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  1. These days just keeping some of my content with the OneDrive. That has helped me so far but I have to work on many small things for it to work out.
  2. Yes only thing is that Apple chips are now homegrown and they are as good as i7 and i9 and even competing with Ryzen lately. Which makes them still the option for industries like sound, video and other 3D based work etc. because unlike windows they have pretty good apps for those sectors.
  3. I'll add 16GB more and I am set for next 2 years of development work lol. Plus 6GB NVidia is a a bonus.
  4. HP makes money out of the servicing so they make mediocre products and put users on servicing loop. same with Dell. ASUS and MSI being expensive focus on the spec based customers in the gaming and creator industry. that's why they have less service centers and less focus on poor designed laptops put in servicing hell. Lenovo used to be strong too but they too are jumping into servicing hell with their low quality products lately.
  5. skyfire

    Among Us on the PC

    Tecno and Infinix are basically clone brands. I'd rather bet on xiaomi instead.
  6. It does hold up outside UK, US. The moment you realize some things need to be multi utility to make sense in your life that claim holds up. The moment your wallet becomes too big to afford devices regardless of price and requirement in your life, that claim does not hold up. Simple as that.
  7. Not in your location. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.feralinteractive.alienisolation_android&hl=en_IN&gl=US
  8. Just played Mobile Legends bang bang with new hero Xavier.
  9. skyfire

    Rummy Circle

    Rummy is popular card game and there are many companies making it and allow online players to play it.
  10. I mostly had the MOBA for those many years. The games were pretty fun on android like them. I hope to play few more years then quit.
  11. skyfire

    Android 12

    I think for us xiaomi users the upgrade will be there next month or this month. I am not sure exactly when.
  12. skyfire


    It is no longer available but it is open to play with bots. and it's not updated at all.
  13. skyfire


    Most of the free VPN are good but overall I think the VPN these days are selling your data and making money to keep servers on.
  14. I don't think they limit... it's more of reading your bank account type approch. they read your search history and use it for their own benefit.
  15. You wont feel much difference except for the part that AMD is lot good for gaming.
  16. I think word specific games are plenty and continue to come into the market with variants too.
  17. Yeah so it's better to switch to minergate instead with old devices can be used for the mining too. It's better than way.
  18. I think if you want free games then ads do come in. I wish paid games get rid of the micro transaction and ads in them.
  19. They have their own strong game. they have hold on some of the good games in their marketplace.
  20. skyfire

    Twisty Towers

    Yes often we run out of the time when it comes to mobile gaming. I use the mobile games during the commute time.
  21. skyfire


    Again depends, I personally feel that they do have some of the good community members that is finding it good enough.
  22. I think none of the smartphones out there come with the ear buds.
  23. skyfire


    Hola ussed to be good too but then they started collecting data and then they lost the users along the way.
  24. Yes between apple and console, I would pick console too as apple macrbook pro gets too much expensive and so does studio box or the desktop boxes of apple.
  25. Yes at that time it was good but ever since the KYC comes into the picture people started to leave the browser.
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