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  1. Haha
    Boblee reacted to Heatman in Best military simulation games   
    Are you being serious about that? Battlefield 2042, really? 

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    Boblee got a reaction from Family sedan in How many hours do you play games daily?   
    I can play 6 hours in a day but that's going to in 2 hours different intervals till the day is over. 
    There's no way I would put myself through the stress of playing for 6 hours straight. 
  3. Thanks
    Boblee got a reaction from Heatman in Do you ever take time out to clean your video games?   
    There's one of such products. I think that it's called iVac dust control. I came across the device one time on Amazon when I was trying to purchase smoke detector. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Heatman in Does using a console controller make you worse with keyboard/mouse?   
    It's just like mathematics, if you leave it for a long time, it's going to leave you as well, there is no two ways about it. So, if you don't want to lose how good you are with the controllers, you should never stop using them completely for a long time. 
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    Boblee reacted to Dannyjax in Games you had very high anticipation for that managed to beat your expectations?   
    I had the expectations that Dark Souls 3 wouldn't be that difficult and challenging but I was put to the sword with what the developer and FromSoftware Inc cooked up in the game. If I'm being very honest, Dark Souls 3 is the most difficult souls game that I have ever played. I never thought it would get to that level but I was given a reality check with the game. 
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    Boblee reacted to Heatman in How many games on average do you play in a year (not necessarily finish)?   
    It would be nice not to go off the rails with the topic. So, I would have to look for the topic where it's appropriate for me to carry on the discussion on how he can use Bluestack. 
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    Boblee reacted to DC in VGR Member of the Month - May 2022 Nominations   
    This user has not made a single post to VGR this month --- so probably a no for May.
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    Boblee reacted to Icefrost in What video games based on movies were surprisingly good?   
    Resident Evil is one movie that Capcom have done everything within their power to develop games on it and they have quite a number of the series running through the gaming industry.
    My favorite of their Resident Evil games would be RE 4 because it's the real definition of horror. They got it spot on with the game. Resident Evil Village is good as well. 
    Also, another one that you can't leave out easily would be the one and only Sonic the Hedgehog. 
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    Boblee reacted to Heatman in Ever get bored with your controller?   
    You never put a trophy for sale. It's more like a legacy you want to hold on to and probably leave behind for others to see your collection. It's like having your own personal museum. 
  10. Haha
    Boblee reacted to Heatman in Do you like to sometimes stand when gaming?   
    No matter how comfortable the seat is, if I sit too long than I should be, it's my bum that would start paining me before my back would follow as well. It's why I play in moderation to avoid getting unnecessary pains. 
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    Boblee reacted to kingpotato in "PlayStation Infinite", Confirmed as Plus Essential, Extra, Premium and Deluxe -June 2022   
    The new PS PLUS service has been officially released in Asia this week , it will be released in Japan next week and by next month Europe and America. With the release on the Asia market we finally have a full list of games, Im not sure if the games on this list will be the same for Europe or America but it will probably be 90% similar.
    Here is the link for the article with the full list.

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    Boblee reacted to Heatman in What's your favorite Fortnite Skin?   
    I bumped into a player the other and get to see the skin Midas in play. It looked so cool and I felt like it's something that I need to have for myself as well. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from kingpotato in Last Game Played   
    I started out playing Two Point Hospital which is a good strategy video game. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Heatman in Consoles You Bought   
    She loves it more than I expected her to. It was as if she have longed for something like that for a while. She never let go of it. I had to take it from her bed when she slept off. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Heatman in Fast car racing games: F1 2021 and F1 2022   
    That's exactly why I'm not that bothered about the release of F1 2022 because they would most likely not be innovative with what they are going to design in the game. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Heatman in Is it wise to spend money on free to play games?   
    If you are a big fan of strategy games, there are some that I found for as cheap as $7 I think. I can recommend them for you to check out. Just tell me what you think. 
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    Boblee got a reaction from Crazycrab in VGR Member of the Month - May 2022 Nominations   
    I would like to nominate @Crazycrab I love reading his posts so much 😊. 
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    Boblee reacted to kingpotato in Which turn based RPG should I play   
    Well seems that everyone is recommending FF6 so I might go with that. 
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    Boblee reacted to Knight Plug in 10 years, with no new Silent Hill game...   
