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  1. I went through it via YouTube is simply like NFS series. But to me, NFS look more matured than Dirt due to its powerful and reastic game-play.
  2. Yeah, it's simply like rigging the game-play off, and practically no opposite gamer will love such method used by the other number when it comes to multiplayer or double player game.
  3. Their is no disagreement on that, because everyone's video game playing style is different. I like it hard, but not too hard. And when I'm learning I learn from the medium level and gradually move the difficulty level up.
  4. You're a Young Man, it's been a long time you started playing. And their is many more years for you to keep enjoying yourself around one of your favourite hobbies on Earth. Another question please; Do you earn money being around video game industry base on your vast experiences around gaming?
  5. Some games are simply that way, it's tremendous as you controlled your frustration when it wasn't going your way with Deus Ex.
  6. Did you buy the PS4 speakers or it came together with your PS4 when you purchased it?
  7. Laughs, what you said isn't lie, because I nearly did it, had it been I didn't go with my smart phone. It was simply me and my phone and what I ordered from the beer parlour. How is the pub there in your country of residence?
  8. I know how hard it is to master a particular video game, not everyone can devote such kind of time to learn and master a hard video game just as you've done.
  9. That means you'll be taking a look at FIFA series in the year 2031, which is 10 years from today. That's a long one, what if you hear that EA have improved very well in their FIFA series, will you change your mind?
  10. Sure man. I'm always grateful to any amount of bonus given to me as a result of my regular patronage or simply because of what I achieved.
  11. XD. What you said isn't lie, that's irony of life. Earth and heaven are simply what I know that exist others are simply mirage, fantasy.
  12. That's the essence of using the in game map to find your route back to the mission line in case you miss out.
  13. Does GameStop video game consoles and accessories cheaper than that of Amazon store, Alibaba, Aliexpress?
  14. That's life, at some point we wouldn't stay together all the time with our siblings even with our children especially when maturity comes in. Because they'll go seek for their own career, to earn money and start up their own family. Its tremendous that during early time, you enjoyed playing video games with your beloved siblings.
  15. Justin11

    Happy Game

    Yeah, even if I'm staying closer with my child I wouldn't let him play with me, because is not made for em.
  16. That's superb, its been a really long one for you. You're more than a video game Rockie. So, how old are you now since you've played over 30 years?
  17. The only way for me to test Ninetendo switch is when I go to a video game village, I can simply prefer any video game console I want to play with. I can either choose Xbox or Ninetendo switch or any other Ninetendo console version, if I wish.
  18. Let's see if they'll actually bring in back as they said in 2022. I'm crossing my hands closer to my chest and watching what they'll do by next year concerning the movie series.
  19. I only watched the trailer of Forza horizon 5, yet to play. The last version of Forza horizon I played is the edition 4 of the series.
  20. I saw the changes, I am happy with the changes made so far by the Admin DC. One more thing please, the message box at times misbehave. Meaning, you have to click refresh before adding your comment or making a thread. I've encountered the issue on more occasions. If the issue can be rectified completely then chatting is made very much easier.
  21. I believe negotiations have. Wen reached with the original FIFA committee members to keep.tjeir image right, and naming right intact.
  22. I've never seen a game that experienced a clean sweep before. All games are subject to criticism after release. I am simply looking up to that video game that will receive thumps up from all gamers worldwide.
  23. That's impressive of MacBook devs for using social media to gain widespread recognition for their creativity of making hand-book device in 'Macbook. Ability to control negative responses from those who doesn't like their progress via social media and other avenues, keeps them at the superior level, and free from being targeted by haters.
  24. PS2 console have at max three editions, their is no need for the classic edition. That's why Sony quickly moved in developing other improved PS consoles.
  25. Justin11

    Ask DC

    @DC which console was your first for video games?
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