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  1. 😂, That's how crazy I was in the past. Gambling sucked my head and I was just playing to get something out of my passion for playing some sort of video games. That was the reason why I engaged in different sorts of gambling with friends and other gamers. To be frank, I gained it back then betting with fellow gamers.
  2. I think I'm missing something in the previous edition of RDR, maybe I'll consider playing RDR-1, to see what you're talking. YouTube is an option for me to get exactly the soundtracks that featured in RDR-1, then I can download the soundtracks separately to my music folder and listen while playing other games with boring soundtracks, lol.
  3. EA always produce seasonal kind of games, they don't take back and check the performance of their previous editions and know what they should apply to the sequel. The only reasonable announcement from battlefield 2042, is the fact that EA made cross play available for both Xbox and PS players.
  4. Hmm, I can't do that at the moment. It was possible in the past during my teen years. Even if I love MGP games, I can't devote more than 1-2 hours a day playing the games. So, even if I got to play that one as an esports player, I can't imagine sitting one place and playing the game, unless the salary per week, month is worth it indeed. Then I'll know, I'm playing for the money.
  5. Your last sentence said it all. When you can't reach out to video game, you better concentrate on your job and save up to get another. I am not a kid anymore, I can't push myself hard when I can't have it at that time, I just have to exercise patience and wait for my moment.
  6. What you've said is very much ideal. Children or kids wouldn't understand it the way you've explained but in tbe future time, they'll come to realize the importance of the games they've played. I didn't come to realize the importance of video games in my life as a kid the way I've come to understand it now. When I'm feeling depressed or bored I run to video games to keep myself busy and enjoying the moment.
  7. Hmm, that's way too much if you ask me. I wonder how much they're earning for them to devote such kind of time daily to train and prepare for contest?
  8. You're right. Because if that's possible my mom should've gone bald by now since all her male siblings went bald. That's a big advantage for the ladies, and a real messed up for men whose origin comes with baldness.
  9. My interest dipped around video games but not dipped totally to the extent I never want to play, no. It dipped in because I was working on many projects at some point in my life. But now, I'm a work from home adult. So, it has given me some time too to play and make fun and not being workaholic all day long.
  10. Video games have been with children long time ago, it doesn't mean they're using it to quench on their anxiety issues. Games makes them busy, when I was a child I loved it more than now, it makes me busy and interactive with my peers.
  11. I think Netflix just started showcasing video games recently on their streaming platform. It wouldn't hit boom or rocket to the sky within short duration of time. I believe with time they'll settle fine, and start bringing those triple A games for their core gamers.
  12. My maternal home people are all bald, it's something mutual for them. I dad's side aren't bald, that's why me and my siblings aren't bald. Baldness only exist within men, what if a woman goes bald?
  13. If I get the chance to play with a famous eSports super star, definitely I'll embrace the opportunity. At the moment, I never experienced such, same question will go together when I get a chance to play together with a famous soccer player IRL, 😂.
  14. When a game suffers me for long and their is no real progress made upon many attempts. Then I'll consider the game traumatic for me. Psychologically, emotional, it causes depression to my health since it pisses me off. And examples of those games are: dark souls III, God of war II and III, Contra 4.
  15. I struggled first time playing God of war II, even when my friends are so good playing the game. It took me more than three months to master the game, upon that, I didn't get to finish the game to the last chapter.
  16. - COD vanguard - GTA trilogy - BioShock infinite - All FIFA series games This games I mentioned are overrated, their prices are way too higher than what they offered to gamers in terms of satisfaction.
  17. Justin11

    Standing desk

    That will definitely be weird one, I never tried it myself. Even when I'm standing while playing games, my legs suffers heat whenever I cross 1h. So, sitting on a standing desk is just similar to standing up while gaming.
  18. At times I love listening to songs outside in-game soundtracks especially when I'm in love with those soundtracks. Music and video games are nice combination, it makes my time more fun while playing my favourite games. Their are some games that doesn't need external soundtracks, which means, you need to pay attention to the dialogues to understand the story.
  19. I was even an addicted gambler via different genres of games. I gambled in the past with friends around MK, MGP, PES etc. And I loss many contest and won as well. I played gambling via MMO, lost some interesting matches which I thought I would've won freely.
  20. If I don't have funds to stick around with the lastest item, I'll simply go for lower version with quality too. I wouldn't be pushed to upgrade my gaming device or any electronic devices at all because their is an upgrade available.
  21. The chemistry in there with the users, and how polite they tend to be with each other without throwing abusive words on each other makes me love my time being around hosts of users via MMO community.
  22. My first experience in MMOs was so weird. I thought I was that good playing MGP games, but a gamer surprised me by gapping my own GP motor by wider margin, finishing far ahead of me. Such made me going back to the drawing board of learning and I hope next I meet a pro, I'm going to put up a stern test.
  23. I love other aspects of entertainment, it doesn't have to be gaming alone. Even if I love video game and it relieves stress and thinking from me. I enjoy playing football and listening to songs more.
  24. I don't think so, most people tend to cheat more in virtual reality than IRL. They feel like, no one gonna harm me and no one knows my true identity, so what's the need of being honest? not everyone tries cheating, some are real and put in great show in each contest with a fellow gamer online.
  25. That's where they earn their money from. So, they need that time devotion to train and prepare for any opponent. But I don't expect eSports players to train the whole day because they're earning a living from it. Soccer players who earns much from their career or NBA players don't even stress that much to get ready for matches.
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