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  1. When I'm playing for a short term goals and satisfaction, small releases is definitely going to be the best bet for me.
  2. I have moved on from playing Cyberpunk 2077 a long time ago and nothing about the game seems to bother me of late.
  3. Watching a lot of zombie movies like Z Nation and The Walking Dead even though it have its own games, made me really feel comfortable with such horror games.
  4. Yeah, it's the Arabians that you had seriously talked about how they frustrated you kind of and where we had long talk about other good breeds of horses.
  5. As long as you can find a good way of playing that suits your playing interests, I believe that's the most important thing to do.
  6. Played out Dexter on PC today based on one's recommendation and it's a shit game for me.
  7. How can you decipher that one's sex is a female from the way they chat? It might be a skill that you have but don't know it yet.
  8. That's horrible. I can't find myself living comfortably in such situations with that kind of parents. Seriously, some people really have big problems.
  9. I'm definitely confessing to the murder than having my browser history used as evidence 😂.
  10. It seems like someone doesn't fancy shaving here 😂... Me, I don't like hairs especially at the pubic areas 😂.
  11. Seriously, I couldn't stop myself from laughing hysterically even when I was trying to stop myself after seeing that mod on Kratos.
  12. Human beings with their way of doing things. It's something that you can never change. I think that avoiding them would be the best way forward.
  13. There will always be wack music in all the soundtracks used in making a particular game. It's something that I have seen on more than one occasion.
  14. Getting old takes away our good and high pitched reflexes and there is no getting it back once it happens.
  15. If the side quests are really done in a way that they can be very important to the game, it's definitely going to be something that gamers can't want to skip ordinarily.
  16. EA is a gaming company filled with bunch of A-holes that only care about money and that's it.
  17. Seriously, I'm still in a very big shock on why EA did that to Dungeon Keeper and even Dead Space. Like what's their problem really?
  18. I have actually seen some decent reviews about the software gaming company. It seems like it's something that a lot gamers make use of.
  19. The real question is what took them to porn website in the first place that they now want to report it?
  20. Returnal is one game that I really didn't enjoy that well when I played it. I can't seem to find out why it's like that with me.
  21. Here is what the game OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast is like. It's a great game from my experience with it.
  22. Seriously, Capcom can never do what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it. It's why they are killing the RE franchise slowly.
  23. Seriously, it's not that I have anything against the ladies but our life is a lot more simple and fun.
  24. Seriously, Dungeon Keeper is one game's series that EA killed off in a way that still freaks me out with a lot of pains.
  25. Exactly and when it's that too easy, I don't really think that it's something that a lot of gamers would like to get into playing.
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