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  1. You can expect the VR and other similar products out in the market. But I am not sure though how the VR market is expected to proceed now that the recession will be stronger.
  2. Yes it has that metroid type of the feel to it. I recently also learned about the metroid update but can't find that tweet anymore. I'll see if they too are running some offer.
  3. So there is COVID 19 lockdown offer going on right now. And it seems like a good game for those who are into the platformer and action, scifi 2D game. Check out the game page on steam for the download. https://store.steampowered.com/app/702150/Project_Mercury/
  4. There is a tweet that says first PS 5 horror game is getting the leaked trailer out. You can check the tweet below. And the YouTube video trailer is below. https://t.co/NYBYqlCCou?amp=1
  5. During the self lockdown people are playing the games and also using the servers more than the capacity. So the companies are reducing the bandwidth taken for updates and also reducing the HD and other high quality streaming from their servers. Check the news on this update from the steam. https://steamcommunity.com/games/593110/announcements/detail/2074411495515541376
  6. So there are new tasks, updates are released for the Pokemon Go. You can check out the tweet on the update.
  7. Riot Games, battle royale FPS game is set out to launch soon. And they are now sending the closed beta invite. And I am guessing some youtube gamers would be getting the invite too.
  8. I think consoles will be released on time. Home delivery and amazon delivery would be in question.
  9. I think there is no specific age to get good at something. We just often move from one title to another and just get good at new titles each year.
  10. Yeah a lot of time the revenue generation is the reason and misguiding is often ignored.
  11. I think this lockdown I may invest some time into the yoyogames game editor. Hope to make something out of it.
  12. This game has pretty good puzzles and also some puzzles are hard too.
  13. I am revising the age of empires and also some of the other strategy games in this lockdown. I hope to cover some backlog too.
  14. Reaction videos are well received on twitch. Youtube and facebook does not care much. But twitch and mixer people definitely expect some reactions and interaction.
  15. I listen to this type of the sountracks during gaming.
  16. My current setup is just phone and PC. Nothing additional. Just need better internet and I am good to go.
  17. I hope EA some day gets closed and the sports game move to other franchise.
  18. Final fantasy seems to have load of such PITA issues.
  19. My current concern is constant changing of apartment after 14 months contract. So getting one good house outside city and then garden and some pets is how I replace gaming. I need my health back.
  20. I kind of enjoyed some of the mid 2000 to 2010 games this week. And listened to some of the random background sounds.
  21. Yes it is. Educational as in, there is school specific edition out there in minecraft. Most of the schools are using it to show kids "how things work" or "how stuff works".
  22. Official site says coming soon. I wonder if this is pre release beta being in distribution for promotion?
  23. I wonder what sony is thinking now things have changed during corona lockdown for many.
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