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  1. There are so many of them classic MMOs for me back then. For example ; 1. Tibia 2. EverQuest 3. Asheron's Call
  2. Donkey Kong (Nintendo, 1981) is designed as the foundation of so many games that we have today with the likes of Super Mario being made from its design and all.
  3. Spoilers are like telling someone what's going to happen in a game he's yet to play. Some gamers don't like it at all because it takes away their suspense in the game.
  4. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is very annoying with its long loading time and also the first Witcher before the enhanced edition was very long to load. You can go and have a bath 🛀 and come out and you wouldn't miss anything.
  5. I always have my energy drink Red Bull whenever I'm playing games. Although, I do some beer at times if I'm in a good mood.
  6. I have been banned for now being from US or UK. I couldn't believe it when I saw it happen and I was like are they kidding me.
  7. I still have good reasons to believe that that GT series have been better over the years with the new releases.
  8. Isn't that supposed to be some kind of bug or a glitch that would cause such a thing?
  9. If the trailer isn't filled up with trash and what's not going to appear in the game or even movie, then it's a good trailer.
  10. There isn't that much to do when the game is coming to an end. I would just appreciate my gameplay, access the impact on the game on me and look for what next to play.
  11. If the control of such redesigns of characters and locations in games are given to the game players, then it's all good.
  12. Wow, those were some interesting livestream. Have you played Call of Duty Vanguard? I would love to watch how good you are at playing it?
  13. The truth of the matter is that no matter how bad making pre orders is presented, people would never stop doing it because of the early access it gives them.
  14. And I believe that you were among those that was gifted Call of Duty Vanguard like wise @Reality vs Adventureright? You guys have enjoyed being gifted well.
  15. The game genre of Final Fantasy is a big sell which the name alone can influence one's gaming decisions. I would definitely believe Final Fantasy Tactics to be linked to Final Fantasy series.
  16. Seriously, even if they eventually don't get to teach it in schools, it's already a big history lessons from parents to their kids that's being passed down from generation to generation.
  17. Well, depending on what's been served in the get together, you might not have to worry about getting a greasy tech equipment.
  18. If you have Gamepass, you will definitely be getting games cheaper from your subscription.
  19. Definitely, depending on how the video reviews were structured up to the fans, it's most likely supposed to be that insightful to the very least.
  20. Some gamers feel like they are being put right back in the time when the events in the game took place by having it being historically accurate.
  21. The delay is definitely for the good of the game most likely because God of War franchise shouldn't be ruined at all for any reason whatsoever.
  22. If I'm able to complete 10 games this year, it's definitely going to be a big achievement for me because I have so many commitments aside gaming this year.
  23. To some extent, as long as the end is worth it for most of them, I believe that it's the reason why they would never stop playing their games like that.
  24. Seriously, it's like as if their lives are tied to banning gamers for some useless reasons that can easily be overlooked in my opinion.
  25. I wouldn't like to see the massacre and carnage that took place in that history all over a again in video games which was a true life story. Please, once is enough.
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