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  1. Sounds like a good age to get a mobile phone. At least, something more advanced than a cheap one like a POCO phone.
  2. Sounds like most other mobile games to be fair. You can't do anything without money and this is the exact reason why mobile games are such a huge cash grab.
  3. Actually, I don't think so. It's way too expensive in my opinion and Sony might be releasing an updated version sometime this year or next year.
  4. Animals are mortal like us. The universe has a reason why everyone and everything exist to serve a purpose.
  5. Same here. Even when I want to take a nap, I get off the couch and go sleep in my bed.
  6. Exactly. Medicines when used as intended, will do its job most times. However, when the wrong medicine is being administered, then it becomes a toxin and creates more problems in the body.
  7. Sometimes, it's just how life is. It can get really rough to the point you want to give up but you have to keep going. I'm glad you're doing better for yourself. When I was younger I tended to be quiet most of the time. The only reason people never messed with me was because I could fight and usually I didn't care if I injured someone seriously. I grew up in a very violent community where most of the people I grew up with were all killed. The worst thing was that I was there to see most of them and it left me numb at one point as a teen. However, at some point, I realized that by trying to numb the pain I was never going to get over it. I also realized that I couldn't control the outcome of anything external outside of what I did so I put my energy into that.
  8. I mean, you could try to sit in a shower but it gets really uncomfortable after a time and then getting up without slipping is another issue in itself.
  9. So you could be 1% Genghis Khan because of your Mongolian heritage.
  10. This is a very interesting story, where did you go exactly? I'm going to do it when I move countries. At least, until I can find a good barber.
  11. When done correctly, they're fantastic. It's when the Game Port is being rushed just so the company can try to make a quick buck is the real issue for me.
  12. I just had to post this video I watched the other day of COD fanboys defending one of the worst COD games to day.
  13. I do remember playing it back in the days and it was a pretty underrated game. I used to watch the anime in the 90's as well so that's primarily what made me get the game in the first place. It's a very interesting game with plenty of lore. However, I do recommend at least watching the anime or reading the manga. Otherwise, some things might not make much sense to you in-game.
  14. I mean, it looks very gory (which I love) but the combat kind of looks very basic. I need to see more gameplay before I'd be convinced to pick up this game. Also, we've heard next to nothing about the story either.
  15. With Konami making it and no Kojima involved? I'm not that optimistic - As a huge Metal Gear fan, I want it to do well but knowing Konami, they're likely to ruin this game with their policies.
  16. In addition to that, the price of base game and what is being offered is criminal! The Deluxe Edition is like $129! I hope it flops because Ubisoft seems to only care about taking our money as gamers and not providing an experience that's worthy of that kind of money.
  17. Your girlfriend is a gamer too? That's awesome - mine just like Mario games or things like Pokemon and RPGs. She's never been into adventure/action/FPS games.
  18. I feel like most of the hype around some of these games is too much especially when they hardly offer anything unique to the series it is said to "kill". XDefiant is a fun game but it doesn't really offer anything that COD or BF doesn't or haven't over the past decade.
  19. I agree. They keep reusing the same formula from 20 years ago and it's overdone at this point. They need to take some inspiration from Mario games and I'm talking about the games that focus primarily on him. Why is it that almost every game feels so unique and well designed? Mario adventure games have evolved over time while Sonic's games have all tried to copy the original formula.
  20. There was some deals going around up to when I got it about a month ago. It's a really good game besides the jiggling gimmick.
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