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  1. skyfire

    Hollow Knight

    It's one of the most played game among the twitch users too.
  2. skyfire

    Xiaomi Mi Pad 5

    So the device is about to be released. It's already out in china and may come next year or maybe December. There are some youtubers reviewing it.
  3. skyfire

    Poco X3 Pro

    When I am changing my phone, next I am definitely going to invest with higher RAM minimum 6GB if possible.
  4. I also recently checked out axie infinity game. It seems to be making many people some income from that game.
  5. Plural sight has a lot of old content. Though skillshare and udemy looks much current content.
  6. skyfire

    Word Games

    Girls are good at "words" and catching people in that. lol. so yeah they tend to play good in such games.
  7. skyfire

    Juicy Realm

    I also think it would get sequel because there must be community being built around it as well.
  8. Yes most of the time I buy and play the games in those holidays. Then it becomes random as time is scarce in few weeks after that for rest of the year.
  9. Most of the phone makers have stopped making the 2G phones and so there is no longer going to be 3G phones either.
  10. Apple went through the case now they can't force people to pay through applepay anymore.
  11. I find the apps better though, never tried the course approach.
  12. I assume you must be new to internet. google protecting us? lol.. you would next say china is safest country in the world :D
  13. Unless they tone down the graphical requirement, otherwise not possible.
  14. skyfire

    Genshin Impact

    I know about device. In fact I am going to make thread regarding new version of the device in the series.
  15. skyfire

    Genshin Impact

    I found the Mi pad 4 can play the game too like the specs fitting fine on that tablet.
  16. I mostly make use of the 4G and vodafone is doing pretty good on that part.
  17. Yeah I may get time like this during the december holidays or after the January. I may take risk after that.
  18. skyfire

    Juicy Realm

    Yes kids and young adults definitely may like it. In fact I see the game doing good with sequels and in app items in future too.
  19. skyfire

    Word Games

    I think if you want to do something multiplayer then the word games can be pretty good to go for. I know many who play the word games to pass their time.
  20. skyfire

    Poco X3 Pro

    I mostly look at the RAM considering I wont be holding the same phone for more than 2 years I don't bother much about battery.
  21. In fact on the tablet the mobile games have been pretty much popular too.
  22. Yes as of now I don't have much money but in near future I assume I would have something worth doing in that game.
  23. skyfire


    I think this december I am going to rethink about my investment being made in some of the places for the VPN offers and deals.
  24. This model from logitech seems to be a good option for now. https://www.logitech.com/en-in/products/keyboards/k480-multi-device-wireless.920-006380.html
  25. Yes I hope so. Though I don't expect much based on the tests that I have seen.
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