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  1. It came out at the start of fortnite chapter 3 season 3. I actually got the comic by chance and I ordered and have it delivered to me.
  2. Well , we don't even know when GTA VI is coming out since rockstar studios has made any announcements to that regards. But I am quite sure that they are going to make something worth the wait and we would get a really good game in the end.
  3. Yeah, they could do that as well. Hopefully we get a new game or we just stay Satisfied with the Remakes we are getting now.
  4. That's completely true, some of these independent developers are usually driven by passion and maybe wouldn't want to do it as a job or profession. But I am quite sure a good number of them would certainly jump on the opportunity to work with Sony or one of the big gaming studios if the opportunity arises.
  5. DnF duel sounds familiar but I don't think I have ever played it,I could remember coming across an article on underated video games and one way or the other this video game was on the list.
  6. Naughty dog is already more interested in doing Remakes for now and it's still unclear if they have any plans to make another sequel or develop the last of part three anytime soon.
  7. Atreus could get a game of his own and that's an even more promising future I see for this character from God of war. Anyways i would certainly love to know rockstar finally decides to do with this character.
  8. I didn't actually realize there could be a mobile version of Elden ring just like we have for call of duty and fortnite. I haven't played Elden ring yet (practically unbelievable) because I have discussed extensively about this video game in the past but I never really tried to play it either.
  9. Do you think the characters can't be developed further and a plot twist introduced to the game to make up the RDR3 sequel. I know a prequel is very much possible but I still believe that there's is more that could be done with the characters from the series.
  10. I only ever played kingdom hearts x unchained I did play this game on a vacation and a friend of mine brought the game along with him so I just played it a few times. I like the game design and the story line as well, though I haven't played any other release of this game but I was so eager to play more titles from this series.
  11. I only played the beginning part and the ending part of the original version of BioShock. I have been considering getting back to it and playing it fully this time and not in parts. Maybe if I am not able to get back into the original version I might just go for the dlc instead.
  12. I saw this game mentioned somewhere and I read it is a really interesting simulator where you can be a doctor and provide diagnosis for your patients.
  13. Justin11


    I need to work on that aspect, but I only remember some of this Games when I come across a thread here on VGR. Been on a forum where you can get direct answers from other fans is supposed to help with giving you the information you need about certain video games.
  14. I think they had segregated factions just to make the game appear a lot more broader than it actually is in real sense. Though I don't even bother about segregated factions I just get in the game and I am out when I feel satisfied.
  15. I remember discussing about this game on another thread but I still haven't purchased it yet. I am playing on giving it a try immediately I clear out all pending games I purchased but still yet to play.
  16. I don't think they would delay it's release any further we should just anticipate it's release any moment from now.
  17. I was a Funko Pop collector at one point but I gave away all my Funko pops to my nephew because he absolutely loves them, I think at this point it is safe to say that they've got a Funko Pop for every superhero movie stars and action movie characters as well including some from horror Movies. If rumbleverse could get license to bring pro-wrestling characters into their video games then they are most likely on the right part to a successful video game.
  18. The skin was actually embedded the the fortnite x Marvel zero war comics and you can get a code to unlock the skin in the pages of the comic book. I purchased the comic and that's how I was able to access,I know you could just get it outrightly in-game now for a little fee or as a reward for reaching a new level.
  19. That's even the more reason it feels like rockstar doesn't have any plans to bring back this game. Well we can accurately predict what rockstar studios has going up their sleeves, we could end up getting a Remake.
  20. City builder video games are usually fun for most part, I actually enjoyed watching this review and I have realized that to get past this game successfully you need to be intentional about your moves down to the best time to go to a new planet and how to improve the quality of life of the people you bring there.
  21. The cutscenes were just right in my opinion, I played the beginning part and then proceeded to play the ending part of BioShock from where my friend left it off. If star trek is successful enough to include a BioShock reference in their game then I would really want to see what it actually looks like.
  22. Additional contents is always enticing and once you get information about it your interest in a particular game you've played and dropped at one point would begin to get back again and you begin to feel like returning to that particular video game. This is general for most video games including MMO's.
  23. Game of Thrones has a really strong fan base so if a video game on game of thrones is eventually out I think fans would still be more than willing to play. I don't know if a new game of thrones Game would be out anytime soon but I am quite sure that we would get a hint about it if something like that is ever going to happen.
  24. Midnight club 3 released in 2005 that was available on the PlayStation 2 was my absolute favorite, I am still very much surprised that this game just went dormant and we haven't seen or heard anything about it for a long time.
  25. Justin11


    I think my first ever encounter with this title would be back in 2015 just a few months to the release of the second title I remember I didn't actually pay any attention to it. But its exciting to know that it actually has a fairly strong fan base and some gamers are actually interested in playing the game.
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