted to the new era of games where you buy different outfits with diff attributes and runes. Didn't used to be like that. Wonder if I can get diff weapons? So far just the axe. It's an adventure! The map seems small so far. But I'm still in the early stages. I was really surprised with God of War 3 remastered. There weren't as many tedious puzzles as in God of War 2. I have Uncharted 4 I will start after GOW . I was impressed with Uncharted 2. Alien Isolation I decided to get. Any other thoughts on Greedfall? Lots of great reviews you got there!!! I've been watching Alien Isolation for a while now, and there is a second coming. I'm gonna give it a try.
  12. Amazon needs to pay its taxes. I wouldn't buy anything from them till they do.
  13. Should we be cautious buying a game with add on content like Deluxe ed. and have the code already expired when you open brand new sealed game? That happened to me. I bought a brand new sealed game 3 years after release and the expiration date for the deluxe add on code was expired a month before I opened it. And now I would have to spend 10 dollars from the store if I wanted those add ons. I've already spent premium price for the Deluxe version of the game. Is this common?
  14. YES!!! Games are bent on making us collect too much stuff. Sometimes I'll be trucking along and wait, wonder what's over here. Let me go run around in this little freaking spot to see if anything is hidden there. Nope. Here? Nope. Back on the trail; 2 seconds later...over there? Ahh. A freaking penny??? If an alien was watching me play these games they would think humans are retarded. Fallout games and Witcher 3 make me crazy sometimes. Having that 6th sense capability helps in games. If they provide a map of all the collectibles, that can help. That should be an option in your settings; show loot map or no. In Assassins Creed Odyssey, you can really make the game as hard as you want it in settings. You can turn off everything on the map and explore blindly. Maybe games should have more options in the settings menu to have it very difficult if you like or easy showing all the collectible locations. Freedom of preference!!! PS Don't talk about my AC like that!
  15. I'm way in the country, so I use satellite for wifi. It only allows so many gigabytes I can use each month, so I'm limited in gaming. I've never even tried online gaming. At least I can do special events in games. Please stop making online only games!
  16. Bloodborne cause it was too hard. Looks really cool if you dedicate your time to it. It needs more periodic saves. It's out the window for me. Hell Blade cause too many puzzles. I liked the fighting. Until Dawn; after the whole first half of it if you know what I mean without giving spoilers. Monster Hunter World because I just don't feel like learning everything. Those are my most recent I stopped over the last year.
  17. Soon it's the virtual reality systems that's gonna take off. Too expensive right now at $1500 for the best VR system. A bit too interactive for most I guess right now. So I say the best system will go to affordability. If the ps5 starts at 500-600, then I'll check it out 3 years from now.
  18. I've seen youtube videos of these games and some have good reviews, some don't. If you have played these games, any advice? Do you have any ps4 games you are really curious about? Greedfall Watch Dogs 2 Alien Isolation The Outer Worlds Dragon Age Inquisition Ghost of Tsushima looks really good
  19. You could have nostalgia. Just recently I was playing Nintendo games and I loved reliving those memories. I played Gi Joes as a kid and a few years back started collecting them. If it's not nostalgia, then maybe you like the simplicity of older games. Not the simplicity of the game itself, cause many older games are very challenging, but the controls, remembering the fighting moves, not having to worry about how much weight in gear you are carrying, fixing your weapon, always having to choose a skill upgrade etc.I get intimidated by most new games. Getting used to it now, but I get overwhelmed easily when I start a game on the ps4. The whole first chapter is usually learning all the moves and button actions. Pisses me off. I go to sit down to play a different game and think, was it this game I hit the r3 to crouch or was it that other game. Shit, just threw a grenade!
  20. If you take our Neanderthal ancestors and drop them in the middle of a city today, we would look like aliens to them. But, depending on what environment they come from, aliens could be reptilian, giants, 6 legged insectoid mammal, or just a big stomach with ears like a blob. Or a giant bacteria with brain development. I hear an octopus is really smart. They could look like that. Let's just hope we won't be part of their food chain.
  21. I'm currently playing Origins and the deserts are very cool to me. Sand storms come around and you can get lost or have a crazy battle in the middle of one. You hallucinate from the heat and see ghostly images and weird things here and there. Even the character starts swaying like he's gonna pass out. I like riding a carriage through the desert. It's a sense of freedom. And the backdrop is always beautiful as the desert meets a village, water, or canyon. It's a game to immerse yourself in instead of rushing around to do quests. I take my time in the game. This game and Odyssey is like sight seeing at times. That for me is a masterpiece of art. To be able to take me from this so called world and enjoy in a game what I can't afford to do in real life.
  22. Nostalgia got me 3 years ago when I got into gaming. 1st, to answer the question, I say Zelda. I have played it a few times as a kid. But it was only a few times I remember. I was always playing Contra, Super Mario Bs and Gi Joes. I would love to give it a round from scratch, but with today's technology; ummm too many bad ass games today to play. I actually bought an old school nintendo with some games. Then the built in imitation system came out and I got that for $125 I think. But I played Contra and Super Mario and wow. Memories. Off topic now, but I was still feeling nostalgia and got a ps2 and the sega collection game because I played sega next as a kid. Next thing I know I got 75 ps2 games. Then I got the ps3. Then the ps4. And my nostalgia is satisfied because I am making lots of new memories on the ps4. 20 years from now...Kassandra... you, me, and Ikaros with have a good time.
  23. Dying Light. How is that not the best zombie apocalypse game? Plague Tale. Simple and great Ps2 The Suffering. Rare game and creepy
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