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  1. Yeah - Yeah. You can say that again.
  2. We all have our personalities to carry around with. I have accepted him the way he is.
  3. Seriously, that's exactly the reason why he's been untouchable so far if you look and evaluate it carefully. Why let him be free without any repercussions?
  4. Yeah, it's definitely boring. It's like watching movies without its soundtrack and audio in song. It's just going to ruin the whole impression.
  5. I don't really know how to explain it more clearer for you to get exactly what I needed to express but that's alright. Moving on!!
  6. That's something that's very likely to happen when such features is enabled. Gamers are likely to stick to the main missions most of the time.
  7. Which particular game did that like almost every time frequently in your gameplay?
  8. Drinking as a kid was something that I was very familiar with because my father owned a pub and I used to steal a lot of his drinks.
  9. The same thing goes with the locations that are explored in playing Red Dead Redemption 2.
  10. The same thing goes with what happened with Dungeon Keeper series, Ultima, and Wing Commander.
  11. Steam sells gamers cheaper than Amazon from my experience with purchasing from them so far.
  12. It's like asking a porn site hosting company to take down the website for doing what they do. It's never possible!!
  13. As much as I love playing stealth game like Hitman 3, I do prefer what playing Halo Infinite offered in terms of gameplay.
  14. OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is one old retro game that I can't love more than enough. I think Need for Speed copied something from the game.
  15. That's for sure how it works for most gamers. The combination of both songs and gaming works perfect if the game's music is lit 🔥.
  16. The connection is a very weak with the movies and games. Although, I don't really care much about it to say the least.
  17. I can imagine how my grandfather used to cope with his reactions in games he plays with how his age gets in the way.
  18. That's a fact for sure!! But when was the last time these guys gave us something that's really worth it.
  19. The guy is one freaking dynamite that can take out an entire block!! I kind of like him a bit.
  20. Seriously, the joy it gives can't be accessed from anywhere else. We are a bunch of joy!!
  21. Yeah, that might be a factor too when you look at it very closely because if you are focused well, you wouldn't miss that.
  22. At least Microsoft have purchased Activision Blizzard, so I believe a lot of changes is going to come up in Call of Duty Vanguard. As for EA and Battlefield 2042, I don't know it's faith.
  23. I think that's something that happens commonly with most shooting games. Some AI's are set up to frustrate you.
  24. If it's not what they were opportune to know or play, there is no way they would be able to have any information on the game.
  25. I had to watch that GIF over and over again because it's very funny!!
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