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  1. Yeah exactly, you have a very good point based on that. What's the game that you played which offered something from reality?
  2. Yeah, it sure does and I believe that it's cleared the guy having a mixed feelings about cigarettes being good thing sort of.
  3. I never said that they have something related to each other did I because I don't know where you are driving at.
  4. I think that my uncle still have his Atari but I'm not sure if he still plays with it. I'm definitely finding out about it as soon as possible.
  5. You get to learn more from the game when you play that way because the challenge is going to put a lot pressure on you.
  6. It's actually why I had to give up on FIFA games till today because of the bugs and glitches. It's too much for me to deal with.
  7. Definitely, they are not really going to disappoint now because if they do, they are killing the game by themselves.
  8. Game collectors are the highest and biggest games preservers because they go out of their way to keep those games alive till date.
  9. This data looks very disturbing when it comes to the numbers that's been talked about here. I pray none of my friends dies from depression.
  10. It would definitely be a tough pick for gamers to decide on which one that's going to be their favorite between the two games.
  11. It's actually one of the reasons why my friend was very calm and open to getting the game Forbidden Horizon West on pre order.
  12. It's actually why I task myself to get these information with ease when I know very well that I don't have to pay for them.
  13. I have seen that and it really looks crazily ridiculous just like you have mentioned. It's one of the things that's very common with PC gamers.
  14. To be very honest with you, it's something that I have come to understand and accept when it comes to what these guys are paid to do.
  15. Some gamers can really be that delusional when it comes to what they are looking toward to getting from the games they play.
  16. Seriously, that's something that I'm personally looking forward to because it's going to save me a lot of money getting the game with Gamepass.
  17. It may take a time for them to do that remake but it's something that's going make good sense.
  18. Exactly and if you allow me and it's possible to get into playing the game till today, it's something that I can take up always.
  19. Do you mean like books that have game's reviews or just information about a particular video game or something?
  20. I believe that @The Blackangelhad a serious complaint about how the horse (a particular breed) that's very stupid in the game. It trips over a common grass.
  21. I know very well that can be very frustrating because it's something that's happened to me on more than one occasion.
  22. Seriously, Pong was one that can never be excluded no matter what happens. The memory of the game is still very fresh.
  23. The amount of money they make from these games are too much for them to skip, and it's why they keep making it the way it is.
  24. The need to make thousands of dollars every year from each series release of the FIFA games wouldn't let them drop it.
  25. It was actually on Twitter that I saw similar update about giving Kratos bigger eyes and giant mouth.
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