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  1. skyfire


    There is also firefox VPN but I have no plans to use them and I may consider other options in near future.
  2. Point. But I bypassed this simply by buying ASUS TUF laptop and next jump is on MSI device which kind of still holds my point. For purebuild I assume that it would cost more but point to put here RAM for us in this side of the world is still lot cheaper along with few other items like mouse, keyboard compared to prices in US/UK. So You meant to say consoles are not likely to break, go dead and last longer compared to PC? lol... okay.
  3. I think gmail is good but can't trust it. I am getting my own emaiil for domain name with zoho. It seems like much better choice.
  4. skyfire

    HP Victus 16

    If you want something short term Lenovo and Dell can be okay. But we can't be sure these days with the models that are out there with HP.
  5. Yes and I don't feel like going through KYC. Instead I just quit the brave. I don't see much use for the same.
  6. Its a mining app. download the software and let it run in the background of PC or phone. it earns good and you can check stats online too. plus it's lot faster than honeygain.
  7. skyfire

    Android 12

    I have Redmi Note 10. So the update is yet to come.
  8. That's not true. Have you played sprits? it has some of the puzzles that make you feel rushed as the puzzles are time based on exits.
  9. Yes there are two editions of this game one in odyssey and another is adventure. both of them have a good graphics set.
  10. That is definitely odd, both of you which region are you from?
  11. skyfire


    Yes hola had a lot of leaks. A lot of people watching porn and also a lot of people playing PUBG with it. that data is shared with ad networks.
  12. That is kind of lifecycle of chips. obviously 3 year back ryzen 5 wont be competitive anymore. Take the below example. in next 3 years this comparison would be useless.
  13. In electronics industry this kind of thing is rampant. be it laptop, fridge, TV etc. they make money on dumped goods.
  14. Yes but not for all. it is kind of hit and miss program. where not all people see the ads and get BAT.
  15. Yes, and the thing is that I remember Intel was making money shipping poor products like Celeron and Core 2 Duo even after release of i5 and i7 chips. still they are cheating with the people by shipping i3 chips which are kind of the type of chips that get slow after 1 year worth of performance.
  16. skyfire

    MIUI 13

    No I meant UI as in alternative to android, like their tyzen product.
  17. No, I meant facebook offers wifi search as a added bonus. free wifis work with all apps and androids feature on your phone.
  18. Android now has the Turbo mode which is meant for the gamers to maximize the battery performance and also good for the viewing too.
  19. Android puzzle games can be fun as long as you are interested in mystery games or say narrative based puzzle solving. Android has tones of them.
  20. This one is visual treat. You would find that the most interesting thing to watch here the background has some really good imagery.
  21. Volume is global setting, I suppose he meant equalizer settings.
  22. skyfire

    Android 12

    I liked it too. I hope that they continue to make multi tasking easier. because that would be something they stand out against Apple.
  23. Odd it is available for me. I suppose this must be regional limit based on thier licenses. for some reason it's here.
  24. skyfire

    HP Victus 16

    Yes HP makes money off servicing and so heat based issue is common and so does their poor parts laptop too.
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