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  1. Unpacking is one of the games that @Kane99really enjoys playing most of the time.
  2. Dungeon Keeper is one game that EA ended up killing off and making to disappear. Initially developed by Bullfrog Productions and after the 2 series and at the 3rd series, it got messed up and dumped.
  3. Yeah, that's very correct. As much as some people don't like deserts in real life, it's something that thrills me. It's one of places I enjoyed when I visited Dubai last year.
  4. For some certain games, I do prefer for the game to be cited from real life. It add more connection and link up to the gamer.
  5. Thank you from sharing this for those who are still doubting if smoking is good or bad for your health.
  6. The desert of Nevada in the United States of America seems to have appeared in the game. We can only be sure once it's out..
  7. One thing that I love so much about gaming on PC is being able to mod the games to my taste.
  8. Seriously, their level of commitment to games cannot be equalled anywhere. They are the real hardcore gamers.
  9. The level of experience and knowledge that you get from playing in a high difficult level can't be accessed anywhere.
  10. That's not going to be possible when it comes to getting games that comes with not a single bug at all.
  11. I would go with Red Dead Redemption 2 for now till I get to see what God of War Ragnarok have to offer.
  12. Depression is a silent killer, give it an inch, it's going to take a mile.
  13. From the looks of it, the game is definitely going to be a good hit based on what's been speculated.
  14. Well, these game developers and publishers can up to disappoint you when you least expect it and it's why I'm always skeptical most of the time.
  15. Yeah, that's very correct because ordinarily, I do have some information on games that I wouldn't have before when I never used to watch YouTube videos.
  16. PC gamers modders are really having fun with what they are kicking up with the characters in the game especially Kratos.
  17. If you look at it very closely, it really looks like something that's got a pinch of truth in it.
  18. I believe he knew that alread as do most of us mate.
  19. That's completely true to an extent. When a trailer gives an absolute insight to the game, it's definitely going to sell the game without any stress.
  20. If Bobby Kotick is charged, the whole board goes with him too because I'm very sure that all of them have something in common as with regards to that case.
  21. Seriously, there are some parents like that as well, I have seen lots of them in my neighborhood.
  22. I'm calling the cops on you already for having 3 dead bodies in your basement literally 😂.
  23. Yeah, there is no doubt about that when it's Red Dead Redemption 2 we are talking about. Even the first one is cool too.
  24. The Witcher 3 is definitely among the best in my opinion from my experience with playing the game.
  25. I don't really think that's something possible to be done because there is no way you would be able to know his website hosting company.
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