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  1. Too much brightness and adjusting some of the time can get your experience ruined.
  2. Actraiser original : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActRaiser ActRaiser Renaissance is a remaster.
  3. Advanced wars is being released in Spring 2022. Nintendo recently posted about it. For those who don't know what is advanced wars check the below video.
  4. So the GTA remastered trilogy is releasing on Nov 11th. Check out the trailer.
  5. I found this trailer which was listed on verge discussing how a professor dies in this footage. So thought those who are into pokemon may find it interesting. https://www.theverge.com/2021/10/21/22738353/new-pokemon-legends-arceus-trailer-hisuian-zorua-zoroark-nintendo-switch Check out the trailer.
  6. That means you have to get the ASUS gaming phone which has more than that I suppose and the Apple one.
  7. Moslty porting work is on backend, doesn't require game from building from scratch but its process work.
  8. Bluetooth is the feature. nothing more than that.
  9. I am making sure the phone is mid price. I have realized that mid price with the good lens and the good RAM for the phone sounds good.
  10. No apple too has issues with some of the apps. they don't have human checker for apps either. they clean out based on the algorithm.
  11. Yeah for same price you can get the xiaomi products which are much better in the price and overall sales.
  12. A lot of such rip off companies are on amazon. those are your fly by night chinese electronics companies.
  13. I guess so their ROM must be slowing down the device and making us buy the new device. Possible for all apple and android makers.
  14. skyfire

    ASUS TUF Dash F15

    15 inch machines from the ASUS seems to be getting better as the time goes on. I know for sure that some of such machines can be pretty good performance.
  15. I mostly checked the trending and some of the twitter accounts to see if I am missing anything.
  16. I think amazon also owns the twitch now. So the market seems to be in good control of that company.
  17. Darksiders, Serious Sam, Devil May Cry and few of the Prince of Persia series games I keep on tab on.
  18. Yes they do charge a lot. And also small things like in game items cost them nothing in big scheme of things so the money recovered.
  19. skyfire

    Candy Crush

    It's not just the game but they used the facebook notifications and the requests part to make it more annoying.
  20. Not sure about that. But a lot of similar games with the zombie themes are out there on android.
  21. Yeah besides most of the times the phones are designed to last 1 or 2 years. So they tend to get the same issue.
  22. skyfire

    Anti Virus

    Now a days android apps work on the Windows so the default security "essentials" application which is built in windows desktop works.
  23. skyfire

    Sea Game

    Yeah that I know. A lot of people do have that problem with easy games. But easy games also sell well too.
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