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  1. Sure bro, and no need sticking around with such kind of people to avoid being derailed. Ever since 2020 started, I've been alone, I work alone and not merging with people who wouldn't bring value to my life.
  2. Instead, they left the main task of chasing away scam around crypto ecosystem and dragging XRP executives to the hole. Such kind of organization isn't doing their best to protect investors from losing money carelessly.
  3. Sure, I can't cope without the ability to read. I rather lose the ability to speak, because I don't normally speak outside, if you want to talk to me then doing it via social media or communities like VGR is better.
  4. I'm happy you digested exacted what I saw around the trailer in the past. To be frank, it was super, I missed those thrilling displays around the trailer of dark souls remastered, I'll check on the game and download on my PS4 when I have extra money to spend.
  5. Everyday is just like a holiday to me, I don't step foot outside. Assumed it was during my secondary school days, I would've cherished the July 4th holiday season.
  6. I love talking, but anything that makes me lose the ability to read and write I'm off bro. Even you too, you wouldn't stay here online to form conversation with any of us. When you're deprived of any of them, you wouldn't regain it again.
  7. Sure, every platform cheat codes were online during the era when cheat codes was trending. At this time I don't see them anymore, who knows if those sites offering such services has been banned.
  8. Justin11


    My parents are still farmers up to this day, but I am not a farmer, because I don't work much when it comes to farming activities. My online gig has reduced my farming activities drastically low, maybe in the future I'll practice farming again in a modernize way.
  9. I helped you with an additional subscriber, cheers buddy.
  10. Using the turbo jacket at GTA S.A and moving up around the sky where no helicopter can catch me, was so amazing in the game. Getting the turbo jacket was act of tricks and cheats in the game, but the feeling was so amazing.
  11. If it's the first time I'm getting along with such game, then, I have to start with semi pro level (Normal Level), then if I'm progressing well in the game, then I'll upgrade to playing at the highest difficulty.
  12. I am a sports lover too, that's why I'm engaged with sports games like, motor GP, Asphalt, GT, F1 etc. Apart from racing I play soccer games, even if I don't play FIFA games anymore I'm still engaged with mobile soccer games like 'DLS.
  13. Ever since COVID-19 emanated here in my country early 2020, I've been a work from home person, and at this time I feel lazy to move out look for job by submitting CV/Resume. I'm just settled earning money digitally, unless I'm selected to play soccer and nothing more.
  14. Every country subjects knows where it is troubling them, I can't say much about mine, cos I'm just fade up with the high level of inflation. It wasn't as it is in the last 20 years, even if I wasn't aware, but in the last 16 years, I'll say I can count on my senses, the current era is worst now.
  15. Before when I was a kid I thought movies where acted so real, not knowing they are guided with film tricks. I imagined how people died in movies just because they want to act, I was totally in sane then due to my childish behavior.
  16. Minecraft, Rocket-league, are few options I could spot that is not limited to children. It is suitable for both adults and children for multiplayer games online or offline.
  17. *Saints Row, F1 22, For-spoken, Over-kill, are the options of unreleased games still on my radar in 2022.
  18. It's quite ridiculous that music doesn't lead me to sleep. I don't sleep listening to music, since I mostly use earpiece or headphone listening to music. It occurs as if something is biting my ear late in the night, such wouldn't enable me to sleep comfortably.
  19. But Kanye west is the richest musician at the moment with 2$ billion net worth. Such kind of hate doesn't add anything, he's super successful, their is no need hating him anymore.
  20. I wouldn't see any video game reaching the highest rating anytime soon, not even sonic. Even if sonic are exceptional with their own games, achieving such landmark wouldn't be possible since gamers expectations are just high, which is ridiculous at times.
  21. I think that's the reason why Security and exchange commission (SEC) and other regulatory bodies are around within the crypto circle. Without such regulation more scam project will be developed just to rip people off. On your own, if you avoid those new projects that looks too good to be true, you'll avoid falling prey of any crypto scam, which I know you've been avoiding. Heard something like that around Bitconnects, during that era I wasn't trading crypto, I was just learning how the system works. When Shiba Inu coin was pushed, I knew it was just over hyped, I wasn't moved when it rose to +10k within it's first week of launch. Since then, we've seen the real potential of the coin right? It will take years or never for the coin to pump up.
  22. Whogohost experiences server issues often, my close friend used such we hosting company, and most of the time our joint site crashes. When I want to access the site at my convenient it doesn't open freely, it just display blank, due to whogohost server issue. Namecheap, Bluehost, GoDaddy, are better options you should look up to for your blog damain and hosting. Their server is standby and they're super reliable.
  23. When you know you're making good use of your time being indoors, definitely you'll stick around and stay alone to work it out. When you have the time to mingle, the best people to mingle with should be your family members, cos they'll be with you when things go wrong better than any one else, lol.
  24. That's encouraging to hear, that's what good friends are all about. When those you called friends can't stand for you during the time of distress, then they don't worth to be called friends.
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