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  1. Yes most of the YouTube creators are getting into the reviews like this. I guess they are affecting many good indie gamers too in the process.
  2. Mages in some MOBA games would be pretty interesting. I have had some luck with some game weapons with the one character in mobile legends whose mage weapon is fun.
  3. Today is launch in some asian nations. I guess they are going to be making phase wide releases to test the beta.
  4. I think if we ignore the scary context and consider that place as some sort of possible ocean exploration project our real life people can do then we are likely to do a lot of things right. But we never know what may go wrong in such world.
  5. I am interested in their battle royale mode on android. I wonder how they will be going with that. Next week is the probable release for some regions. I think UK general would be October 1.
  6. I wonder what they are planning for DLC. Because that would also keep them in news for few more months.
  7. Also heard that they are moving the team from doing some specific frequent of the game. I am not sure what was the final news but it seems like they don't want to invest much time on the game.
  8. I think as far as crunch time is concerned, this is crunch time full industry. So we can't blame the company for this. It's like those share market based companies where you can't have control on the crunch time and other work part. But for other social and the behavior policies I think many companies fail on this.
  9. I met a lot of good people on forums and the discord. I think discord tend to be one good place for some games in the past and even to date now. But my minecraft group has parted. And also some other gaming groups too after say 6 months slows down on the community. Lot of friends stay in touch with facebook.
  10. I think we are closing in on month where most of us are going to buy games that we are going to play for rest of the year. I am going to renew some subscriptions too. So yeah I think my budget is usually for last month of this year.
  11. I am more loyal to video games than the companies though. for example, some games from EA are good but EA itself is pretty much evil. So I am kind of attracted to the end product they make.
  12. Yes there are some people who died playing world of warcraft. And it's pretty much real. That some just play too much trying to show their nations domination in esports too. I think some times it does cross a line.
  13. To be honest I love the current time. I wish I was young. The reason being games and graphics is way better now than in retro days. I mean think about it. We were looking for graphics of todays quality in that time. And we had pretty much slow computers back then.
  14. Maybe your case is different. But if anyone is telling me millenials are not lazy they are either gary vaynerchucks neighbors or they simply don't want to admit.
  15. We just don't get any idea on the launch date. So most of the news about the PS5 turning out to be speculation I guess. Because no concrete information is being transferred on that point.
  16. I hope that some day EA gets closed though. As for Biowares move from Anthem to other games, it is kind of expected.
  17. I have noticed that these days people tend to prefer the multiplayer games. And they want to kind of get into the zone of beating others around. So for modern games having multiplayer mode is a must.
  18. Yes I was looking at that too. Next week I am more likely to check out the emulators so that I can see if some games can be ported.
  19. Depends I guess. Calling a good game bad because you don't like it is different than game being actually bad.
  20. I have seen many people got into cars because they played NFS. And it also helped people see for more choices too. I think that's one good use of NFS apart from consuming our hours.
  21. Yes even the memory for the macbook would get you tablet for the price. I think things are expensive in that camp.
  22. Serious Sam. Just play the game and you will realize why.
  23. In any case though I'd be one going for the game. I can ignore all the media chaos.
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