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    Alexander. got a reaction from DC in Living Alone/With People   
    Voted. I'm living alone, it gets quite lonely and there is also an element of lack of safety, occasionally. Looking at the positives, living alone provides you with complete privacy and freedoom. There are negatives and positives for whatever your choice is.
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    Alexander. got a reaction from DylanC in Which COD is the best and why?   
    Really difficult to decide.  Other than the server and lag issues, the very first Black Ops is the best, why? Zombies was my favourite part as it  feels rewarding to play. Each time you kill a zombie, you get some points which you can use to open a chest which will give you a random weapon and every level kept getting harder. I loved the concept, weapons and interesting maps. Reflecting on this post, this was my main time in gaming and brings me back for a walk along memory lane.
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    Alexander. got a reaction from DylanC in Best Arcade Game You've Ever Played?   
    Best arcade game of all time, that's a tough question! It's hard just to pick one being my favourite. As the first video game I ever played, I can always find some room and love in my heart for Pacman. A balance of many different concepts which makes the Retro Game fun to play. Very simply objective for the player. You have to make there way through a maze and has to gather all of the Pat-Dots (DOTS) in order to complete the level. As a player, you are constantly being hunted by four ghosts which means your main purpose is to kill them.
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    Alexander. got a reaction from DylanC in Games that you associate with Christmas?   
    Grand Theft Auto Five. Every year, Rockstar will release a Xmas Update for the game. Every Christmas since the start of my teenage years, I've been playing this game every festive season. It's been a tradition for many years playing Grand Theft Auto every christmas.  Snowballs, are a temporary weapon featured in GTA 5 Online as part of the Festive Surprise update added by Rockstar. I enjoy Christmas and Video games, so it's a win win for me!
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    Alexander. got a reaction from StaceyPowers in How Current Are You On Games?   
    I'm far behind. I've still got an Nintendo 2DS somewhere along with some other old consoles. Generally speaking, I'll wait 6-12 months before buying a new release as I want time to research the game, read reviews and allow the price to go down. I'm behind on the video games but not on my platform, I've just purchased a brand new Acer Gaming PC. 
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    Alexander. got a reaction from StaceyPowers in What twist in a game surprised you the most?   
    Yes, fornite. I was playing a normal match on Fortnite a few weeks ago, when something suprised me. I jumped of a cliff (expecting my glider to re-deploy) however it didn't. Epic Games removed this feature as part of the new season update so I was left to fall and die to my death with some of the greatest weapons I've ever collected. 
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    Alexander. got a reaction from Katri Marcell in VGR   
    @DC, Fortunately, the issue has not happened again so I request you close this topic and mark it as solved. Unfortunately, I won't be able to provide you with additional information unless I experience this error again in which case I'll include screenshots and further information on how you can solve the issue. I scanned my computer with Malwarebytes AdwCleaner and it showed adware and removed the risks, no issues since. @Katri Marcell
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    Alexander. got a reaction from Alyxx in Favourite Games of 2018   
    Voted, I nearly forgot. Thank you for the reminder. What do you like best about Black Ops 4?
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    Alexander. got a reaction from Alyxx in Favourite Games of 2018   
    Even though, I haven't personally played any of the video games listed above I have been watching YouTuber's Gameplay, so I'll base it on what I think I would like to play on PC or Console. There are so many great games that have been released this year so this will be a hard decision to make. (Top 3)
    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4
    Battlefield V
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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    Alexander. got a reaction from Jayson in Hi from Tennessee   
    Welcome to VGR!
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    Alexander. got a reaction from Katri Marcell in Refund on a game?   
    I have never requested a refund on any of my video game collection.  I read the reviews, watch gameplay and finally make sure I know I will enjoy playing it before I purchase it(demo version). I buy all my gaming equipment from either: GAME or Steam and I've never had an issue with either company's.
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