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  1. The month is running gradually surely the time is ticking fast, I'll soon lay my hands on a new console. Every gamer's dream is simply having the best console for best gaming experience.
  2. You're right, a man ought to learn driving, because he never knows, emergencies can come anytime, and demands using a car for an escape route. If he's not accustomed to driving, it would be wobble for em.
  3. Sure, it's settled I'm not in such squabble with argument concerning the two again.
  4. Yes, they need it but not being too demanding and obviously in need of more money. I understand money drives, but we shouldn't make it foremost. When we are impressing the customers surely huge financial returns comes in, such is what the game companies ought to focus on.
  5. Yeah, when we aren't in a haste to type faster surely we'll avoid typo. That's nice you're accustomed with the game "RDR2.
  6. That's good that the mod is working tremendously when their is squabble to calm the tempo and make the forum a peaceful community for everyone.
  7. Yes, most of them still have better graphics, and the gameplay is also good. But I am finding it hard to get those fascinating mobile phone games.
  8. You're right. If the game was totally unplayable their night be refund after confirmation. But being disliked won't get a refund cos it is believed that we have ideas about the game before purchasing it.
  9. That's it. And it's preferrably that way to diversify to other sorts of games and not just a particular genre. I am into others too, but soccer got me the more.
  10. I'll surely go over at YouTube to take a view of the trailer. If it worth my time surely I'll make way for it and acquire it.
  11. Yes, because of state of restlessness. They don't know when you play you take some time off and test the head well to avoid complicating issues of the brain.
  12. Yeah, with the mods being elected on any gaming platform or community online, it will help filter the fanboyism and ego of some toxic gamers.
  13. The police are always on the alert whenever something goes wrong, they communicate with the control you just for me, lol.
  14. Yes, I've been around online gaming before covid19, so I don't think it will fade even if covid19 pandemic is eradicated. People will still get in touch with online gaming.
  15. Lol, and what did he really say to you? Cos he has ruined his career that way, unless nature funds leave with him before he can revive his career back.
  16. For me YouTube is the best, you can see it that everything it's simply there, we don't need to look elsewhere cos everyone connects there.
  17. Who knows, it might even get far more than that. But I don't care my motorcycle GP, PES, RDR, GOW, COD, POP, GH, GTA 5 etc games here non my PC are still available to me, I don't care about the new franchise game being GTA 6.
  18. It could've been total abysmal time had it been I am not with my console game. Because I lost hope for life when the govt of my country locked the country, I simply revived my dying console and got some games to stay indoors to entertain myself.
  19. Yeah, unless you have PS4 Vita for PS4 engine, then you can said to be driving over moon enjoying another quality gaming on a mobile device that isn't a phone.
  20. I am considering it too, I'll go install it via my PS3 now that I'm still playing with my PS3 console hoping to upgrade finally by month end to own PS4.
  21. Sure, I'll announce it here to you when I get it bro, my savings are almost complete to meet the purchase of PS4.
  22. I am not doing any offline job at the moment I am simply doing online job since I finished my education, I opt in to make some cash online since their isn't one offline, and it's working fine for me.
  23. Yes, I don't like noisy background too, and I don't listen to music in a loud volume, I use headset to make it play on my own best hearing when playing video games.
  24. Yeah, when you drive in real life you'll definitely feel ecstatic playing the MGP game. And again I learn trucks in driving, I am now I'm expert driving cars especially automatic vehicles in real life, lol.
  25. And I'm simply heading into toxic lifestyle. That's why I prefer to stay off from discussion relating to them to keep myself away from toxic mode.
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