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  1. I think discord is pretty much replacing most of the messengers and also the rooms are kind of replacing many reddit like places.
  2. A lot of songs are good some even made it outside the game and included in some movies.. so i think it depends, japanese games have lot of such soundtrack that get popular.
  3. I think if you are making hardware releases slow, then it does not matter but regular yearly releases would demand such compatibility.
  4. Does it make small hours of happiness in index? If yes then yes it does helped keep my head calm.
  5. I wont say piece of crap but yeah many companies could not make it much in it.
  6. I have mostly in some of the FPS and also in battle royale games lately.
  7. If they make the tangent storylines that would be good for a new game. Not trying to be typical sequel would be good.
  8. Most of the MOBA that I actively play, the passive can be chosen at the start of the game then that only one ability remains till the end of the match.
  9. I think you would laugh at the enemies in serious sam. Nothing changed for 4 part of the games.
  10. If any company finds a way to get these dinosaurs off the market that would be good.
  11. I think they spent a lot of time and money on that remaster. I am sure the FF8s tangent storyline on genesis and others would be also good followup.
  12. Yes they can be good for both presentation type device or also for playing MOBA or racing games.
  13. These are some mages in the MOBA or MMO where their passive has more spells and the abilities being used automatically.
  14. I think they need to make things more realistic like say Call of Duty type like feel of real people.
  15. RE 2 remake definitely sounds like a good remake.
  16. Not sure about the cuphead not the most favorite game.
  17. A lot of MMO and MOBA these days are kind of pushing pre made heroes so I wonder how that goes.
  18. Never came across Hugo. Maybe it's just nordik gaming community that played it.
  19. Apart from bioshock even the no man's sky has it's own futurist style as we explore the world.
  20. It took me a long time to know about it. But once I learned more about porting arcade game things started to make sense to me.
  21. I think I kind of did for the switch lite once last year. But not going to do that anymore.
  22. I think the cost is the reason it is not much common.
  23. Anyone remembers this tank game? It was pretty addictive for me.
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