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Only some football game where i bought a player upgrade or something. Other than that, I don't bother buying digital stuff in mobile games. 

I'll sometimes buy a game, but I rarely pay to remove ads or stuff. Of the ads are a problem I usually uninstall the game. 

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9 hours ago, Empire said:

Doesn't mean much from me since I typically just play for free as long as I can when I'm bored and only have a phone on me 😛 But I do not buy apps or ingame content in apps. I rather be on a PC screen 😛 

I don't buy the game apps via play store or app store annually or their about. I simply download and play the game freely. 

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6 hours ago, Head_Hunter said:

You fit money to cover up for that young woman, I wouldn't try that by upgrading the game from showing Ads. For me, it will display ads and get tired of displaying it. 

Not all microtransactions are for ads removal. Some are there for the pay to win setup of the game too.

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13 hours ago, skyfire said:

Another microtransaction industry growing latley is in blockchain games. You can't even play unless you feed that system with small amount every threshold. 

Yup, blockchain and nft nonsense. I never understood how we got here. Nfts are blowing up right now, so I could see more games featuring them. 

Idk about that last part. You can play these games, nfts and stuff are being added in for guns, skins and other stuff. It shouldn't impede your progress any. 

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