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  1. There are three of my friends who buys all their games strictly from PlayStation store. If it's not from PlayStation store, they are definitely buying.
  2. Having aches all over and walking with a stick or a staff is my biggest fear of getting old but there is no way out from it.
  3. You all should please chill out. This is not a big deal or a serious matter to squabble over. Can we please move on... Thanks!!!
  4. I think that what they lacked in their making of FIFA games was creativity and uniqueness. It's all they missed out on because they get to remake the game every year.
  5. Some gamers feel that making a long trailer have anything to do with it being a good representation of the game original.
  6. Rawson Stovall have written a lot of great books and I believe that he did an excellent job with his work on The Vid Kid's Book of Home Video Games.
  7. Yeah, it's actually what makes PC 💻 gamers a lot more fun to deal with. It's the only part where they are better than console gamers.
  8. I have the same feeling that's what he did with the website and disabled his email address that's connected to the website.
  9. Sometimes, I do think that most gamers who's got completionist tendencies would want to suffer playing in difficulty mode. They will play easy and complete the game and move on.
  10. And it's definitely going to mark their downfall just like it did so many other companies before them that are no longer in business.
  11. Most racing video games fans that I have come across all loved their play of OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast. I personally can recommend it very easily.
  12. Assassin’s Creed III happens to be one game that represents a lot with real life events where it featured great personalities like Pope Alexander VI, Black Beard and Leonardo da Vinci with historical events that led to the founding of US.
  13. Exactly, it's why I had to just chill out after watching the YouTube video on the effects of smoking 🚬 on one's lungs. It says it all.
  14. I was actually reading to see getting a new headset for the love of your life and I saw for himself as a Val gift and I'm like wtf dude 😂.
  15. It's just like how Rockstar knows better what they stand to lose if they mess up their GTA series, they wouldn't try it.
  16. If you don't have any plans for monetizing the YouTube channel, then it's not going to be a challenge work for in growing the channel.
  17. GiGi Hair Removal Lotion works perfectly for me ever since I have been making use of it.
  18. And at least, you can easily have them sold off when you are not interested in having them anymore, so it's a win win situation for you.
  19. Well, they do have other good qualities that makes them good which is why I believe gamers still love catching them and making use of them.
  20. Is magic even real or just parlor tricks? Just like what they do in circus 🤹‍♂️.
  21. When it becomes very obvious to me that a particular game company with their game would keep repeating the same bug over and over again in their new releases of the same game. Why should I keep playing same game?
  22. Seriously, it was a crazy scene from what happened and the backlash that followed it up. They probably didn't know it's going to turn out like that.
  23. Atari 2600 really meant a lot in the gaming industry because it offered classic gaming in its realness that you could hardly get in games today.
  24. I only managed to watch one part of the Hellraiser movie and never bothered about watching the remaining ones because it creeped me the hell out. That Pinhead was completely nasty with the way he kills.. Geez!!
  25. I never really followed up on that update but I'm glad for the link to the article which you provided. It gave a great insight into the matter.
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