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  1. For people that can move around and compete physically, esports wouldn't be considered a sport. For handicapped, there are sports out there for them, maybe not in all arenas, but who is to say that can't be possible. For bed ridden people, esports can be considered a sport for them. And think about the future of VR systems and esports. "(A whole new world) A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us "No" Or where to go Or say we're only dreaming"
  2. Well, most comedians actually are more of the liberal type no matter the race, so they usually get away with it because it wasn't meant to be literal. But conservatives don't have many comedian outlets or shows and if they did it would undoubtedly be extremely offensive. For Christs sake, their humor is to threaten people and spread conspiracies. So as long as a white comedian has its fair share of a liberal audience, it will stay less literal and offensive. If it is a majority conservative audience, it will be more literal and offensive. Even a black comedian with an all black audience will probably take a white joke too far. So the audience is the key to keep things in balance.
  3. Nightmare On Elm Street Hellraiser TX Chainsaw Massacre (original) House of 1000 Corpses Evil Dead (original) Amityville Horror (original)
  4. Oh man!!! One of my favorite horror movie series. I can still recall the details of all the freakin gore! Do you want blood? I ask again, DO YOU WANT BLOOD? 2022 we will all be dead by then.
  5. I switch between games, books/comics, and shows. I've got rabbits outside I hang with. Not so much in this Texas heat. If the weather is right and there is a mushroom growing in cow dung, then I'll make a night of it. Oops; shhh. Most of the time, it's tea and a game. If I drink I turn into a rebel ready to take on the world, so i'll save that for the apocalypse. I'm also a collector of Gi Joes, so I spend time on eBay. It's definitely nostalgia.
  6. Zero trailers for me. Actual gameplay and reviews helps me decide. Trailers are those hyped up fake models on internet dating sites. Then you meet them in person and they are the Wicked Witch of the West or Fabio's sidekick Gollum.
  7. What does a half nude female warrior on a horse symbolize? Looks USA, but the only feminism in this racist, sexist, xenophobic country with a statue empowering a female must be Mary. So it is a catholic town. That makes me think southwest USA too.
  8. I really enjoyed A Plague Tale on ps4. Ps2 horror games Obscure and The Suffering I've been looking for gems on the ps4
  9. Fartcry and Unfarted series tried to come out at the same time, but the latter had to wait a year to be released. It proved to be a big hit, and worth the wait.
  10. The medieval times seem like a more simple era. You fight for a king or religion. You are rich or poor. Heroes rise easier. Today, who is a hero in 6 billion? Who is the true warrior that fights for country? What do you even fight against in today's world with a corrupt banking system; food and pharma monopoly destroying everything natural; and nukes or missiles that can cause mass destruction? Kind of takes 'hero' out of man. And that gives a rise to the age of superheroes. But even wizards and magic users in the fantasy genre seem more interesting to me than superman. Why? I don't have a clue. It seems like something that can be taught through studying and apprenticeship, which we can kind of relate to; instead of being born with a super power no one else has. Or even a ring from another dimension or the abyss is more intriguing than another Hitler (ahem). And it's so much easier to make a romance out of ancient mystic times rather than a noisy city; or even out in a farm wearing stupid clothes compared to the craftsmanship then. Simpler times with an emphasis on beauty and individualism compared to modern times with emphasis on mass marketing and societal approval.
  11. In that case you better have a Red Bed Redemption!
  12. NFL When they kneel, they booo When they hold hands, they boo When they grab ass, they cheer
  13. Saving Private Hymen Oh s##T! Think I'm taking this too far.
  14. It's time to sit down for the Call of Bootie and play to the God of Whore
  15. My sister has Oculus. It's definitely the future of gaming. I tried a cool meditation game on it and in the future probably can help with psychological issues or hypertension. And I also tried a roller coaster game that literally almost knocked me over if I didn't sit down. It was pretty scary for me at least. It's something you have to be in the mood for. And might no be for everyone especially if you are doing some late night gaming and don't want to move around. For some weekend fun? Hell yeah.
  16. 'Trump sucks' They will sit down with you in an instant or walk away really fast.
  17. Never barricade yourself or get stuck indoors anywhere!!! Humans always become the greatest threat and they will always find a way in if they think there are goods there. Take off to a fresh water area outdoors. Learn to sleep in trees.
  18. Just did the drunken quest with Lenny (RDR2). Beginning to really like this game.
  19. Today's climate is putting facebook and twitter to the test. They are the first line of defense against out right conspiracies that could lead to harm.
  20. You say the opinion of the president matters on China, but Hong Kong lost democracy and protested, where was trump? China cracked down on them in a manner of crimes against humanity. Where was Trump? Oh yeah he was sending unmarked agents in unmarked vehicles and kidnapped American protestors in a country of democracy. And Trump agrees China should detain ethnic minorities in concentration camps. What planet are you from? Fascist Moon Shine? All this talk on China and the real threat happening right now and happened in 2016 is Russia's interference in our elections which is our greatest backbone of democracy. Just today in the news Russia once again hacked the DNC. Russia's talking points on hate is the same Trump is making and other politicians in his administration. Multiple people around him have prison sentences. He is a criminal hiding behind the presidency and trying to tear down this country for his benefit of authoritarianism to get rich and powerful. I can go on and on while the liar snotzie is trying to destroy our postal service to prevent people from mail in voting during a pandemic. He just illegally told his people to go and vote twice. Wake the F up!
  21. A writer in the midst! You starting a series? That would be a great achievement if you did get them published. Have you read Mark Twain Damned Human Race?
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