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  1. It may be an Age Of Mythology sequel. I don't know if that's plausible or not though.
  2. Final Fantasy 14 is still going strong. There is a FF15, but I've only played it once. The graphics on it are absolutely beautiful, and the story seems engaging. There's the old classics like the Zelda games. BOTW is really popular at the moment. I've heard a lot of people are liking Red Dead Redemption 2. I don't know what that one is though. Mario Odyssey is gaining popularity. There's always Skylanders too.
  3. This one is one of my absolute favorites. Their live performances are just awesome. For those wondering, despite the lyrics and band name, this album came out in the mid 90's. It predates the TV shows Six Feet Under, and The Walking Dead.
  4. Who has fond memories of the first Diablo? I played the hell out of it. Both on PC and on PS1. Each had its advantages. On PS1 you could go double team really easy to attack the bowels of the underworld below Tristram. On PC however, you could download a trainer and make your own items to make yourself virtually invincible. There was also a trick on PS1 that could net you all the gold you could ever want to buy any item you wanted. So for me it's a hard toss up. But if I was forced to pick one I would probably go with PC. What's everyone else's thoughts?
  5. Zelda Twilight Princess was way too over hyped. It was being advertised as the greatest thing since the wheel, then when it came out, it pretty much just sucked. Sales were abysmal, and a lot of people, myself included, were seriously disappointed with it. One really annoying thing with it was that it had more bugs in it than an anthill.
  6. If I needed some ambient noise when I was younger, I would just play some metal. Typically Disturbed's first album. Now I just turn on the TV. I've don't that for so long that now I can't get to sleep without some kind of background noise.
  7. Dig Dug is one of the best games ever released. It's always been a classic, since the day it was released. One of my all time favorites.
  8. Skill by far. If it's just handed to me then I see no point in playing. I want to have to learn what I'm supposed to do, and how I'm supposed to do it. If every item I need to beat the game is right there for me to pick up and the door beyond that is the boss and all he does is stand there and take my attacks like wuss, then I haven't accomplished a damn thing. Now if I have played a game so many times that I know the entire game inside out, upside down, and backwards then that's a different story. It's still a fun game to play, but not a real challenge anymore. But that's because of acquired skill. I'm like that with The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past.
  9. It looks like that new version of Age Of Empires that just came out. A kind of Re-release under a different title.
  10. I love RPG's. I like the fantasy realm kind. Wizards and warriors stuff. I guess that's why I'm such a huge fan of the Zelda series. I know it's not a full-on true RPG, but that's just an example of the type of game I'm into. Also FF8 is one of my top games. Full RPG, with just the perfect mix of sci-fi and fantasy. Couldn't ask for more.
  11. If we don't count micro sleeps (10-15 minutes off and on) then I've been up for almost 2 weeks. I had extremely dangerous insomnia when I was younger. Now I'm on a heavy medication that I take every night just so I can sleep.
  12. The Blackangel


    I have almost all of you beat. I'm 37.
  13. Also if you're on the dark web a lot, as I am, you need a proper DW browser. You need to get TOR so you can access those onion sites, and keep your information secret. But first you need to know what the hell you're doing.
  14. TV. Since I'm a classic gamer, I play the original consoles, and just hook them up through a switch box, and play my heart out.
  15. Gaming addiction has proven fatal in several cases. But in general I don't see a problem with gaming. Take people like me who are disabled, and have to sit at home all day. Gaming can actually save us. It occupies the mind, hands, eyes, and ears. Otherwise the boredom can lead to health issues, both physical and mental.
  16. I've intended to buy rechargeable for a long time, but never seem to do it. So I always just end up with regular batteries. I know it's better for the environment to use rechargeable batteries, and easier on my bank account, but for some reason I don't even know, I've just never done it.
  17. Angry Video Game Nerd. He's funny as hell, and reviews tons of games, especially classic games. I love his videos.
  18. Tonberrys in FF8. Weird little bastards that just want to stab you with a kitchen knife or wave a lantern in your face.
  19. Try to turn it on and get electrocuted. Toilet Paper
  20. If this was still the Win98 era, I could tell you exactly what to do. But now I can't tell you anything. Custom is great. You can tell the builder exactly what you're wanting it to do, and how you're going to use it. They can give you what you're asking for or even exceed it. I had one custom built and told them I wanted 2 DVDRW's in it. I got it. But the last 2 comps I've had (including the one I'm using right now) were prebuilt. The comp I'm using now is an all-in-one, which is a life saver. So much better. The only alteration I've made to it, not counting files, is I taped 2 sheets of printer paper over my webcam.
  21. If you're using physical copies instead of downloads, then it's crucial to keep it clean. Dirt can really screw up your gam play. For discs I just use a lens wipe like I would use on my glasses. It does it perfectly. But don't ever use one of those lens cleaning discs for the laser inside your system with the little brush thing on it. All it will do is scratch the laser which will force you to have to either replace the laser or get another console. With cartridges, even though it says not to, I use the best cleaning solution I can find and a Q-Tip. Very gently I clean the points on the game then use the other end, or a whole new Q-Tip to clean as much of the fluid off, then let it sit and dry for at least 2 hours. I've saved a lot of games this way.
  22. The Blackangel is a name I've had since I was a teen. People often ask why or what it means. I've never known how to describe it so all I can tell people is to get to know me and it will become clear over time. And they all have agreed so far that I was right. It did become clear.
  23. To me, game reviews are both worthless and useless. Why would you choose or refuse a game based on what someone else that you've never met said? Just because they loved it, doesn't mean you will. Just because they hated it doesn't mean you will. It's the same with movies. For example I loved both Waterworld and Hancock. Both were bigtime flops, both with critics and at the box office. If I had just listened to what they said, I never would have seen 2 movies that I really enjoy watching. Now take Johnny Depp. My all time favorite actor. Mortdecai was a major bust. Career ending type of bust. I love it. The Lone Ranger was the same. Who here enjoys Harry Potter games and movies? Remember the Evangelicals spreading hate that Harry Potter was Satan and devil worship? Not so much when you see how popular it was as ENTERTAINMENT. A shitload of people HATED fighting games like Mortal Kombat and tried to get them off the market, but guess what? Those fighting genres are some of the biggest sellers on the market. So don't pay attention to reviews. All you're doing there is robbing yourself of the opportunity to make up your own mind about whether you would or would not enjoy a game.
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