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  1. I also linked to another app in the link posted previously. some of those apps are free and few others are not so free as well.
  2. Well there is no cracked app or game outside their app. so that may not work.
  3. Yes IP mapping is what I have seen so far. I have another observation that they keep eye on other sites than the saerch too. so google analytics fetch some of such data.
  4. Some deals with publisher and some deals with direct EPIC. I think that is how I noticed with some of the game dev and the companies.
  5. skyfire

    Among Us on the PC

    For android you can find the among us here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innersloth.spacemafia
  6. Depends on the game I suppose. some are fun to play if I am to go with my experience. but may get boring if too much sassy content is added.
  7. And I remember there is also one PUBG clone where they have anime theme, I don't remember the name as of now.
  8. If you like mixturen of builder and the puzzle game, you may want to check this game out. It's pretty cool in terms of the puzzles and also usage of cards for building.
  9. skyfire


    From the makers of the altos adventure, the new game another graphically soothing and cool game. Most likely it is going to be a platformer if I am not wrong.
  10. The developer behind the game: https://www.builtbysnowman.com/ Super cool art and overall gaming style. I have been following their publication and the gameplay for a while now.
  11. Or playing against AI with puzzles which are kind of making exit some room or making you finish before clock runs out.
  12. Facebook's wifi finder section finds the places where you can have the free wifi spots.
  13. If you have the app, there is a section for games and in that you can search for the "stranger things: the game".
  14. Google drive can get expensive though once you cross 15GB if I am not wrong.
  15. A lot of 3D specific gamesa re going to consume the battery and also graphically tiring for some phones below 3GB RAM.
  16. So that doesn't sound like problem of laptop isn't it? Laptop can continue as long as the machines lifespan goes. especially if there is linux involved many laptops can be revived.
  17. Yes that could be because of the possible data they already have, but I don't think it's kind of limiting though.
  18. Yes those things happen and we can't do anything about it. like the semiconductor industry that has been affecting.
  19. skyfire


    It's their offer. they are not adding it compulsory. it seems they are offering it as a service side line to their browser.
  20. I think if the price is not issue switching to 16GB would be a good idea.. you never know how much demanding Win 11 and 12 in near future could be..
  21. Yes it's limited some nations in the asia. Not yet completely released in the Asia.
  22. I am trying out zoho as of now. I will update if that experience goes right.
  23. Not yet. I don't think duckduckgo is going to replace google.
  24. skyfire

    HP Victus 16

    I am not saying it doesn't but in context of short term as in if you are buying those basic models.
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