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  1. Same thing I said. In fact, that goes for most remakes - the very special moments can never truly be remade because the actors and their interaction at that moment can never be done the same way.
  2. I agree. Whoever has the country's best interest in their vision and has a detailed and logical plan to address whatever issues that exist gets my vote. I don't vote for empty promises and political affiliations are not my thing. If it were up to me, I'd just stuff them all in a barrel and drop them into the Mariana Trench.
  3. Robocop's and the terminator weapons are extremely weak compared to what the Predator and Alien are packing.
  4. Who let you out of the cage lol
  5. Naps are really good but no longer than 30 minutes though or it tends to mess up your sleep schedule.
  6. The black books quest from the Dragonborn DLC was my favorite because it was a kind of unexpected twist.
  7. Alien Isolation because the game does a good job of scaring the literal crap out of you - the music, the atmosphere, I can't remember ever playing a horror game and hyperventilating. As a matter of fact, I jumped off my bed once while playing this game because the curtain brushed my arm lol.
  8. I use reliable Youtube reviews as well as trusted review sites, customer reviews, price and information I gather on the internet and a bit of instinct.
  9. Red Dead Redemption two because of the amazing story, beautiful graphics, and ridiculously fun gameplay as well as the attention to every small detail.
  10. This brings me back - are we in the '90s again? lol. I think I need to go play my Sega Genesis 🤣. In all seriousness though, how could they even call it a doom clone when the only thing really similar about them was that they are both horror fps games and the shooting mechanics of both games were somewhat similar if I remember correctly(It's been a long time since I have played both games so bear with me.). That is pretty much where the similarities end and quake I believe was way more fast-paced. Excellent review Alyxx.
  11. A finished game with proper mechanics and don't depend on the modding community to fix their crappy game's bugs.
  12. Probably call the cops and the cops would come and probably handcuff the kid lol...I might be joking but I don't put it past the US police. Their lack of judgment at times is truly concerning.
  13. It is cheaper to build but most people don't want to put any effort into creating their own entertainment.
  14. Nobody seems to show Battlefield 5 any love though. 🤣 The EA CEO said if you don't like our game, don't buy and you all took it very seriously.
  15. But what if you find the optical disc and it has a scratch on it? lol. That is a heart stopper right there because you put the disc in and the device doesn't recognize it 😭
  16. Well, that makes a lot of sense. Have you ever seen someone injured while attending to one of these steam boilers and how severe was it?
  17. I mean, I have been to the United States around Halloween time and seen a couple dress their son as Stalin and nobody fussed about it and he was almost as bad as Hitler.
  18. Sometimes, there may be an underlying issue that is disrupting your sleeping pattern which causes you not to sleep peacefully for the regular 6 to 8 hours. Have you seen a doctor (one that you can trust and not some random one that'll say anything to put you on meds)?
  19. killamch89


    Marijuana should be legalized but be regulated because it is human nature to abuse something when in moderate doses, it relaxes you and improves your well-being.
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