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  1. I am not surprised considering it was one of the most voted game on twitter. And it seems like after fortnite this is the game that was voted the most. Not even the PUBG was voted that high as of now on twitter. If you look at the gameplay it does not sound like bad game. It seems like good and worthy choice in the battle royale genre.
  2. Based on the gameplay I would say it is not that bad either. I'd say that game is pretty unique in it's own way.
  3. I think my point is people with the wallet are complaining and there is nothing wrong with that. After all they paid for it. And they have right to be upset. So I think devs are looking from their own side and people are looking from their own. But the criticism is kind of warranted.
  4. There is a news that is circulating that the gamer pewdiepie has been banned from the game. Roblox says, he used the Roblox game to gained the subscriber and promote racism and anti semitic content on the youtube. I think it's right that he's going out of control and doing things which he has no right using his mass popularity. I am not sure which another game developer company bans him if he continues to use the game as a means to promote racism and anti-semitic values in his content. What do you think of this news?
  5. 2019 and 2020 is going to be busy for the gamers all over who are playing Ubisoft games. They are already releasing the Far cry new dawn and the Division. So next financial year they seem to be releasing more games as well. From what I have read so far there are no mention of the specific games. So I'd say they may mention it in the second quarter of the game. It can be pretty fun to know which are some of those games. What do you think Ubisoft would release?
  6. There are lot of character reveals happened during the Mortal Kombat 11 game roster. I think it's kind of fun that every character that you get to play is mentioned before you buy the game. Jade is one such character that was specifically mentioned. And the gameplay also shows the abilities and the fight for the same character. So it's kind of interesting for the fans who are into the characters. So check out the video.
  7. Lot of exciting games are being announced for the Nintendo Switch. And it seems their event has made some news about the new games that are about to launch for the switch. So the "Dead by daylight" is one game that they announced about making it's way to nintendo switch. There are few more games that were announced in the event. What do you think of this news? Excited?
  8. A pretty much flawed research says Violence is not related to the gaming. As per the Oxfords latest research Here. http://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2019-02-13-violent-video-games-found-not-be-associated-adolescent-aggression# But the reality is that people who tend to play violent games are bullies in school, involved in school shooting, mugging and other crimes. Instead of looking at this data, the oxford took random set of the data and then tried to came up with conclusion that games are not responsible. What do you think?
  9. I think this is one more reason why people tend to prefer the Xbox as they are being generous. Whereas the PS is being purely greedy on the PS plus subscription side. I think i'd be continuing Xbox sub if I were to own that. I have not much time to play those online multiplayer games. So one needs to be pretty good on the game playing side for those subscriptions to be any worth.
  10. I think you guys are in echo with most of the youtubers who are also saying the same. I think game lacked on many fronts. Based on what I have noticed that graphics and audio side is not much of an issue. It's more of how it was designed that got the most negative review. Nobody liked the premise of the game and nobody enjoyed their gameplay and it showed from the walkthrough.
  11. skyfire

    Linux or Windows?

    Most of the games that I have purchased does not support Linux. I have mostly purchased those as box versions. I do know that there are some of the options for linux games in the Steam and the Humble bundle. But I don't own a lot of humble bundle games and also the steam shops version of games I own are for Windows version only. So that kind of limits me with gaming on Windows alone.
  12. Yes that seems to be a good benchmark for the gamers. Though graphics card and RAM is pretty expensive. I am wondering what else can be done in case of the screen etc. Do you also change the screen after say 5 years? I am thinking of replacing some of my old stuff. And thinking that it can be pretty good in that context. So far I have realized that I can push my current LCD for few more years.
  13. skyfire


    I used to be pretty much active on Discord for upto 2018. And now from this year onwards. I have stopped all activity on the discord. For me it didn't worked out. I know there are many gaming servers who support it. And lot of people make friends on it. And it can be fun to be on that. But I have personally didn't liked the way it wastes my time and decided to get out of that addiction.
  14. I think cheats are made for those game testers who just want to move ahead in the game. I'd say that cheats are to be used only by those who are often stuck into the game. I know many streamers also make use of the cheats too. But they are doing this for demonstrating the game. So I won't hold much against them. One should be avoiding the cheating in multiplayer games too.
  15. I think it all falls into perspective. If you are playing video games for some time pass and want to kill some time. Then in such case they can be a good option for you. But if you are playing video game seriously ignoring real life, studies, jobs and the family. Then that can be nothing but waste of the time and other things. I would say on that note it can be pretty bad to have gaming addiction.
  16. Remember old Age of Empire series games? Those had some worst graphics. Not because the theme was bad. But the graphics was extremely poor. But they had a good them like paypyrus paper as menu. It was not that bad but the graphics made it look really hard to read. And often it was not something I'd play with. But I played only for gaming experience as it was good game.
  17. I think final fantasy, dark siders, serious sam are some of the games where the story was good. Then there are some like resident evil and few others. But most of the engaging stories that I have seen in the games I mentioned earlier. Lot of new games lack the story and they are more into hack and sack.
  18. I am more of interested in how they clear the levels. This is one reason I don't have streaming favorites. But I have favorites who play mostly specific set of games in the genre. This way I can understand more of clearing those games. Because at the end of the day that should be the focus and not being fan of some guy on the internet. I guess on that note I prefer to watch streams accordingly.
  19. I think the new SOC are good too. In terms of graphics that is. And yes, it can be fun to play the game especially fighting those big giants. And the best is that new games tend to take a lot of diversion from the ICO. I know ICO was not the right game for them. And they managed to evolve on many notes there. Glad they ditched ICO for the current games that they are making so far.
  20. skyfire

    Content Creators

    I am not a content creator as of yet. But I am planning to get into the content creation. So far from my experience. I may have to find out other alternative than the youtube. So many people are uploading the video on youtube. And that kind of creates too much content which is not in right direction. I may consider uploading the content to the live.me and see if that can convert.
  21. skyfire

    Pokémon Go

    Pokemon Go had a good start. It came out in the market by storm. And it managed to get the game to the top ranking. But it was kind of boring after some time. They didn't innovate. Like say PUBG and Fortnite are coming up with new tournaments and cross overs. And they seem to doing a lot of improvements. But Pokemon Go tuned out with the linear level of the game in there.
  22. Some of the android games that I have played the most without the internet. 1. Alto's Adventure 2. Scrabble 3. Angry Birds 4. Tank Hero 5. Once Upon A Tower
  23. My 4G provider gives me 4GB data daily and I pay 10$ per month for the same. You can see that such type of the plans are lot better. I prefer spending daily data instead of monthly fixed quota. I like how my provider offer that option. If I ever switch to another provider I'd be willing to check out based on the data given.
  24. My battery stands for like 11 hours these days per charge. So I tend to only charge when I play games or stream videos or say watch netflix. And for that I do carry the battery that is portable. It seems like a good option for me. Because I can keep the mobile inside the bag and keep it charged. It is a good option for mostly android phones. As it charges quickly these days.
  25. What do you mean by full color? I am not sure what do you mean. Do you mean single color like those snake type of games? If not then I am not sure what do you mean by the full color. Because android games already make use of all the colors and they are not black and white in that context.
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