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  1. For the fact that, I never found true love around those I call young women, I've offered any chance for love. At this time, I'm in love with a 66 year old woman. Because, she have shown me affection more than the so-called age grade women.
  2. It depends on the kind of job I'm doing online or offline. Not all jobs requires music, when I am writing, I love listening to music. Music inspires me, especially the ones that passes interesting lyrics, and not gibberish wordings.
  3. Age doesn't matter for me, I am '20 at the moment. Even if I see love in the eyes of an 80 year old, I don't mind, lol, provided that love is there.
  4. It's been a while for me too when it comes to playing RTS games, the last I played was 'Company Of Heroes II. I'll be fancying any recommendations from our noble members here, xD.
  5. GT stands for Gran Turismo. When I say, 'MGP, I mean Motorcycle GP games. I love abbreviating it, for those who play the MGP series, they'll easily understand the abbreviation there.
  6. I've come of age, and learned so much from other gamers, I wouldn't let in addiction taking over my mind, spending couple of bucks for a freemuim game.
  7. I am still searching for that movie that will take my mind off from video games for just 24 hours period. I am not a movie type, but one inspirational movie can simply take my mind off from video games, but I'm yet to find it.
  8. Sure, I wouldn't fancy my hand being good beating AI opposition via any game even at the highest difficulty. It will be cool beating a gamer who I thought is the best in the game.
  9. Those two games you mentioned are gamers favourites, no doubt. I have watched reviews about MK 11, never started yet. I think it is gathering momentum at the moment, I'll fancy my time playing it.
  10. I don't like noise either, I love quieter environment to be precise. I'm partially introvert, I do socially once in a while, but most part of my time have been shared indoors.
  11. At this time I'm not thinking about spending money via optional subscription games. Spending couple of bucks might pop-up, but I wouldn't spend because I find it loving. I was buying cosmetics on Fortnite when I never realized I could win them in-game.
  12. Even at the highest difficulty, it can get boring at some point in the future. I don't see the reasons why we shouldn't play with each other, it will tell you if you're superb in that particular game or not when you play with those you think are very best in the game.
  13. Yeah, it's been discussed severally here. As for those who keeps on investing ridiculously around Fortnite, that's their choice but I'll simply say, the choice isn't normal. Because, it is just like throwing away money when it should be utilized in solving other gaming needs.
  14. xD, I decided to change the genre of the games I play regularly to something different, and Elden ring happens to be one of it's kind.
  15. I decided to taste a different game other than racing. This time around, I went back having fun around 'Elden Ring.
  16. But at times it's reckless, spending money when you know you can get it free. I wouldn't spend much on Fortnite, since I can earn points/credits in-game by completing quests in the game.
  17. You said it all, it could've been very much devastating. Maybe I've been thinking about the game without an alternative, and decide to play at night when I'm always hungry for video games, and it turned out being futile for me, and no game to play. Having varieties is a choice, in case when fuck's up, you continue with another.
  18. I love such challenge from you, maybe you share me your GT 7 user name, if you have the game, we can connect online and test our experience and see who's going to win in an exhibition racing.
  19. The tournaments are too numerous to mention, the few numbers are just the ones I race regularly. Sooner, I'll try unlocking other tournaments to enjoy the atmosphere in them.
  20. Frustrating dear friend, because I wanted to play more of the game back then, but unfortunately it didn't work out for me the best I planned for the game. It served me for just a month, I thought it will serve me until I get tired of playing it.
  21. Definitely, I see it being pointless, spending such kind of bizarre amount in the region of 100$ for a free to play game. One can simply use his or her in-game points to purchase any item in the game.
  22. Yes, I've done that in the past. It occured around PES 13, it got corrupted without prior notice. It happened when I was playing on PS2, I got rid of the game, since it doesn't cost much to get another.
  23. xD, you can still get in touch with PS5 if you want. I believe their are gamers in your locality that owns one. Or you can head over to game centre, you can find one there to get the feelings around 'The Wolf Among Us.
  24. If you're talking about the online multiplayer, then I'll share same feelings with you. Playing with fellow games via MMO feature is filled with so much fun, it makes me think I'm competing with my fellows in real-life driving competition lol.
  25. Since Reddit learned to banned my accounts, I decided to stay off from using it for promotional activities. But I still have an old reddit account which I can resurrect back if you want me to do that admin.
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