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  1. I often look at the minimaps as equal to mini quest sort of game component. A lot of game have such approach.
  2. skyfire


    It's like sims for the kids. But with intention to getting them to do stuff. Check out the trailer.
  3. Yeah such type of the games that have ads in all the screens can be terribly broken. I find those games and apps hard to use as it is because of that.
  4. Yeah it does make money and something like this is good for brands too. though if too much done then in near future scalpers would be in trouble.
  5. Categories could be added by wrong set of the gamers in the wiki or google. But witcher and far cry are not at all Horror in any way. witcher could be fantasy medieval but horror? no.
  6. Switch seems to be getting pretty interesting set of the games these days in the market. You can check out the trailer.
  7. I think it's possible that scalpers are average people and using this to sell things online.
  8. I feel some of the time you need those hints and the guidance while you are in the game. For some games that is a necessity.
  9. I am definitely up for some of the bundle of games which are in the scifi, hororr and strategy games. Other than that I may invest into game development related bundles.
  10. I am sure this could be a test and they may try similar items in near future too. It all depends on how you are investing the right way.
  11. I think there is definitely a need to get annoyed considering a lot of useless items are pretty much expensive in the in game or in app purchase too.
  12. I think Microsoft launcher and the Nova launcher seems to be two good option for you to check out. Like those two launchers are worth downloading and adding too.
  13. I personally don't have much money in hands. And so when it comes to the smart phone. I make sure to have enough funds before I can say anything about the purchase of smart phone.
  14. Virtual Reality gaming is possibly the future in the META and also the facebook based games can be possibility too.
  15. skyfire

    Life After

    I do think it has potential just how much it would be worth on mobile well that's dependent on the gamers.
  16. This is definitely one good deal worth going for. I can't get into the giveaway as it's not available for users outside the US region.
  17. If you are into the simple horror genre in which you have more or less exploring role. You should check this game out.
  18. So world war Z has been released on switch. Check out the trailer.
  19. I agree that could be another way before getting the bundle. Try it.
  20. I recently learned about it and so far my experience with gaming, I hope to one day release something.
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