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  1. And the value of the console after seeing two new gen consoles staying ahead of it. It's simply going retrospective and not longer trending.
  2. GTA San Andreas got the vibe, it made my PS2 blissful. That's the game I love the most in PS2 console second to PES.
  3. Great indeed, the manufacturer did his job explicitly by showing us what the video contend which is very much appreciated about what PS5 console got inside.
  4. It's simply better as you just prefer paying when it is officially launched. I also prefer it's official launch time and not pre-order when it isn't officially launched.
  5. PS 5 Xbox series X are simply two wonderful new gen consoles that is expertly built. I am simply considering PS5 console due to my likeness for play station series.
  6. Cyberpunk video is one of those open world game that is made realistic. I watched the trailer many times, it's kind of game I'll consider when I upgrade my console soon.
  7. My PS3 console's power boot crashed and I took it to repair, that was the end of my PS3. They simply said to me, the power boot is simply damaged permanently.
  8. Hanging on games repeating myself over and over again in same level makes me grow frustrated and looking more boring to the extent making me quit.
  9. I never played Assassins Creed before to end each of the missions. But it's a game I love when ever I get some time to play it. I wonder why you're saying that it's tailing missions are pathetic, you can explain more better.
  10. I've never taking my time to know the kind of music or soundtrack on my favourite games sounding so awkwardly. The options I've played are simply good music good for my continuity.
  11. Lol, upon how the image is looking scary, it ought to look appealing in gameplay too. If it's simply what you say I'll simply say it's by choice. To me too, the game looks very childish via the trailer because the scary image isn't what the game enthralls.
  12. When I'm repeating same competition or same opponents it will simply make me to lose interest in the game. I love competition I love playing with my fellow gamers via multiplayer.
  13. Sony knows the reason why they are made that way. Every controller represents it's own console well, the new gen consoles got rebranded controllers that are more eye catchy.
  14. If the remastered versions meet the requirements then fine, I'll still stick to it, unless it's simply looking like it's old self before I'll leave it completely condemning it's devs.
  15. I've played quite some games in 2021, but I've been around playing motorcycle GP more often than others. Another which I am devoting more time to, it's simply RDR2.
  16. My isolation it's simply associated with video game. I wowed video game like never before since nothing can make me more happier than what I'm enjoying through video games.
  17. I never used much of the expensive controllers due to the lower grade console which I am still managing at the moment. I am simply using dual shock controller for my PS3 which I bought for $16.
  18. The one true option that caught my attention is streaming as an E-sports player and get paid for the time I'm passing to contest in an E-sports tournaments.
  19. When I discover this player is more of a pro than me when it comes to video game I simply learn from him to improve.
  20. Rockie star via MMO games I've entangled myself with since I started multiplayer games with fellow gamers via racing and soccer.
  21. Everyone's perspective is different that's why we'll always speak different choices of video games and the scenes that brings us the best lore.
  22. MGP is one of the massively multiplayer on-line games. It can be played by one or two different gamers connecting together.
  23. I recently heard about Rockstar is going to develop GTA trilogy edition. Do you think it's simply realistic?
  24. Your list of options are indeed superfluous, I enjoy some of the games you tagged here which are RDR2, God of war.
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