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  1. I think the default storage for photos is not enough as our camera take high res images and the google backup is just not enough.
  2. Another thing is data. By giving the free version and tracking the users origin and other stuff there is a lot of data to be extract.
  3. Just like any other VR games. Like the android games. facebook games are basically VR games made in HTML games.
  4. I think old consoles fetch a lot of good money and if you ran out of the games, then it'd be worth selling.
  5. Nier definitely was one of the good game with the soundtrack. I have not tried child of light I suppose.
  6. Yes graphics is definitely one thing people desperately need to see differently with each game.
  7. I think the keyboards ASDW keys are something we get used to after trying them for like 10 or so years.
  8. In some context yes, but who is making games for them and people have money to play and burn the device up by playing like we do on console and PC. Apple is too expensive to wear it out like we do with PC and Console. It's like buying those expensive BMW cars and not driving them to make them antique, even if they can run in race.
  9. I had around 20 USD worth of the BAT too. But eventually I gave up on it. And it seems like BAT is getting harder to hold too as they lose the market value.
  10. Like I said previously, on the finance side it's "unnecessary" burden because it is one task specific. so unless your pockets are deep, the question of console vs PC doesnt come in. again medium budget PC can still do gaming and still make console "unnecessary".
  11. These days I am taking the security seriously. I also hope to backup most of my data very carefully and also going to be saving for some external backup.
  12. Yes but there are some good mobile graphics games like PUBG etc. but overall I think they would make something good eventually I hope.
  13. Its not whether it catches or not. it's more like looking for free wifi from the range. and it tells you password of those free wifi spots.
  14. Poco X5 if arrives next year I may consider getting it. As they have pretty good camera for the photography.
  15. 2248 or something is kind of popular too. I had a hard time playing that game. I wish to invest my resources in such a way to make some good money out of it.
  16. I also think that if it takes 1 year to earn something from site or say software. basically they are using us like products and are in profits.
  17. Yes switch has this sort of the typical game graphics which is kind of popular among people on android and switch.
  18. skyfire


    I think here the theme was animation more than the death stranding type. So it seems like the case with the such type of the games.
  19. I think in near future they can make some really good graphics than what they could do but the anime theme would remain it seems.
  20. skyfire


    I miss their games. They made horror in the days of minimal graphics. now a days they could make literally scary content that can surpass past content.
  21. In app purchase these days is not that easy to get rid of as it is part of system. if it's not ad featured it becomes difficult to work with as well.
  22. It can have upto 64 GB of RAM but the thing is that it's not going to hold up much.
  23. Yes brave is a browser. and the thing is that it is making use of reduced HTTP calls from the ad networks as a benefit and it can make use of any search engine in it's engine.
  24. COD mobile has pretty dull UI and also not a good looking content but it's a good experience from the action front.
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