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  1. Never heard of that card game. I am surprised though considering most of the users that I know who play card games never mentioned it around me.
  2. VainGlory on Mobile Patch downloaded today.
  3. Mortal Kombat, Injustice, are the most known one but there are also old capcom vs marvel type japanese and also korean games you can search but hard to with language barrier in search.
  4. I had some of the playlists with such soundtracks both game and game-to-movie soundtracks. And it was definitely good routine for me then after some time I kind of moved out of it.
  5. Some places in No Man's Sky has some of the good places where you can spend time for the picnic.
  6. So the Nintendo is joining the good fight against the Corona. And it seems like the efforts to contain the corona virus are more stronger with the funds offered. You can check out the news regarding this and also the mention of the nintendo in it below. https://northbendwa.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1017
  7. So the virus spread in Poland is pretty strong and it seems like CD Projekt is joining hands for the research and relief efforts. You can check the news. https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6648589954542813185/?src=aff-ref&veh=jobs_aff_ir_pid_27795_plc_Viglink Primary_adid_637360&trk=jobs_aff_ir_pid_27795_plc_Viglink Primary_adid_637360&clickid=Ul33EO39ExyOWy00T7RMwz4PUki0WoXvb3WqVA0&irgwc=1
  8. Warframe confirm release for the PS 5 and XBOX. You can check out the release document to know more about it. Release date is not out yet. http://northeurope.blob.euroland.com/press-releases-attachments/1203571/HKEX-EPS_20200325_9203152-0.PDF
  9. Looks like a good gameplay to me. Do make some of the guides and the update specific videos too.
  10. I think you will not regret buying any GTA version to be honest.
  11. I agree with you. He wants to branch out. And I heard he taking on the Rainbow six and also the COD specific interest but not sure if it will help him.
  12. I hope some of the games like DOOM eternal come on android, it'd be good.
  13. I mostly played the mobile version of the rio, 2, space and also first part of the game.
  14. Well there are more max payne fans than there was any other FPS game in that time. But its pity it didn't do much anymore.
  15. No new story on twitter or similar that I have heard. I think it must be not in production or in dev anymore.
  16. I'd say currently puzzles, word games, board games, MOBA anything that you can either play solo or with online or family friends can be good for anxiety. I think actions and horror can be pushing anxiety though.
  17. I think a lot of time the puzzle based games, you have to adjust accordingly. Like the angry birds puzzles have physics specific pattern that you have to learn and work upon.
  18. With corona out there. I think board games and also the card based games indoor are going to get more people attention this month.
  19. That's because I use the mobile data for playing the mobile games.
  20. League of legends, team fight tactics.
  21. I think he has played many other games too and maybe he does the shows for that.
  22. I think not even the games which we were supposed to see would be out there anymore.
  23. They are giving away the three games of the series on GOG for free. Not sure how long it will stay online this way.
  24. Based on what I have seen so far, I think the game is pretty good game.
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