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  1. It took me a long time to know about it. But once I learned more about porting arcade game things started to make sense to me.
  2. I think I kind of did for the switch lite once last year. But not going to do that anymore.
  3. I think the cost is the reason it is not much common.
  4. Anyone remembers this tank game? It was pretty addictive for me.
  5. These days I am glad that TVs are improved and they hurt the eyes less than in past.
  6. I think IT industry in general is like that. Where stress gets a lot worst and often with remote working and cheap labor, yes the devs and the workers are replaceable.
  7. Quake was like DOOM Eternal in those days. And it was a good to play that game for reducing stress. But now a days you have lot of battle royale games for reducing stress.
  8. Yeah definitely it has it's own share of the quirks. I get you on that.
  9. Stadia competitor NVN has now the activision and blizzard games pullled off. There is a statement about the same from the official from the Nvidia team. You can read about the statement here. https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-announcements/22/341852/activision-blizzard-games-on-geforce-now/
  10. Now that PUBG has released the update for the deathmatch. Now you can have 8x8 members playing the game. And also there are 7 maps to choose from for yourself. Check out the video for more information on the new update.
  11. I hope to someday see the league of legends on screen big like this. I mean look at the possible screensize covering larger portion of the map.
  12. PUBG, Call of Duty mobile and Fortnite all three of them are pretty much addictive. Also a lot of horror games are addictive while we are at that context.
  13. I think with 16'' macbook pro, soon I think even the imac would get bigger shortly and that may open up new gamer demands for those type of the screens.
  14. In Feb 2020, the monster hunter franchise seems to be doing good. I see better future for the developers.
  15. Currently the Blizard is going through this change. And on the top they are having the china issue along with the hongkong protest so they are having issue in every place where they have headquarter.
  16. Anyone noticed that after a bit bad start, even the apex legends is coming back?
  17. I think there are many such in similar other games too like that diablo and others.
  18. I think when you play those games in a one sitting or within week, it can make you feel like it has lot of things which were left open.
  19. For some reason I kind of not much impressed though. Graphics is appreciated but it kind of feels like some sort of recurring theme in the game. Maybe I am watching too much TV and netflix that kind of making me say this.
  20. I think only dedicated user of the Bioshock would love it as in if it fills up their quota sort of mind set.
  21. I got it yesterday and realized that a lot of people were not even aware of the news.
  22. They have profit sharing rule as far as I know they usually don't have problem sharing streamed revenue with you..
  23. Good point on portability. I heard a lot of IGN reviews mentioned that too.
  24. I think there are some sort of creator or streaming program and they only allow those restrictions for those who are not approved. So I think there are definitely things about nintendo that we know and don't know where and not to do while playing their games.
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