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    MegaMan is a really good one and it's strange that I almost completely forgot about this game. Pokemon, MegaMan and super smash Bros made a big part of my earliest memories with video games.
  2. It absolutely spectacular and so thoughtful of the developers to include that part, atleast even if he didn't get to see the final release of the game but he has been immortalized and as long as people continue to play the side quests his legacy would not be forgetten.
  3. Most games coming out are now been made with the unreal engine 5 which is now more likely to be what many of this generation video game developers would want to use for their upcoming games. I am also looking forward to State of decay 3 and hopefully it turns out really good.
  4. That would be absolutely fantastic , at the moment I don't own a VR headset but if RDR2 is ever made into a VR game I am most definitely going to find a way to play it.
  5. My favorite has always been phantasy star online not for any particular reason but because that's the only Sega Dreamcast title I was opportuned to play on the platform.
  6. Justin11


    I haven't heard of quake though but the name has a semblance to the quarry which is an interactive horror video game , I know the two aren't related but the name quake just reminded me of the quarry. I would check it out later on and see what it's like.
  7. It's only natural that we appreciate those fan who try to recreate or make a different version to our favorite game without any proper funding but shear Passion for video games. I have played as many fan made video games but I think these game companies should hire those who come up with really cool concepts to work on the next release of their video games.
  8. Well because it has a semblance to reality doesn't mean the game would suck, people still play the Sims even though you are practically living your everyday life but in this case it's in a video game. I am not a big fan of this genre of video games but I have played the Sims a few times and I might even play arcade paradise too if I feel like playing something different.
  9. I don't know what that expect from this kind of game , I know some would be interested in it just to have a feel of what's it going to be like and have something to talk about online. I am not really interested in the video game either so I might just let this one pass.
  10. It highly probable that rockstar studios would want to have an entirely different twist to GTA VI though they might leave a link between the other GTA Games and the new release just to give it some form of continuity.
  11. This is true, exclusives are just a way to entice prospective buyers into purchasing their own products over others. Its good news and we are expecting fewer exclusives as we move forward.
  12. Hogwarts legacy is also going to be coming in two months and if you want to completely get the Hogwarts /Harry Potter experience then you definitely need to play this game as well.
  13. Microsoft has the rights to purchase which ever company they want as long as they are doing it legally. It would be unfair if they used Influence to unlawfully get ownership of Activision.
  14. I played smash a couple of times in the past but I was never really into it. Multiversus is said to have an interesting game play and with a wide variety of characters which makes it sound very fun.
  15. In actual Sense EA isn't the only video game developer that have had their upcoming video games delayed or the project completely abandoned but anyways we just have to wait until it's eventually out that's if it ever does.
  16. The developers already announced they are making the game an open world game and this is another of news more advancement that would be seen in the witcher 3. This is like giving the game a complete makeover.
  17. People tend to believe most or everything they see on TV and would immediately fall for such gimmicks. This is just outrageous and instead of promoting peace they are trying to exploit the war.
  18. Uncharted movie was a hit and others too that were based on video games turned out really well. I don't think all of them did really bad but we could still get a really good movie based on street of Rage when it is eventually out.
  19. They haven't released detailed information about the video game release but atleast we already know it's in the making and we have something to look forward to.
  20. I really want this game to be a success I haven't been a fan of dead island for the longer period but I just want a comeback and hopefully I could get more involved in dead island games than I have ever been.
  21. Technology in all of it's forms is the future of the world as we know it so it is only commemorative that we start getting a lot of innovations in every aspect of human existence including how we manage our resources or assets which involves NFT'S.
  22. That looks good and i wasn't expecting it to be that unpredictable, at this point I just want to see in totality what the video game is like. I haven't played the first starship troopers and squad games either, but I might just get into it with this new release.
  23. I think the Remake would turn out real fine , They are trying improve on the game and give it more versatility by making it open world. I am looking forward to seeing the final outcome and maybe try out my first ever the witcher game.
  24. Its just absurd and this video Game companies has been getting away with it for a long time. I wasn't even aware of the psychological effects Like emotional harm and induced spending behaviours. I hope this issue is completely eradicated and defaulters punished.
  25. This sounds really promising and I believe they can pull through with this. many dog owners would want to get one for their pet dogs.
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