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  1. GT 6 is the latest, and it comes with improvement from the previous versions which is the 4 and five. I'm yet to dazzle on the VI version I played IV and V at the game hall recently.
  2. Lolz, such kind of feelings do occur with me whenever I go to have fun playing PS2 I'll simply drag my wired controller thinking it's wireless, frustrating one indeed.
  3. Sure, it would've been straightforward for any gamer to get along, but such wouldn't be interesting when it's made easier to play.
  4. I believe better video games will come up by next year, and we'll come to enjoy the high spirit of playing new video games with improved gameplay which isn't all that buggy.
  5. Asssins Creed has numerous versions, I didn't get to play the revelation edition. I only stopped with Assassins Creed I and II, the origins, Odyssey partly, and the brotherhood version, and that's all.
  6. I have the chance to do anything I want with money via video games, then I'll definitely test my hands on any console that interest me, just I've shown interest with Ninetendo latest version consoles.
  7. I'm interested in viewing the newly released RE movie, which of the streaming sure features the movie? Is it downloadable to watch later online?
  8. I never said they shouldn't look for money, but building trash kind of video game and calling it trilogy version isn't what gamers expected. Meanwhile they should focus on building better version trilogy to receive plaudits.
  9. This games are simply strange games to me, I never really heard about the names before. Are they official released or yet to?
  10. Hotel Mario, mahjong puzzle game, and candy crush etc. All simply worst games I've come across in my video game career.
  11. No matter how the circumstances might yield out to be, restrictions of movement or not, the activities of real world wouldn't go off drastically or replaced by metaverse completely.
  12. I'm a racing game lover, I'm simply hearing the name 'Dirt for the first time. @Boblee have you played it before?
  13. Hmm, I wonder what I'll be thinking to get sink up on the table when I'm planning to be the world beater in the game. I won't try that, even when I'm playing soccer game I won't still try it.
  14. I am simply in for the challenge, I don't like the idea of playing too easy games, I love it when the game is pivotal for my moral boosting and AI given me stern challenge.
  15. I know how frustrating it is to be on a ride for a competition with AI and see very disheartening traffic signs when you're at the full speed and seeing it when you've neared the AI car.
  16. I have my PS3, and it's headphone which I used to get the dialogues in the game to avoid outside in-game background radar or noise.
  17. I decided to go back to my favourite video game today 'Motor GP after series of days absence from playing.
  18. I recently went to a beer parlour, find out that I'm the only person at the place at that particular time, I felt crazy, I quickly asked the waitress there what happened that everywhere is dried up and she replied me that; as the place is quiet, don't I like it? If I love a noisy and busy environment? lol, I was speechless, I simply have to relax like that.
  19. It's encouraging that you've learned and mastered the difficult part of the game which means you can at least play freely and pose a real threat to your AI enemies.
  20. You know I don't really play enough of the FIFA series, but rather @Head_Hunter does. Maybe you can ask him for an update anytime.
  21. When I was patronizing a particular retail shop owner over a PS2 accessories and games. He surprisingly did a Bonanza to me, by offering two free games to me by the end of 2013 December.
  22. Check em out, maybe your friend can have those games which is on your mind to have and play again. You might even find alternative ones from em too.
  23. Yeah, it's not too old, you can manage to get it via any retail shop offline, or simply order through online. But PS2 console is now considered a retro one, due to other new gen consoles ahead of it.
  24. I'm not kidding you mate, my PS3 controller last whole day, I play often I don't go break like that when I mean gaming.
  25. Yeah, VGR forum can't lack contents, because lots of actions is happening around the game world, and I believe lots of gamers here are taking advantage to bring fresh new contents here daily irrespective of the contest.
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