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  1. I still remember my time playing 'Prince Of Persia', in mobile. I got the game from wapking, wapking is no more. But I believe the android version of Prince Of Persia is around, I'll go look for it.
  2. Most of the time, electricity comes in my locality at the midnight. So, it helps me to stay comfortable at nights, and early in the morning playing my favourite games. Secondly, in the night, I find more time than the day playing video games and having all sorts of entertainment.
  3. I don't think their is any game that is exempted from being boring at some point. If you play it massively definitely, you'll get tired of playing that single game. It was like that for me playing 'GTA S.A on PS2. I played it for weeks, I never thought I'll get over with the game in my life, but I did it, because I got tired repeating same actions over and over within long period of time.
  4. Already admin has found one, I became happy for once. He doesn't like avatars, it's surprised for me seeing him adding an avatar.
  5. Sure, no need bro, disc version is more preferred than the digital version. I have the best place to sell it off whenever I'm moved.
  6. Not at this time, It was like that for me when I was tender, now I've come of age, I don't see myself straining my body just to hang on with video games.
  7. Justin11

    Ask DC

    @DC why do you choose to stay anonymous? I've known you for a while, but you hardly show your real image, lol. It took long period of time before adding an avatar. Don't take it serious, I want to have some fun.
  8. That's true. Then who is your favourite character in MK 11? Amongst the players in the game, who is your toughest opponent?
  9. Oh no, she isn't my teacher, I don't think any of my teacher starting from high school ever shown real love to me. The 66 year old I'm talking about is just like a mother now to me, but the feeling is more like lovers, xD. Damn, I don't love her cos of the money, she's just 66, she got more time to enjoy her life while we stay together long time. She is kind and transparent, that's major reasons I love her. No woman apart from my real mother have been so transparent to me.
  10. You're correct, that's the reason for proofreading, maybe I was little in a haste not to proofread that one. At times, you'll proofread and still make mistake, that's to show, humans aren't perfect. What you said is right, had it been i wrote it in full, even if their is typo in there, it would've been understood better than the error strained abbreviated one.
  11. I enjoyed reading your comment and the experiences you've brought in. To be frank with you, I don't think mine is controlled by my age, if you're in my shoes you'll get to understand. Most young women in my locality are just for the fake love, the only one that has shown me real love in my life time, is the '66 year old woman. This is true life story, and I'm enjoying the moments we're sharing together.
  12. Noted, I didn't want to derail it with cryptocurrency stuffs, that's why I slowed down.
  13. The dip in BTC keeps hitting low, but recently it has come up. Do you actually need to invest in this coins long time? No need, here isn't the best to discuss about crypto.
  14. If I ever since a mission completely, and overall the missions impressed me, I wouldn't switch off on the game completely. Having it replayed some time in the future will always be there.
  15. @Shagger should be on the running this time, he has done alot to keep VGR clean. I always enjoy reading his long and thoughtful posts, learning from it as well.
  16. I think so e video game companies have so many things running in their heads, that's the reason why they fail to announce the release their latest franchise video game on time.
  17. Yes, I am a victim of that. It still feels sad losing my first PS3 that way. Thunder strike damaged the rebooting system of my PS3, when I took it to the technician nothing was done. He (technician) simply said, nothing can be done to restore it.
  18. That's impressive that your gaming laptop gives you signs when stuffs are updating. It's cool you learned something unique in there and letting us know, in case we find ourselves in that situation in the future.
  19. How can an old woman be in school? I met her online, we are having good conversation time. It might be distance love, but to me, the feeling is so strong.
  20. lol, I didn't get your number our amiable mod, that's why I chose to go for 194. Please, edit it and proceed as '195.
  21. I was enjoying FIFA ultimate team mode during 2014 era, but the excessive micro transactions in the mode, made me quit, before I'll run broke, trying to build my team strong. At the moment, their is nothing much more interesting to me than GT 7 MMO mode.
  22. It's sounds funny right? but that's for real, I'm in love with 66 year old woman. But that doesn't mean I'm going to marry an old woman, but we'll share good time. I don't know what the future holds, but I'll enjoy the good time while it lasts.
  23. Mortal Kombat II released on varieties of gaming device, it is hard to find such kind of game that is available on so varieties of platforms. I played the game first time on my gameboy, which was my first gaming device.
  24. That's why alternative gaming device is needed, so we don't stay stranded and out of idea on what to do and play games. Even if my console damages, I still have some games on my mobile, I will continue to play on mobile until I find solution for my damaged console. Take heart for your damaged TV.
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