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  1. So the official team from the Bloober is moving the game to the Switch. For those who have Nintendo Switch and wish to play the game, they will be soon able to get access. You can check out the tweet.
  2. It seems the corona effect is making more and more game developers offer something in order to retain the potential customer. So there is a free weekend offer going on right now.
  3. I wonder with italy lockdown what must be the longest playing time of those guys?
  4. Interesting take. POV games can be good and bad. I get it why some people don't like that game.
  5. For some reasons I just don't get the stardew valley. It's kind of good game but I have my share of acceptance issue for that game.
  6. Not worried in fact welcome the concept. The reason being you won't have those carpel tunnel issues like me while playing mobile and console games. Fingers will thank you for choosing VR.
  7. Trello for office work. Microsoft Todo for home and other domestic list.
  8. MOBA games usually can be played from multiple devices like with emulator. I think who knows even the PC and Mobile battle royale versions may end up mixing if they choose to avoid bots.
  9. NFS and few bike specific games were good. But after some time you get pretty much bored with them.
  10. Yes I think that was pretty ahead of time from developers the way they made the games. Especially the matrix mod in max payne.
  11. Aww thanks for suggestion, but I didn't signed up for your SJW stuff.. but more of anime shows. thank god they are not infected.
  12. I am not sure about some new games releasing in next 6 months so I guess pre order options would increase in near future.
  13. I wonder what will it do to the gamers who are today spending entire day online in front of computers. Bad for health.
  14. No specific stats are out yet. But based on some of the ISP specific news is out on the online gaming spiking in the italy. It seems like fortnite is one of the games which are the most played there. I wonder if there is any official form of stats which shows the other games which are being played the most in these times?
  15. Lot of videos will be poping out in youtube now. I wonder if it reduces the value if entire gameplay is out before game is out.
  16. I am sure you have heard of this MOBA considering this MOBA is competing with the mobile legends. And it seems like one of those MOBAs which has pretty decent graphics too. Check out the gameplay.
  17. Flow sounds reasonable to me. Especially the game is horror.
  18. I think with too much small attention span people avoided the stories but now that trend will come back once people learn to have some patience.
  19. Another thing is that some games are made too much difficult to retain the hype among gamers.
  20. But the thing is that Cyberpunk like games are going to be plenty once the dev studios see the success.
  21. Android has a lot of mobile games in the physics and puzzle category. Kind of like too many compared to story based games.
  22. Recently also noticed that they are releasing the EA franchise game during the christmas. Which is not often seen.
  23. As long as we are not forced to use the knife, any burstable weapon is fine for me.
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