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  1. skyfire

    Sea Game

    Kind of but this one is totally different type. It has lot easier to play parts but later it gets complicated.
  2. skyfire

    Anti Virus

    I follow the below tips and works out on most of the part on Mi devices. https://xiaomiadvices.com/how-to-secure-your-miui-device-from-viruses-best-antivirus-app-for-xiaomi-phones/
  3. Some games have too much resources in the background. And so they tend to drain a lot.
  4. Hopefully. I also think if they launch the android or even the similar other platform they would do it next year and not within next 2 months.
  5. For those who are into raspberry Pi gaming or making DIY stuff you may find price hike and lack of few models like 4GB and 8GB missing in some regions. Check the news: https://hothardware.com/news/raspberry-pi-4-gets-its-first-price-hike-amid-supply-shortage-but-its-not-all-bad-news
  6. Just noticed the stock in the newegg for asian users have been reduced. So it seems like semiconductor issue has been affecting supply demand game now.
  7. They could recover the money lost in the legal battle after few months or so worth of the work.
  8. Yeah most likely variations of the smart phone may come up but games would continue to exist for such type of platforms too.
  9. Yeah that is true. I hope the google play becomes strict though considering a lot of adware comes out of those games.
  10. Yeah there are 1 GB tablets but extremely slow like moving form one app to another is horribly slow.
  11. Nah. I avoid samsung phones because they tend to have bad rep here and service centers are full of money drain too.
  12. Lot of people choose not to get it again. But I suppose with time they will because 1 year down the line it would be playable with bugs gone.
  13. Reason I am saying that is because of the steps like folding phone and then paper displays coming out and may soon come something new.
  14. I hope so. I assume that could be something they may do considering they are on the switch.
  15. I am pretty sure unless the lootboxes and other gambling with the microtransactions is removed things wont be easy for the govt to standardize this industry.
  16. A lot of publishers are doing that and some of them are avoiding in order to avoid historical footprint. So yeah it can get worst.
  17. skyfire


    Yeah that happens often because most VPNs are basically server instance in those nations nothing big.
  18. Yeah dependency on google is kind of risky. I have disabled google services in my TV too. I don't need them to track me every where.
  19. Well yes, the social networks favoring the left lobby all over the world has been pretty much visible. and they openly sell data and design the algorithm to further left agenda. same is happening on twitter.
  20. skyfire


    I hope so. some of the time you may not like the sequels that happens for most of the games.
  21. Yeah kind of like that. But you never know when the bad money days could force you. So I am playing safe on that part.
  22. Yeah but in 50 years you would move away from mobile to VR and different ways to communicate. mobiles will die too.
  23. Indeed a lot of games are like that but the thing is that often they are kind of a test when it comes to the development of games and apps.
  24. I think screen size usually does not matter unless you decide to do anything screen specific but the RAM is not optional in gaming.
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