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    Head_Hunter reacted to killamch89 in Who is your favourite sports player in history?   
    My favorite players in sports history are Zenadine Zidane and Dennis Bergkamp - two outstanding footballers with brilliant technique and strong will to win.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to DC in Milestone Thread   
    I'd love for the forum to reach 20,000 members and 200,000 total posts by the end of the year, with of course the majority of the content being high quality...
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    Head_Hunter reacted to killamch89 in Official Cryptocurrency Thread   
    The worst thing is that Luna 2.0 is launching and you have idiots supporting that as well. I can't stop laughing...
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Justin11 in Nintendo's consoles vs. Nintendo's handhelds.   
    I don't really mind putting that amount in a game, as long as I derive satisfaction and pleasure playing the games. I once spent $250 to get a new gaming chair and wall lights to put in my gaming room just to get the whole place lit and appealing to be in. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in 10 years, with no new Silent Hill game...   
    I still have Dead Space 3 running on my PS3 up to this day, even if the series is dead, killed by EA. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Do you play video games together with your children/relatives?   
    I got you, card game is sweeter when you where the fun with your friends and family, it brings unity, and close bond. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Do you play video games together with your children/relatives?   
    It is like that too when it comes to real life sports, no team should be underrated. Even a David can slay a goiath. I don't forget such kind of quote, it keeps me away from undereating anyone. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in What do you do when you encounter a game-breaking bug with no simple workaround?   
    I never really encountered one recently, maybe i haven't purchased much of the games either. I don't want to encouter such scenerio where bugs/glitches wouldn't let me play I game I laboured to get. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Movies or video games which one you love more?   
    YouTube is a go to platform for me when I truly want to watch something fast. I spend more time there than in social media platforms. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Your favourite racing game series of all - time?   
    I'm just short of words to describe my own favourite racing games, because I don't play much of them, but I'm going to say, 'GT is my favourite at this moment. Because I got the edition 7 on my PS4, which is the first ever edition launching on PS4. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Justin11 in Give your prediction: which club will win UCL 2021/2022?   
    The UCL competition is at the semi-final stage once again, only four teams remaining, which are;
    Man City, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Villarreal CF. 
    Man City vs Real Madrid will battle it out home and away very soon in a semi final tie, while Liverpool and Villarreal will battle the other fixture. 
    Villarreal CF have pulled off with major significant scalps recently, defeating Juventus and FC Bayern in the process, lots of people were very surprised seeing them pulling off such kind of David and Goiath battle. In which they were considered clear underdogs in both fixtures, but they surprisingly pulled through. 
    Real Madrid did tremendously to knock Chelsea FC off in the last round, they'll pose a major threat to Pep Guadiola and his boys in the semi-final tie, but I'll be backing Manchester city to move to the final in the expense of Real Madrid, even if Madrid have shown resilience towards their ambition to clinch a 14th European cup victory. Man City is hoping to make amends in their last season defeat against Chelsea FC, to clinch their first ever European cup success, it will be a cracker of match indeed. 

    Many will be tipping Liverpool FC for am easy victory against Villarreal CF, but the reverse might be the case, just as Villarreal CF surprised the big guns (teams) recently, we saw it around Juventus team and Bayern Munich team. They're just capable of pulling off another scalp against one of the favourites to land the UCL title in 'Liverpool FC. I'm crossing my hands, and expecting to enjoy the teams in action as the semi-final fixtures draws closer. 
    Which team/club are you backing to clinch the UEFA Champions League cup come May 28, 2022? 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Why does it cost money to game online on consoles?   
    I actually think this question is more easily answered not by saying why consoles charge, but by understanding why PC services don't.
    When you play a game online, it not as simple as playing a game through the internet. The internet is the physical part of the system. The fibre optics, cables, satellites and so on that connect all these devices together. This physical network needs more than just itself to function, there is also software that allows people and devices to re-encode whatever information a person or device wants to transmit along the physical network known as the internet. That is what is known as a Wide Area Network (WAN).
    There is a number of different WAN's out there. More specifically, when you access online services on a PlayStation, the WAN that is accessed is called PSN or PlayStation Network. On Xbox, the WAN used is Xbox Live. These two were built and are being maintained by Sony and Microsoft respectively at cost to them. They own them, so like it or not they have a right to charge for people to use them. Whether they should and how much they charge is open to debate, but it is what it is.
    Playing online games on a PC, like through Steam or EGS or whatever, is a little bit different because the wide area network they use is called the World Wide Web. No single person nor entity can own this WAN, only bits and pieces of it, more specifically the domains of websites being hosted on that network. Each little piece of the World Wide Web get's maintained by those that own that little piece of it, so just like how no one person or entity can own the whole thing, it also means it is not the responsibility of any single person nor entity to maintain the whole thing, not like PSN or Xbox Live. So you see that Steam, EGS and other PC based game services can't charge you to use thier network (and trust me, this is the ONLY reason) simply because they don't own that network. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Yaramaki in Milestone Thread   
    I've been using the same avatar for like what over 15 years now maybe it's time to chance it up a bit i'm open to suggestions and Trust me you don't want to see my ugly mug every time i make a post 😉
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Family sedan in Last Game Played   
    GT 7
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Boblee in Fortnite x Assassins Creed Collaboration   
    They already have so much to choose from. Do you have any idea how many skins are available on Fortnite? 
    It's approximately 1290 as of March this year 2022 and they are still adding more. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Crazycrab in Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO "Expect More Aquisitions"   
    There has been a couple of smaller acquisitions since then.  Like Haven Studios, who have worked on some big AAA games as an outsourced contractor. Including Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider and EA Star Wars Battlefront.
    I expect that there will be bigger acquisitions coming.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Shagger in Best horror games ever   
    Well, I'll let you decide whether or not this counts, but...

