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  1. Here are some of the death that you may find fun and also some save these days.
  2. And the thing is that the franchise is just getting better with the realistic engine in near future.
  3. Yeah that too but all of the series is not that bad.
  4. In some limited time slots, yes they did allowed me to play games.
  5. For me emulator definitely worked out. I have played some of the games using the emulator. I have recently nox and similar other emulator for the mobile app and it was not bad.
  6. Fortnite however continues to grow though. Apex legends on the other has extremely limited user base.
  7. I think if you check the new gameplay you would see that it is not getting into consideration the modern players and also what they expect.
  8. These days a lot of paid reviews are wandering on the market. I think that's one reason we have to check out the gameplay.
  9. I mostly go with action FPS like darsiders and DMC. Also these days MOBA and PVP games are perfect for getting the stress out. I don't think a lot of people find the same trigger stress.
  10. I think crafting depends on the game.. not all games do it better. Personally I guess it is also dependent on how it is being taken by the user.
  11. Cats and dogs are going to be confused with the VR and who knows people will even put on the glasses on them and make them react.
  12. I think as the summer comes closer, I think cooling pads for console it seems to be usable.
  13. I heard not exactly video game company but game engine company Unity seems to be better for treating employees right.
  14. These days I am kind of glad that MOBA and the PVP are limited under 20 minutes. Otherwise it is kind of painful to play for hours.
  15. I think arkham origins and knight are often neglected for some reason.
  16. I am definitely getting my hands as early as possible. I think they should make battle royale and also other multiplayer variations too.
  17. I think soon they will add the crossplay like stadia or maybe more of such features there.
  18. skyfire

    Xbox Series X Shape

    I think these days many console companies are not sure of what they want out of the console and they tend to make big boxes instead of reducing the size.
  19. Shakedown Hawaii was one of the popular in 2019 from what I have seen.
  20. skyfire

    Streaming Games

    I think though streaming is the focus these days. Lot of people would be buying for offline type of the action and the FPS type of the games. I think on that note PS 5 hopefully remains a good box.
  21. I think a lot of FPS and action games will take the leaderboard. Most of the people however would vote for things which they played for years.
  22. I must agree on the logic development part. Lot of physics games definitely help on that. I know android games especially made for kids can be useful for building things. Even angry birds is useful on that.
  23. Oh by the way I know many who use it for anger management too. Though not sure if it helps or not.
  24. In such case the best thing that can be done is playing funny games then there is less rage.
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