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  1. We both game a lot, but our tastes are very different. She's hooked on FF14, and I'm a classic gamer. Sometimes I burn out on one game and switch systems. But since we tend to both play 1 player games, with the exception of her online gaming, we never have anything to game together with. It hasn't affected our relationship in any drastic way. We just do what we enjoy.
  2. I would go with paying bills, but that one is too easy. It would probably be trying to train and tame my macaw. He's the spawn of Satan, and doesn't like to listen to what he's told, but I'm making a little bit of progress.
  3. I just got back to my hotel room after being at the KC Renfest all day. It’s not very good this year. Boring as hell, actually. And the Renfest is the one thing I look forward to the most every year. But this is also the last weekend for this year, so that may have something to do with it. I dunno. Either way it wasn’t much fun this year. Not to mention that my power chair got stuck in the mud about 40 trillion times. Ugh.
  4. If this is a discussion about using video games as a way to relieve stress, then Mortal Kombat has my vote. Beating the shit out of people and watching the blood fly always helps. But better than that is Soul Caliber II.
  5. Solar Jetman. It’s impossible to do anything with the damn ship. If you breathe on the controller, the ship spins uncontrollably. There’s no way to fly it because the controls are so damn sensitive. Another is Mario RPG on SNES. What. The. Fuck. It’s not even a game. It’s worse than mowing your yard with scissors. And the absolute worst, most pathetic excuse for a game.... Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, straight out of the bowels if Satan himself, you know it’s a good one when it’s the devils fecal matter, we have...... TETRIS!
  6. I recommend getting the actual cartridge and playing it that way. I don’t know if the downloads have all the features. Also in the game, you’re able to steal items from the shop in town. It’s not a glitch, it’s an actual part of the game if you’re slick enough. I don’t know if that’s still a part, and I don’t think it’s a part of the non-DX edition.
  7. If you do, make sure to get Links Awakening DX. It has an extra hidden dungeon in the graveyard that when you get through it (it's really short) you can change your armor. Depending on the color you pick it will either double your attack or double your defense.
  8. You might not want to use the term "master race" anymore.
  9. What is one thing about you that you've never mentioned to people here that would flat out shock everyone? Something you're comfortable revealing, but that no one would ever suspect of you? For me it would probably be the fact that I have a criminal record. In a nutshell, I went out with a girl I used to know one night to play pool about 15 years ago. Before the MD set in. We were taking our turns at a table and a drunk guy kept coming up and trying to pick a fight with me. I kept telling him to piss off and that he didn't want any of me. For the most part this worked. Later, he came up behind me with a pool cue and my friend hollered. I turned and caught it (lucky as hell on that one), then busted it over his head, and proceeded to beat the shit out of him. The owner of the place had a zero tolerance policy for fights, but roughly 20 people stood up for me while they were arresting me. At my court date those same people came to talk on my behalf including his girlfriend. She even told the judge that he pulled this shit often. But since I walked away without a scratch and he spent a couple months in the hospital, I got sentenced to 90 days for the fight and destruction of private property. The pool cue, and I think we broke a chair in the fight. So I slapped with an assault charge on my record, did 90 days in county, and he got his ass beat.
  10. When I have to get my elbow brace, that tells me that I may have been on the game or computer too long.
  11. I think it all depends on the computer you're using more than your internet service. I know a few people here have gaming PC's that were specifically designed for gaming. I on the other hand have a simple all-in-one pc that is best used for simple stuff like surfing the web. I have FF8 downloaded through steam, and the lag time in certain parts is insane. But that's because my computer isn't designed for gaming. I could probably take it in and get a memory upgrade and a faster processor, but I don't have the money.
  12. I stick mostly to the fantasy type of games. Things like Zelda and Castlevania. But I do enjoy a few other genres. Mega Man kicks ass, and I always enjoyed the original Metroid on NES. There's also off the walls crazy shit that I like, such as Earthworm Jim 2. I want to know what the creators of that game were smoking and where I can get some. There are a few sci-fi-ish games that I enjoy as well. A few of the Final Fantasy games I like. FF8, as it is already well known, is my personal favorite of the series. Fighting games are good sometimes. I don't enjoy sports games with the exception of snowboarding games. But that's because when I was younger I was a pro-am snowboarder. Granted I wasn't Torah Bright, but I was still pretty good. I'm not big on puzzle games like Riven. A lot of people here are Doom fans. I was a Hexen fan. Same kind of game, but turned medieval. I played Star Fox as a kid, but it was more of a choice of something to play when nothing really interested me at the time. I'm also a major God Of War fan. But again that's leaning more toward the fantasy genre. Also, it deals with the Gods and Goddesses that I personally pay homage to and worship. So it kinda holds a special place for me. Then there's the classics, that due to their age and the graphic capabilities at the time, don't really fit into any genre that I love. Space Invaders, Q*Bert, Swordquest, Dig Dug, Asteroids, Frogger, and so many more. So my interests kinda run a little wide, but I'm mostly drawn to the fantasy realm. Outside that, it just depends on the game itself. If it intrigues me (Blackthorne, Mortal Kombat, etc.) then I'll give it a fair shot. And it may end up in my library. Which is rather extensive.
  13. @StaceyPowers A friendly sweet woman. Could easily be someone's best friend.
  14. Compatibility is number one. You're absolutely right on that. I think "achieve" may have been the wrong term. I should have said that the money is nice if you're able to work and earn it. But still the thought of the bank should never come anywhere near your mind when you meet someone you're attracted to and think of them as someone you could spend your life with. Money is nice, but it's not so important that it should lead your interest in finding a partner.
  15. You and me both. Financial stability is nice if you can achieve it, but when getting into a relationship the bank account shouldn't even be on the radar. If you don't have a connection other than that, then there is no relationship. It's a sugar daddy/mama situation.
  16. I’ve written 2 full length novels and a few shorts. Nothing is pretty. One book is only on its 7th draft, and the other is on its 8th draft. But the one on its 8th is getting a major revamp of a particular part of the story, so it’s gonna have a lot more drafts before I let anyone read it. But if you like short stories there’s a site I found that is awesome. Short Stories
  17. A joke I read one time was ”If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive, they would eventually find me attractive.“
  18. I have always loved F-Zero on SNES. That one is so awesome. Another classic that I think everyone loved, whether they were into racing or not, is Excitebike.
  19. How the hell is gaming going to get “abusive”? Unless someone is cracking you in the head with an Xbox, gaming isn’t abusive.
  20. I think she means at the grocery store. Do you want your stuff bagged in plastic bags or paper bags. But she could mean do you pay for stuff with cash or a debit/credit card.
  21. I have none. I can't have kids. I made sure of that a very long time ago. To be honest, I never wanted kids. Also, I don't feel that I'm fit to be a parent. I'm not mentally capable of taking care of a child, not to mention physically incapable. I just don't have it in me. So the kindest thing I could ever do for a child is not have one. But what about you guys? Do any of you have kids?
  22. I've played this game on Gameboy since I was a kid. I'm really looking forward to picking this version up as soon as I can spare the money.
  23. If the weather is clear, I do it. I get out on my wheelchair, and we go for a walk. I have a powerchair so if it gets rained on, then I'm shit out of luck. I can't push myself around in a manual wheelchair, so I have a powerchair.
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