    On topic though, what @Crazycrab said is true. Companies file trademarks for things that have barely even gone so far as idea all the time just to stop someone else from taking the next step. Konami probably have patents stopping others from creating a Metal Gear Solid themed gear knob or a Castlevania themed file folder, it's just what these companies do. These patents can only be upheld for certain amount of time before they have to renewed, so these companies then renew the same patent, it doesn't mean for one second that there's plan for it. The sooner people stop reading more into these things then what they are, the better.
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Crazycrab in Best horror games ever   
    Very funny indeed, pyramid head pencil sharpeners aren't in existence, unless you're taking about 'Pencil sharpers xD. I know you made an illustration using such facts, I got your information and I know that not All trademarks brings forth new development. I believe they renewed the trademark to keep their profile active. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Crazycrab in Best horror games ever   
    It could also mean their going to launch a new line of Pyramid Head pencil sharpeners.
    Companies file trademarks all the time, often with no intentions of even releasing any products or services related to it.  It's likely in this case that Konami just want to maintain their rights to IP.
    Actually, do Pyramid Head pencil sharpeners exist?  That would actually be pretty friggin dope!
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in Video games might relieve depression in older adults   
    Exactly, that's one of the objectives of video games to help curb depression in style. But their are times when you'll feel so depressed that you'll even forget that you have a video game to play xD. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in Video games might relieve depression in older adults   
    It depends on the level of depression, if it is the one that has to do with deep emotions, making me face emotional trauma, then I wouldn't play video games at that point because my mind is never settled. 
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Crazycrab in Which is the most awaited Games in 2022?   
    What you've said is right, I looked into it and saw the need to believe what you've said so far man. I think though, Santa Monica studio is right too on their delay with God of war Ragnarok release, it is better for them to be confident of what they're releasing than going on to release crap. 
    I saw exactly what happened with Cyberpunk 2077, we know that 'CD Projekt RED didn't do something expected during the initial release, it was a crap indeed, it took enough time and resources for the company to get the game back in order. 
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Crazycrab in Which is the most awaited Games in 2022?   
    I have to disagree with you there.  The fact that they haven't announced an exact release date means their doing the right thing as far as I'm concerned.
    The trap that so many other publishers/developers let themselves fall into these days is announcing the release date of their games to early.  That's exactly what CD Project Red did with Cyberpunk 2077 and we all remember how that turned out.  They should wait to announce a date until they are confident beyond reasonable doubt that they will deliver.  So even if Santa Monica Studios wait until just a couple of months before release to make the announcement I am 100% on board with that.
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    Head_Hunter reacted to Yaramaki in Good bad games   
    I've been meaning to reply to this thread, since i played a ton of games to fall under this category. Since each entry is going to take me quite a while i'll just do one game at a time, whenever i have some spare time. I'll just start with one of the first games that came to my mind :
    WorldNeverland- Elnea Kingdom (Nintendo Switch 2018)

    Alright where do i even start with this game, it's a bit after 6pm on a sunny friday evening, got nothing planned so let me grab a beer as i am typing this. 
    Wtf is this shit i hear you saying, well World neverland is a long running series of life simulation games with farming/rpg elements that up until 2018 never saw life outside of japan. If you read any of my posts, you gotta know by now that i really like my japanese stuff and offcourse life simulation games aka games you play for way too long for your own good. I'm just going to talk about the game above since it's the only one in english and while they are on my to buy list i've only fucked around a bit with one game on the dreamcast.
    I'm pretty sure this came out on mobile as a free to play game, i'm not sure how that version is so i'm going to stick with the 29,99 switch version well on the eshop it is that price. If you want it physical no doubt going to cost more but is it worth it. Man already this much text and i haven't gotten around to the game itself yet. 
    I'll admit the game looks like shit, think maybe a ds game, gameplay wise their isen't much going on, you press a button to do an action and that's it. However let that not fool you because there is a lot to like here, you start out as a traveller and your goal is to become a citizen of the kingdom. The game holds your hand here for now so you know what you are doing since it plays out pretty much as tutorial you can't possible fail. Making friends is quite easy just by talking to them a few times they are your friends, you can even have best friends and offcourse you can get married with i'd suggest a character of your age, you age 3 times as fast a we are. After you become a permanent citizen you can pretty much become what you want, altough it's take a damn long time. Like i started out as farmer and had the possibilty to become head of the farmers since i had the highest score of any of the farmers for that year, instead i choose to become a guardsmen and set my goal towards becoming head of the imperial knights, a year later my wife also become an imperial knight which i tought was a cool thing. By this time i was maxed out in pretty much anything and wasted about 150 hours of my life and since i had 3 kids, i decided to take over as my son, the cool thing here is that all your belongings are passed over to your kid and while it's funny you pretty much have a kid that can one hit kill anything in most dungeons. I tought it was cool to see that my original character did his own thing after that, i never got around seeing him die because you know i wasted enough time already.
    There are several jobs you can do like become member of the mountain corps, become a priest, hell you can even become king or queen how many hours that would take that i don't know guess i won't find out until i try but the question is should i.
    All in all i've put about 220 hours into World neverland, there is a lot that games like story of seasons  should take note off, your character dies of old age, you can play as your kids, become whoever you want, pretty much building your own dynasty and let's face this offers a potential of unlimited gameplay. i'm out now let's go grab another beer and if you make it this far thank you for reading and enjoy the weekend. Man i'm 4 days off work, even tough i shoulden't dare i gave world neverland another go in the upcoming days.
    if you're interested i'll just post the switch trailer :
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    Head_Hunter got a reaction from Knight Plug in Best horror games ever   
    Dead space and resident evil series, are the option that I've played much more in the past and up this day I still fancy them, but this two were mostly the ones I involved in. 
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