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  1. I guess Sony's really early pre-show threw me off, its this week that TGS starts so hopefully some good stuff is announced.
  2. clone games really don't need remasters, but collections are always nice.
  3. Hrmmm, Okage Shadow King comes to mind. It's kind of like this weird halloween like game that is pretty fun to play.
  4. Kind of the opposite for me as gaming kind of pumps me up a bit, but gaming has different effects for everyone.
  5. My problem is I won't always be playing smash, so there will be days I'll be paying for nothing. Much like what I'm doing for sony's PSN.
  6. There really wasn't much on the Vita that I enjoyed, one of the reasons I didn't get it. But if I did I know I would have loved Persona 4 Golden.
  7. For me it would be Shovel knight and Shanate, there is another but I just can't remember its name right now.
  8. For me I have: NES SNES GBA SP Gamecube PS2 PS3 PSP Used to have a N64, but regret fully by giving it away.
  9. I want to say Digimon World 3 from PS1, such a great game. Otherwise Okage Shadow King could use some love.
  10. I think it has a lot to be desired, I haven't gone all over the details but I don't like it personally from good glance.
  11. I never really got to play this so this isn't a bad price, might finally get it.
  12. On a bad day, I would say FPS just to let off my stress on poor internet fools.
  13. The friend gameplay addition will be a nice add. hopefully the addition holds up.
  14. That's a tough list, but I would have to settle on Banjo-kazooie. It was such a great game series.
  15. the first one launches soon on the 3DS, so I recommend playing that and see if you would like it.
  16. I keep trying to get myself into their batman series, but after playing the arkham series I'm not sure if I could bring myself to play the limited gameplay that telltale has on its series.
  17. Fairy Fencer F Dark Advent on PS4, not the best in terms of gameplay but I do love Complie Heart's game stories that it makes me endure.
  18. So big I'm not even sure how many there is. I do have a list to play but there are so many classic games I want to go back and play that I could retire today and still not be able to play them all in my lifetime.
  19. I will always love the SNES controller, it was basic and had all the buttons you ever needed plus it fitted well in my hands. PlayStation controller is a good runner up as well.
  20. Nintendo had kind of something similar with the Wii U gamepad as far as unused ports go. Neither one did well so their full use was never made real.
  21. I enjoyed family game night back when we played board games, but as we got busy with our own thing we stopped playing them sadly.
  22. Looked up a trailer as I haven't heart of it before either, looks interesting. I"ll keep it in mind.
  23. specially smash bros bringing up the rear with Kingdom Hearts 3 right after that. Its going to be solid months of gaming.
  24. Just got announced today at a Nintendo Direct, anyone here excited for a new game in this series?
  25. New games like spider man? Not yet, but hopefully I'll play it before long.
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