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  1. That's great that you saw value in what that lady sells, such can help raise the bar for the woman if you do this kind of recommendation and kind gestures offline. I believe, many people can revert to buying from the lady since she deals on quality and affordable irrespective of her unbranded products.
  2. Sure, understanding is of utmost priority. When I'm facing headache due to confusion from those I'm working with, I'll choose to work alone, and achieve it slow and steady.
  3. I don't think eSports teams got captains, they're just like a team where anyone can lead, I might be saying blindly, but of course I never heard about captains around eSports teams. eSports players don't earn like sports players earn from their various clubs, it will be cool to see split competitions just like we have in sports around eSports. It will become a major source of revenue to the various eSports teams to clear their bills and increase players wages.
  4. Sure, that's the reason I reverted to self hosted domains to clear off those watermarks attached with WordPress and Blogger.com blog.
  5. Such individual or group of people behind those scam projects should be charged by law for scamming people off their hard earned funds. I nearly invested ICP coin when it was around $249 around March 2021, currently it is struggling around $5+. Sooner it will vanish like others, it is hanging on the fringes. Making your researches before is a wise choice that has helped you avoid scam.
  6. My cousin, and immediate family are always close to me. If we don't see each other, we do video calls to keep the bond strong. But normally I don't mingle with people not even with my family members, it occurs once in a while, since I'm an indoor person.
  7. Max gathering is a diaster, something I enjoyed in the past. - Travel restriction, is one option that is tiring, it wasn't like this when COVID-19 never started. Some countries have gone on to limit immigration to cut down the risk of COVID-19 contraction.
  8. Sure, since we don't want what happened to Luna to occur to us, we stick to the well-known coins with enormous use cases. I've decided long ago, that I'll stick to those five I mentioned earlier.
  9. I miss buying items from Amazon, Big Basket, and eBay due to shipment issues. At Amazon, I can ship to my country but the shipment fee is so crazy due to the distance when I'm shipping few items. It will be cool when I'm shipping multiple of items go my residential country.
  10. If you're looking to invest in cryptocurrency, always stick to the coins with better use cases, and well-known coins. BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BNB are my favourite coins when I want to invest in any coin short or long term.
  11. In all GTA series game I've game on. I also played as the bad guy via 'Dead Target, I shoot everything I see around the environment.
  12. In as much as I love gaming, I can't give too much time to it. Even holding my own device for hours is tiring this days talk more of holding the controller and struggling to walk past AI opponents for long duration. My 20-30 mins game time on average is cool.
  13. Only? Then what are you doing with 22 hours of your time? If that's true, then you aren't having adequate rest in your life, and you understand the implications.
  14. What Austin Powers said is out of joke, I don't think such kind of thing can ever happen, having the shark around the home.
  15. Please, at earlier mentioned by @Clasher, stick to the topic.
  16. I dream of having my own adorable car around my home. I am not greedy, I can settle for any car around $3,000, lol. I just don't enjoy trekking, I just want to ease such kind of hectic burden.
  17. I don't need friends at the moment that can transform my life or add value at least. I have one good friend, but he's far away from me, we are just keeping distance relationship. My cousin brother who stays with me is my best friend at the moment.
  18. I'm just fade up with the shared domain around WordPress.com, WIX, or blogger blogspot etc. Such has made me revert to self hosted website, which comes with my own custom domain name and hosting package.
  19. Nope, assume you read my first message you would've grasp the core information. The phone wasn't a new one, it is a fairly used phone that's why it came with the technical fault. The first user ruined it, and I was the person who suffered it.
  20. But not like humans, if you got software robots, it works 24/7 until the end of subscription. Their are some robots you build and you don't pay for subscription. Which means, you just keep maintaining it once in a while, and not just paying for subscription.
  21. When I got admission in the tertiary institution I almost forgot about gaming. Because, I didn't go with my console, no games where installed on my mobile device, since I didn't want distraction. I spent more than eight months without video games, I was simply enjoying my studies, reading, preparing for lectures.
  22. Sure, I take enough fun racing around those games due to the feeling that replicates real racing. But the game I am enjoying at the moment more than any other racing game is 'MGP 22.
  23. Yeah, it is rare to see trailers above four minutes, even if they are more than, I'll still glance past it provided that the trailer is worth it.
  24. That's tremendous to hear that some generic products without license appears better to you. I've used such kind of products too in the past, it doesn't matter the name on the product, what matters is the quality and purpose of buying it.
  25. I understand your point man, laptop is commonly used my internet enthusiasts, no need recommending it. And when it comes to the most valuable amongst all for content creators, web designers, traders, you just need the laptop/computer to make your job easy. So for me, my future will be my best household appliance.
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