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  1. I hope that instead of remasters we get to experience good story trails as the time goes on.
  2. Each year pay from the affiliates continues to go down.
  3. I know a lot of folks are selling their old boxes and now moving to the PS 5 and other new boxes for a reason that it becomes harder these days for the digital game.
  4. I don't know about the bug in the windows 10. but if the android apps usable on the windows 10 that would make it easier to port things across the devices.
  5. I guess in near future. As of now I didn't find any thing mentioned about the Android support.
  6. skyfire

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

    And yes things would continue to get expensive from this point onwards from what I have seen so far.
  7. You can't really anymore tell them. because google does it openly and get the support of the world.
  8. skyfire


    I think if the local servers become more faster I think it'd not be much of an issue in future and need to use VPN.
  9. Found this and kind of feel like worth sharing. I wonder if there is something similar released previously.
  10. So basically the new owners want to create the forum as a stage for the traffic to their esports videos and streams? I can only think of that use case. Who knows there could be more.
  11. skyfire


    What I liked it is that despite the retro graphics it tries to have some sort of the 2.5 D effect in some places which is good.
  12. Yes a lot of classic gamers commenting on the video comment section. It seems like they loved the update.
  13. skyfire


    I think if they are into sequel and also have a storyline and some community around then it's worth going for as well.
  14. Yes indeed. I am definitely not going back to the old 2GB lifestyle because at that point I hardly used apps and games.
  15. It is like just getting started and I don't see it dying any time soon. Not in next 10 years atleast.
  16. I think there are countless garbage games out there. It's just the matter of time that some of the games are kind of boring and also not a lot of them seem to be getting much attention but reviews do help.
  17. I think tablets can be a good replacement for the notebooks and the textbooks that we read. So I think that's definitely how I see them these days.
  18. FYI google and facebook are corporations. They don't protect us. Have you heard of cambridge analytica scandal?
  19. So I have been keeping tab on this expensive piece of walled garden for the sake of taking look at faster CPUs. So the two new CPUs are out.
  20. Yes the expensive iphone is not worth it. besides it's more like chase for status quo instead of the userful device usage.
  21. There is also the netbox which is for the crypto users. https://netbox.global/
  22. I had my google drive nearly getting closer. so I make sure to maybe in near future go for the paid plans.
  23. I think 1 year later things would change though. Initial release often have bugs and that causes problems.
  24. I think if the duckduckgo becomes more powerful it would be much less to worry about the privacy part.
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