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  1. A lot of simulator games like say even minecraft can be good for those who are disabled and better control over creative imagination.
  2. So 23rd march update shows the game is coming out with the new map and the operator coming out for the game. You can check out the update post here. https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2020-03/This-Week-in-Call-of-Duty-March-23
  3. I like RPG too. Though I don't get much deeper these days.
  4. I think the COD and PUBG did the battle royale lot better. Fortnite is too comicish for my taste.
  5. Currently playing the Age of Mythology a lot.
  6. I think age of empires 2 had pretty good stories in expansion pack.
  7. Do check out matrix mod for this game.
  8. Plus flashy cars and bikes and nothing really serious outcome even if you win the race. So kind of gets bored.
  9. I think RPG like that didn't get much good response. It's pity.
  10. Arcade games in modern time does not make me much engaged though.
  11. MOBA games if you like fighting. I have seen people playing MOBA games for hours and it kind of keeps them busy and entertained.
  12. Yeah it can be cruel but nothing would matter if your health is under issue. So yeah it's not a bad deal.
  13. For some reason I use the default Mi note and also the default dictionary. I try avoid downloading anything external.
  14. I think they just want to make more customers out of the current situation, which is fine considering it's better than getting paranoid like they do in those "big brother"type reality shows. So that's the only part I appreciate about them.
  15. I think backward in terms of hardware specific compatibility, obviously PS4 would be there. Not sure about PS 3 though.
  16. I guess it's good for them to restart the gaming. I am sure they can pick other sports and also replace EA in near future.
  17. Good point. The thing is that these days people have realized the horror and survival genre has more future.
  18. Yes currently there are too many options and jumping on this means the backlog is going to rise. Like a lot.
  19. As per the update from the tweet, there is going to be specification reveal in the blog soon by Mark cerny. You can check out the tweet and official blog for further info.
  20. So that the game devs are offering the people to play games in order for them to contain inside. Here are some of the games that you are going to check out upto for the free to play. https://www.gog.com/partner/stay_at_home
  21. So the Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots are out now and you can check out the levian summon in the screenshot below. More are out there on the official site. Check out the updates in video.
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