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The Blackangel

What’s everyone’s Thanksgiving plans?

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Anyone have any special or specific plans for Thanksgiving next week? I’m going to be doing the same thing I did last year. Sitting at home with a can of corn. @Rain Dew spends the holidays with her parents, but I don’t have anyone to be with. Her parents and I hate each other way too much for me to be around them without getting violent.

So TV and a can of corn is my plan and my dinner. Same as last year. My Thanksgiving dinner was a can of corn last year, so I see no reason that it would be any different this year.

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Holidays are just like any other day for us, but since my husband has the days off, we spend it with my parents. We do what we do every time we see them- have dinner, play games, chitchat. Nothing changes lol My parents are my best friends & I treasure the time we have with them.

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