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  1. Exactly, it's really why I so much love getting into playing open world games and games that offers me a lot customization options or features.
  2. Warframe is one scifi game that gives you a great customization option where you can do virtually anything especially to your characters.
  3. Hats off for you my friend!!! This is as interesting as any other collection that I have seen so far.
  4. I actually have it in mind that after what happened, Activision-Blizzard is as good as dead but never imagined Xbox to swoop in as their hail mary.
  5. Seriously, it's the graphics quality of Forbidden Horizon West that's really driving me crazy after watching the trailer.
  6. Definitely, it's all about the money they are going to make first from adding all the side quests before gamers fun in playing.
  7. It's almost at the end of next month which isn't up to 30 more days. So, I would like to wait it out till it's released.
  8. The money would be no where the amount of money that's required to purchase me a Playstation. Although, I appreciate your suggestion.
  9. There a lot of real life cases that inspired the making of the game L.A. Noire. At least there are 8 of them according to Game Rant. https://gamerant.com/la-noire-real-life-cases-inspired-game/
  10. Exactly my explanation to him in a way. Although, I do believe that he might gotten the whole concept of the redesign all wrong.
  11. Yeah, that's very obviously correct because what works for some might irk others. Although, from my perspective, challenging games are very interesting to play.
  12. Just like some of the craziest jumps or should I say leap of faith in the AC games. Came across a compilation of 2007-2017.
  13. I think that they are working on the remake of Resident Evil : Code Veronic and if they are any serious about the game, they will be looking at perfecting it.
  14. I think there was one you posted that came with a picture of the games before this last one that's just a write up.
  15. The truth of the fact is that there is nothing good or interesting about smoking. It's just a bad habit most people can't get rid of.
  16. He never even allows anyone to get into the talk. Once he figures out that you're aware of his actions, he would ban you immediately.
  17. I believe that we all get rusty when we all get old. There is no way out at that stage of one's age.
  18. I think that there are some games that forces your hand to do such things and it sucks as well as sicken my stomach whenever I get to do that.
  19. Yeah, that's for sure because I have seen yours which you said that have increased a lot more over the years. It's so cool seeing that at least from someone I'm closer in relationship with here.
  20. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought because there wasn't anything immersive about his death at all for me.
  21. There are lots of them on NES as well if you ever played on the platform.
  22. I found a video on YouTube about the history of the game Marble Madness and it's more like a documentary. Kindly take a look!!
  23. Yeah, that's correct. I have seen WatchMojo's collection as well. I'd love to have that as well but the $1.6 million dollars game collection worth set is insane.
  24. According to the source Game Rant which is where I normally go for game's updates, God of War Ragnarok is said to be bigger in every sense with how the world is going to be, the weapons and more enemies.
  25. Seriously, there is nothing immersive about what happened with Joel in the TLOU 2. It was plain horror and painful.
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