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  1. A friend got four controllers instead of the head sets he ordered, I don't know how it all happened but a package was interchanged between two customers that bear the same name. It was hilarious but we still had to return it and have the headset he ordered delivered to him this time without any mistakes.
  2. I have seen collaborative video games like the one they intend to develop, we got a DC x Marvel cross fighting multiplayer video game back in 2008 and it was undeniably a success. I have high hopes for this one and I can't wait to see the outcome when it is eventually released.
  3. Not many people were really satisfied with the outcome of burnout paradise and I think if they plan to make a new game they should make it a lot better , though I am not a burnout fan but I have played the video game a couple of times.
  4. I saw a news about Jerry Lawson and I also read that they are doing this as a tribute to him and also to fulfill his desires of having video games available to anyone and everyone.
  5. It's only a couple of days till the Stadia and Google services is completely shut down, I didn't get any of the devices though but I know a couple of my friends who did , I would try to ask them if they've gotten a refund.
  6. At the start of the game in fortnite you are made to begin without any real weapon which could drastically reduce your chances of survival so you have to find a way to gather weapons so you get a better chance in the game and in some cases this isn't really easy to do for a newbie.
  7. The only ending which I have found to be really exciting but yet so Incomplete is the ending of mass effect 3.
  8. I feel it is something related to video game character design that looked so good when it was revealed but in the actual video game it wasn't looking so good after all. I would say The spider Man Miles Morales outfit looks so go on the back of the video game package but it was that good looking in the actual game.
  9. This is hilarious, I know how that can be especially when you are aware that something is definitely wrong with your pc that needs to checked. It gets to a point when you just completely accept what your pc is becoming and you don't bother about it anymore.
  10. That's true, I am not a regular MMO player but I know I have been opportuned to game with some really interesting individuals and we all just one goal which is to have as much fun as we can playing videogames. MMO's are supposed to inspire cooperation but sometimes they are just a really unpleasant place to be.
  11. Variety is always very interesting and if they can include more voice over options for video game character so that players could choose a more unique voice for their characters, that would completely revolutionize video games character and make them more versatile and realistic.
  12. That has happened to me a few times but usually it is from games where I couldn't get a grip of on my first game play and just had to get off it for some cases I would come back to the game but on others I just completely forget about it.
  13. Some bosses can be unreasonably difficult and I have encountered a good number of them in God of war and sekiro shadows die twice. The best part of defeating a boss is the satisfaction that comes at the end when you have gotten to the next level or stage.
  14. Video games has even gotten more expensive as time went on but that hasn't deterred me from getting a new console or buying whatever video game I feel like playing. I think I spend on something related to video games or on video games atleast once a week.
  15. It been that way for a longer period, a Remake of a video game or even a dlc is sold at a full price sometimes higher than the price of the original version. I know game fans would still purchase this video games regardless of the price.
  16. God of war Ragnarok was leaked twice and each time it was as a result of their servers been hacked.
  17. That would be a really good challenge anytime you encounter a boss you had to pay extra focus to defeat them so you don't have to encounter a stronger version of them later on.
  18. I didn't really know much about the Sega Consoles ,I only ever played video games on the Sega Genesis and it was only a few times since I had to visit my cousins once or twice yearly. I did enjoy those few times and I did play interesting games on the console.
  19. In GTA you could have your own gang and y'all can go rob a bank or steal from a rival gang together. There are some other games like FIFA where players can grant live interviews and they could reply to questions in their own words.
  20. Okay, now I get the difference but it was undeniably one of it's kind when it was released.
  21. I do too, I haven't played it on any other platform though so I can't compare it to any other. The leaf edition was a massive success in term of its performance.
  22. This completely explains what an obstacle course is, you would need to try over and over again with chances of repeating that same obstacle multiple times anytime you fail. They both can be really annoying but you get a good feeling if you eventually successfully get through any of them.
  23. I absolutely relate with this, in videos I am always very intentional about my spendings but that's no same IRL. I could just buy things because I feel I might need them later on.
  24. I usually purchase video games on impulse, I might just be browsing through steam and come across a video game I feel might be cool so I just purchase it and add it to my backlog. I realized I haven't even played some of the games I bought , so now I only purchase video games I Know I would definitely be able to play within the shortest possible time.
  25. I usually just let go of the entire puzzle if I can but in extreme cases I just get my friend to get past the level for me if they've already played and defeated the puzzle. I don't usually feel like it's cheating though.
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