    To be honest, I think Sony is becoming overkill with these rumoured remakes. Because I don't know why it's so hard to give us a new storyline, after all of these years of the IP not being used except for lousy gambling machines and for promoting merchandise nobody really cares for. A company that does that because they have fallen from grace. But no. They want to remake Silent Hill 2, because that's the most popular entry. The one everybody is most familiar with. So it's a giving that fans will line up to buy it, and scoff at Pyramid Head in all his pixelated, PS5 glory.
    Personally, I would rather see a new, lower budget or even a high budget release of something entirely original, along the lines of what they did in the past, as opposed to rehashing an old storyline. Even if they change a lot, it still doesn't take away from the fact that instead of giving the long dormant franchise a new story, which they would deem risky, they want to go the easy, Hollywood horror route, and offer up a reimagining instead. Which the entertainment industry certainly has more than enough of already.
    I feel like it doesn't need to be remade. People may be excited about the game at first, but they're going to always make comparisons to the original when they alter so much. Because they do these remakes for the modern day gamers who refuse to invest in a PS2 (which is relatively easy to acquire on eBay). Got to be created in stunning HD, or they're simply not interested.
    I still don't get it with Naughty Dog either. Capcom, I do fully understand, because they're always being money grabbers. That will never change. 
    But it's sad to see Naughty Dog and even Konami going the same route, assuming all of this hearsay online is remotely true about these titles.
    They could expand on the legacy and introduce new characters, new storylines, and just generally move the franchise forward in a meaningful way. They don't have the balls, so they're going back to the drawing board. It's more comfortable.
    Troy Baker basically is Joel. Ashley Johnson is Ellie. You can try to replace them with other actors, but it will never be the same. 
    Enough said... 
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    Boblee reacted to Crazycrab in who else can't wait for blood Bourne 2 to be released?   
    Your not getting it are you?  For reasons that I and others have thoroughly explained already it is literally impossible for Bloodborne 2 to release this year assuming it's even it in production at all.  If it was even close to a release they would have announced it by now.  It not like Sony would be all shy and quiet about it, they would be promoting the hell out of it.  Firing on all cylinders with trailers, state of play event's, interviews, posters and more.
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    Boblee got a reaction from Knight Plug in 10 years, with no new Silent Hill game...   
    Just like the rumor they have on Resident Evil 4 right? No sir, I think I would pass on this one until they actually do it. 
  22. Sad
    Boblee reacted to Icefrost in Do you usually blackout when playing games?   
    There's something that usually happens to me when playing video games and I have observed that it normally occurs whenever I play over 4 hours uninterrupted.
    I tend to go pitch black blank just like someone who's brains shutdown for a minute. I would stare at the gaming TV but wouldn't actually be seeing anything for about a minute before things gets back to normal. 
    I have tried to ignore it but, it's been repeating constantly, so I decided not to play any game for more than 2 hours. I'm just trying to be careful and hoping it's nothing health related. 
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    Boblee reacted to Shagger in Why don't more celebs take jobs in video games?   
    First, I want to point out the show is called 24, not 24 Hours.
    And I don't really understand why everyone is so quick to praise Kiefer Sutherland's performance in MGSV. Don't get me wrong, I love Kiefer Sutherland and 24 is one of my favourite shows, but I was not a fan of his portrayal of Snake. I don't if there was re-writes or if Kiefer Sutherland was only available for a limited period of time or something, but his version of Snake barley says a word in that game. Entire cut scenes go by without him saying anything. There was also something really sedate about snake in that game, Kiefer just didn't bring the fire that I know he can. Sorry, but David Hayter did this so much better.
    Another thing worth pointing it was actually Hideo Kojima's idea to replace David with a more famous actor, NOT Konami, so as much as Konami deserve every shred of hate that the get, this actually wasn't thier fault.
  24. Haha
    Boblee reacted to Justin11 in Do you play your games silently?   
    Lol, I knew it will warrant questioning, bit I think I've cleared the air, we're settled for once with what I meant by my speech. Football game is sweeter when their is sound ON. 
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    Boblee reacted to Heatman in Why don't more celebs take jobs in video games?   
    Christopher Lee died at the age of 93 after creating his 93rd birthday while being hospitalized. He died of heart failure and respiratory problems. 
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