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  1. It's alright. It's just that I overdo myself on gaming on some devices. And It's my fault though. I think I should have drawn boundary and also paid attention. But I get that some things eventually affect in context of health with too much of anything. And that's what happened while I was gaming.
  2. In past they were good games. I think they seem to be less innovating over a period of time. And they are more or less into the continuing what worked for them. That approach does not work for new game community.
  3. I think Colleen emulator is the popular emulator for the 5200 an 4000 emulations. I am not sure how much it works but there are countless threads on the reddit on the topic of the emulators with respect to the NVIDIA and Atari.
  4. I think they are more of into the position of power and they can get away with using the community money. I think as long as there is a community that pays them money they will continue to be strong and may not care for the community.
  5. I wonder if some of the capcom based titles come back in the marktet. With say new graphics and also with something like say VR support. They seem to have a good titles for non english users. I wish more such developers come out in the open English market.
  6. It's not about discord and messengers. I think the reference is about device you use to listen and communicate.
  7. Go with Area 51, Black Hawk Down, transformers etc.
  8. The diablo immportal alpha is set out to release this mid 2020. So far from game trailer it looks pretty okay type game. You can check out the gameplay trailer.
  9. I have seinheisser headset and works for me for both listening to songs and also for the mic.
  10. I think it can be fun though, nothing serious about online gaming. It has it's ups and downs like toxic players etc.
  11. Come to think of it, I didn't do much with Overwatch either. So that remained unplayed.
  12. It's been long since I played Legend of Zelda series.
  13. Rocket league is definitely one of those games which I just love playing and continue to do so.
  14. If anyone remembers My Pokemon Ranch was also worst creation.
  15. I think recent FIFA which is basically copy of previous game with nothing new is worst last year.
  16. In past this was my favorite game.
  17. I think sometimes it is the memory that gets you to like some particular video game. And we tend to build on the top of that.
  18. Yep quake and unreal tournament used to be my favorite.
  19. For me MOBA, DOTA and other similar line of games convinced me to get online. I find it good enough after spending enough months and years on them.
  20. Not fan of infinite but other 2 I love playing. I also kind of miss "age of empires" and "Age of mythology".
  21. I think few of the RE games I have not completely finished and also DOOM Eternal I have yet to spend much time on. And then there is portal series too.
  22. Sometimes timed missions can be pain though. Like those missions in old return to castle wolfestein and james bond games.
  23. For 29$ it feels still like late 90s and the 2005 type of the game though.
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