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  1. Freelancers really suffer a lot at the hands of some dubious people who aren't good at appreciating what others did for them all in the name of working for them.
  2. That's one selfless act that I really love so much. Do have it in mind that I'm one of your greatest fan.
  3. You're very correct about that, some gamers who don't like spoilers needs to be alerted on the post to guide their discretion.
  4. This is where I make my stand, I'd like the side quests to stay and also for the developers to make it worth our play.
  5. It's really scary what war have done to these veterans and funny enough, the government isn't doing much for them to get better.
  6. How are you able to love and be cool with watching horror movies but can't get into playing horror video games?
  7. It's only Hitman 3 that stood out for me amongst your favorite games of 2021 although most of them are not 2021 games.
  8. There is no doubt about how big their fan base it and I definitely give kudos to those who are actively playing Minecraft because it wasn't an easy one for me.
  9. That's a definite rough and tough one from how everything happened in Red Dead Redemption 2.
  10. The sexual harassment case adding fuel to the fire was the last nail to their coffin. There was no way they would have survived it.
  11. I have watched every single match he played and there is nothing spectacular about his gameplay. Kante is definitely more influencial than him.
  12. You definitely have lovely parents because there are some parents out there who don't care about what their kids wanted.
  13. He's really getting pumped up to fire back at the lot of you, that's one thing that I'm very sure about cos he never backs down 😂.
  14. It's why all the Hitman games are very intriguing in my opinion because of the hide and sneak up to kill your enemies.
  15. If they don't adjust how they make the Call of Duty series, it's definitely going to come down crashing like what's happening with Battlefield games.
  16. As far as I'm concerned, it's the best way to play any game especially some shooting games. You don't just rush in shooting up everything.
  17. The truth of the matter is that some music can't be ignored no matter what but then again, there are some that really sucks big time.
  18. Recommendations for games especially from someone whom you know very well to be really into games is definitely the best way to get games that's worth playing.
  19. Seriously, any gamer that's not familiar with Gameboy is never really into gaming in my opinion unless the gamer started out playing newly.
  20. Seriously, there is no comparison between GTA 5 and the trash Rockstar had done with GTA trilogy. They went deep kneeled in the mud with the game.
  21. Seriously, I don't really think that EA cares about all the negative feedback they have been getting for years, otherwise they would have fixed a lot of things about their games by now.
  22. Yeah, on that note, your assumptions are very correct to the latter. I completely agree with you on that as it's all facts.
  23. Seriously, it is gets to a point where I find it very difficult to understand what's going on with Capcom and how they run the Resident Evil franchise anymore.
  24. Most of the evil acts perpetrated in the game are what soldiers see in war all the time which is why they suffer from PTSD that even pushes some of them to commit suicide.
  25. My uncle died of cancer of the lungs and it's because he was a chain smoker. He was even advised to stop smoking but his addiction never allowed him till it killed him.
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