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  1. skyfire


    I feel the people behind the game would be coming up with some really good titles though.
  2. Yes this game COD however has yet to catch up with PUBG though.
  3. I think it's not of the upgrade but more or less microtransaction where you get to sell the products on the top of the free services.
  4. skyfire


    Edge and chrome don;t have VPN and I don't think VPN in browsers are needed by default. I guess firefox just wants use data so they did that.
  5. BAT has very few value. plus in order to sell the BAT tokens you have to find KYC based exchange service. Which overall would cost you some money.
  6. Zoho and Gsuite seems to be good. But the thing is zoho has pretty good price for the service. which is something I prefer too. I realized that zoho has good reviews for anyone who wants to have domain based mails.
  7. At that price point you get better MSI and ASUS machines. which may perform better too at the specs offered.
  8. skyfire

    Hollow Knight

    Mobile version is also good in terms of the gameplay as you can play it anywhere. Something which makes playing games easier if you are out and moving.
  9. I am pretty sure the team behind the Valve is going to work on some of the linux ports for their game. and that would be a good start for gaming on linux.
  10. To be honest, edge is lot fastrer and better than firefox, if you check task manager for how much RAM both takes you will realize.
  11. skyfire


    Graphics wise I suppose, they are onto something but overall I feel that a lot needs to be said on this point.
  12. Haha, are we there yet? those type of the questions are reduced when we give the kids some switch or phone to play with.
  13. I think some games do get closer though. but I guess that's because they work hard on everything be it graphics or the people and marketing.
  14. I think it's money we are talking about. often the money seems to be something we don't calculate in this repeat games scenario.
  15. That is happening now a days but in past it used to be a good experience. but that's not the case anymore.
  16. skyfire

    Hollow Knight

    Not just video, the game experience if you try it on say android or PC or even other console that would be good.
  17. For games? too early. I think they are yet to get good for the games. they have limited options for now. but in near future that may change.
  18. Dell has all the inner components made in china. There is not a single brand out there which does not have chineses components in it. they only have "designed in america" but all of them outsource from china.
  19. I have been using the zoho for few days now and the experience with my domain has been pretty good so far.
  20. Ubuntu is pretty much getting everywhere. Like Domino's chains all over the world are making use of the linux and so does many other resto and the companies too.
  21. skyfire


    Yeah switch is getting good amount of people in their system. That is what I have seen so far.
  22. If you are in UK, US or say asia like me. You should not have that problem? are you in these 3 places? US and UK are the strong base of the MSI and ASUS. If you are in those nations yet not having parts, that may means you are in country regions and not city.
  23. skyfire


    Yes I think chrome has no such intention. but firefox has seen the porn users and the people who use VPN for thier own purpose as customers now.
  24. Yes the default resolution of your phone which makes the images and videos high res and high file size. You have to think of the size storage when uploaded too.
  25. skyfire


    Yes and also at the end the gameplay in short was displayed. it's going to eb defying the physics from what I see.
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