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  1. I would just go for the ps5 instead of the PS digital since they both perform same functions. It sounds like the PS 5 is even way more better than the PS 5 digital.
  2. I use the PlayStation plus and I have got a few free games from the platform. I share an Xbox console with my friend and we have an Xbox live account already.
  3. I don't think Sony would want to go back to handheld since they have said anything about it since the days of the ps visita. I would like to see them make a new generation of handhelds from Sony though.
  4. I would also like to see how Microsoft Xbox or Sega Genesis has Evolved. I would certainly Check out for a video on YouTube and maybe post it here.
  5. I would just but video games back in the day without even bothering about the case and some video games I bought weren't new so they didn't come in the original cases that it was bought in.
  6. That's sounds really cool though, I would definitely like to give it a try. Amazon has always been a really innovative company.
  7. I wouldn't write off Ubisoft because they have a couple of really interesting video games in the past. Though I Know we shouldn't be expecting any blade Game but if Ubisoft was ever going to work on it the outcome could be really good.
  8. We should expect an event Soon, so far a date hasn't be fixed but I know it could be held towards the end of the month.
  9. When it's eventually released which platform would it be available in. I know it was a Sega Genesis game but I hope it to be compatible with other platforms like Xbox and pc as well.
  10. Microsoft enjoys acquiring other gaming studios and merging it to their to form a really big franchise. Though some of their video games haven't been that successful but a couple of them did really well too.
  11. Marvel has had several announcement in the past though some pulled through and other thrown under the carpet. But I have a feeling that this collaboration would actually work out.
  12. Lol This is quite hilarious but would you have preferred if she really playful and would play around with whatever she finds laying around in her mouth.
  13. I only got to know more about through an article I read some months ago about doodle. Yeah I recall they did a doodle for him in the past and that only shows how influential he was to doodle.
  14. I Know they wouldn't want to force anyone to join the military and anyone who chooses to sign up for the military did it willingly. I don't see anything wrong in the military trying to promote more social activities by engaging people via video games though.
  15. I really don't know what he has in my mind but from how well his previous games has been I wouldn't want to expect anything less from him.
  16. This video game reminds me of clash of Titans which I played on mobile a couple of years ago, the game has similar graphics and gameplay as well. I would definitely like to try this one out but I don't think that would be anytime soon.
  17. I already got a few games on my Nintendo switch and since I have already been interested in this game since news of it's release was announced I think Might just get it for my switch .
  18. This is actually enlightening but I already thought at one point that some of the locations aren't just fictional and could actually be an already existent location.
  19. I really think we should have this out since they have already released a couple of games already. Blood Bourne 2 would be the least expected game right now so I have reasons to believe that if news of it's development is released to the media it would get a lot of attention.
  20. I found this game on steam but I didn't purchase it because I already had horizon zero Dawn in mind already. I heard it was a really good game and I have seen positive reviews in it but n several sites.
  21. I enjoyed watching the Xena tv series but I didn't get to play the video game though. Looking back I remember I came across it once a couple of years back but it never crossed my mind that I should give it a try.
  22. That's a really good feature for a video game where the NPC's are playable and not just some character moving around the game. I have played watchdogs since it was released though but it sure sounds like something I would enjoy playing.
  23. Till date we still don't know an exact date for the released of Grand theft auto 6 rockstar studios better have a good reason for the delay.
  24. This looks good for most part but it's just like one of those temple run games I used to play on mobile. Though this is not my the kind of Games I enjoy playing but it wouldn't be so bad if I consider giving it a try.
  25. I would need to personally try out this game myself but since I don't own a PlayStation 5 I would just need to play on PC or Xbox and what they are saying about it's performance on this two platforms isn't so good.
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