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  1. Yes compared to the apple phones the features that Android is pumping out is lot bettter.
  2. skyfire

    Steam Deck

    Yes I assume in near future there will be steam deck only games and so the native support for it for specific games would be worth looking into.
  3. I used to be pretty much regular with the opera till they started collecting data more than chrome could ever. I have yet to try their gaming browser yet.
  4. As of now the google drive and the dropbox have enough free limits but who knows some day I may end up reaching those limits and end up getting into those problems.
  5. I may want to someday invest into the splinterlands but my earning is not good to buy those cards as of now.
  6. Civilization like game is already ported so you can guess it wont be difficult to move most of the games to android soon.
  7. skyfire

    Poco X3 Pro

    Yeah I was thinking of checking out the oneplus and then also the xiaomi's range for those better quality lens in the phone. but let's see what comes next year.
  8. Apps can't be shared but the files can be shared to the iOS devices from any non apple device. lot of apps can do that.
  9. I don't think cyberpunk woould be easy to port to the mobile. other games like GTA and so can be ported easily but cyberpunk? too heavy as of now.
  10. I have to check that out. I wanted to try out the rosetta stone but it seems like not a good option as of now.
  11. I am afraid that could be the case.I don't know that they are being very strict lately. I mean a lot of app developers have noticed that.
  12. I think the only difference that I have noticed that ryzen and AMD series CPUs doing better than apple yet they are kind of costly and only gamers would afford that.
  13. skyfire

    HP Victus 16

    No idea about that model. I found out jarrod reviewing the victus and so thought about sharing here.
  14. The new set of the CPU series being released by the Intel seems to be performing good in some tests. So here's one that kind of interesting. Though apple is still doing better for their walled garden as of now.
  15. Some gamers were talking about this phone, though this is not ROG replacement, but medium ranged phone, looks good for some.
  16. skyfire

    HP Victus 16

    Not a fan of HP especially knowing how bad their after sales and the business model for servicing is. But yeah some good products are being launched by them.
  17. I have recently noticed that there are some of the apps that are into "get paid to" category which are being removed from the google play. which is both good move and also going to hurt some users. I am pretty sure if the in app purchase becomes lottery then that would get curled as well.
  18. Yes the thing is PC is not portable and same with consoles. So the mobile and anything portable console is a good option.
  19. I wanted to learn spanish too. But it seems like not a lot of good options out there. I will take a look at the duolingo.
  20. I have been looking at mostly the NFT games and they seem to be good because they earn you while you play them. Earning is in crypto.
  21. I think mostly the Sims type of games would have it if it ever would have such.
  22. I am not sure when the S8 tablet will be out. I assume in 2022? If that is the case then I have to wait a bit longer I assume.
  23. skyfire

    Poco X3 Pro

    Yes but those are kind of dedicated DSLRs and something I cant have .. so the phone based good camera combo is what I am looking for.
  24. skyfire


    Yeah I have my quota full on what to play this December. I hope that I can finish few and put reviews up soon.
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